Tuesday, June 30, 2009

rAindroppy illuminAtion...

googLe imAge for "rAin lAmp posT nighT" - 1sT hiT.

the rAindropz weRe orAngy...

the rAindropz weRe reddisH...

the rAindropZ weRe greenisH...


az i wAlked hoMe, i noticed the differenT coloRed rAindropz fAlling continuouzlY beneAth any streeT lAmp i cAme acrozZ....

i finAlly wAz neAr my hoMe...theN i stopPed and looKed righT uP at the lAmp posT juZ beside chApel (mY townhouZe)...and enjoYed how unstoppAble the orAngy rAindropz were........

theY were fAlling.......juZ fAlling - thoughtlezzlY.

witH rAindropz trinklinG gentlY downwArdz on my fAce, i reAlized......i enjoY beinG showeRed in the teArz of heAven... <3

rAindroppy illuminAtion...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

me.....uP in 3D~

finAlly, i wAtched my 1sT eveR 3D movie!!!!!


the mightY quinN (summeR MD studenT) toLd me it'Z compArable to "beAuty and the beAst"????

so, me and luckY wenT to AMC @ whiTe mArsh juZ now to cAtch the movie....we agReed thAt nothinG cAn compAre to "beAuty and the beAst"~!!!!

my childhood memorY iz trulY limited and diminisHed - i don'T know whY?! buT i remembeR mY dAd bringinG me to wAtch "beAuty and the beAst" @ the cinemA wheN i wAz beloW 10............i loVed the movie and he eveN boughT me the grAphic storY booK afteR the movie......wAzn'T it amAzing thAt he broughT me to wAtch thAt movie eveN thougH he doezn'T reAlly know englisH? we weRe so pooR theN.....hoW did thAt hAppen??!! .....he trulY doteZ on me amongsT hiZ 3 childreN....buT afteR i greW uP i toLd hiM he muZ loVe uz equAlly..... ;)

i mizZ my pakpAk and makmAk......deArly - i'M sorrY i'M 10000 mileZ awAy.....i wannA go buy grocerieZ with mY pakpAk and makmAk @ NTUC.....and eAt suppeR witH theM @ the hAwkerz of bed-oK..... *lezZ thAn 3*


the 3D specZ....

me....chivAz regAling...me crAzy...hahAaaaaa

me and luckY agreed thAt "uP" iz in a differenT genRe and cAnnot be compAred to "beAuty and the beAst"...........

trusT me - go wAtch "uP" (if you hAven't)!!!!!!

it not onlY presentZ true and everlAsting loVe betweeN 2 humAnz (cArl and elLie)...........it presented the amAzingnezz of fAmily loVe.

it showZ thAt witH true loVe.....a mArried coupLe doeZ not need to hAve childreN to enjoY lovinG eAch otheR........foreveR.....

not a fAirytale abouT loVe betweeN the princezZ and the priNce....but a loVe storY thAt tellZ you hoW powerfuL and mirAculouz loVe iz.....somethinG whicH i'lL neveR owN - cuZ the stAtiztical probAbility iz too loW to consideR, but of courZe not impossibLe so neveR sAy neveR~!!!

good luck to luckY for findinG her loVe of heR life...and thAnkz to rukhminI (lucky'Z intelligenT hondA ciVic couPe) for givinG uz a sAfe ride todAy~!!!!!


p.S.1: i simplY switcHed off my phoNe for totAl isolAtion whiLe chivAs regAling...mY alcohoL tolerAnce hAz definitelY increAzed~!!!!!

p.S.2: cAn't wAit to webcAm witH my fAmily in ~10 hourZ tiMe~!!!!

p.S.3: not hAppy not unhAppy....not i don'T knoW but lAughing......

p.S.4: it'Z soooo HOT in summeR buT luckilY not az humid az singApore....my hoMe my fAmily...

p.S.5: viennA tenG....mY choRd died....there oNce wAz a period of tiMe wheN i wAz suRe of my boNd...mY fermatA~!!! freedoM = aloNe!!! >.<

ponderinG in "betweeN"...

i juZ reAlized the existeNce of a girL nAmed viennA tenG.

a muzic tAlent who composeS and singZ witH her beAutiful voice.

her lyricZ are deeP...

esp. "betweeN":


we aRe not togetheR heRe...
thougH we lie entwiNed...


theRe oNce wAz a tiMe i wAz suRe of the boNd..
wheN my hAndz and my tonGue and mY thoughtZ weRe enougH...
we aRe the sAme but our liveZ moVe alonG...
and the 3rd one betweeN replAces whAt oNce wAz loVe.


the swellinG fermatA...
az the choRd dieZ.


freedoM iz beinG aloNe.


"betweeN" by viennA tenG.

liVe performAnce of "betweeN"...

the bAckground iz soooo noizY for the liVe performAnce, but my commenT:

"perhApz the solitAry sAdnezz withiN the heArt iz amplified amongzT the nonchAlent crowd. ;("

wilL a loVe replAcement be thorougH and compleTe?

ponderinG...movinG alonG...

Friday, June 26, 2009

pAtron silverinG..

it'Z soooooo eAzy and ultrA smootH to drinK - pAtron silveR.

and ezpeciAlly nice withbhthe magarityA mix hangp-ni-mAh gAve me az a gift...

so nice!!!!

aND SO difficult to tAke a good photi when i'm laughinG.....

and repeAting my nAtalie imbrugliA'z "leAve me aloNe"...don't hoL:d me don'T loVe me i'M walkinG out of nmy dppR! juZ lebveme aloNe! careful i will chOKe you!!!!! oooooo lAaaa i'M wAlking out of mY door...i make it on my owN! i go hoMe on my owN!!@!!!

at the leazyt i cAn blog righT????

eH i'M lwfT hAnded!!!

pAtron silverilY..............

leAve me aloNe - noW.

juZ added my 3rd artisTe to my lAb'z pAndora chAnnel - every lAbber hAz 3 artisTe choices...

mY choiceS:

1. cArrie undeRwood
2. sheryL croW
3. nAtalie imbrugliA

juZ heArd "leAve me aloNe" bY nAtalie imbrugliA, and it simplY strucK me witH itZ stronG and poignAnt lyricZ.

no officiAl videO fouNd, but thiZ iz the sonG:

the bAckground sonG iz "leAve me aloNe" bY nAtalie imbrugliA.

leAve me aloNe!!!!! (quoTe of my fridAy)


This is just a simple expression of my condolences to the Jackson Family....

Yes - Michael Jackson passed away.


Back to reality - everyone will pass away...and when one does, just accept death and move on (according to whichever religion you believe in).

Why do humans generally want to live long..?

I hope we get to choose our own religion based on our own logic - when we have logic.

For atheists and freethinkers....perhaps they simply perish upon death?

No one knows - not even any God, because Gods have lifespans too.

Maybe it's best to be religion-less.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

blindfoLded piAnist....

xiAnning'z "operA #1"...


wheN wilL i knoW hoW to plAy the piAno?


the eArth iz flAt.

adAm cAlled afteR 2+ hourZ i msged hiM about the blAckout...

anywAyz, we chAtted and i toLd hiM about the "angelZ & demoN" i wAtched over the weekeNd.

surprizinglY, he sAid he wAtched it too and understood alL of it.

i meAn - seriouzlY?!

i thoughT thiZ kindA anti-cAtholicizm movie iz bAnned in theiR bliNd worLd of fAith.

theN i quoTed a liNe froM the moVie - "the eArth is flAt witH heAven aboVe and helL beloW".....and asKed him if he still understood everythinG - reAlly?

theN he kindA stumbLed.


mY simpLe renditioN and mockinG of bliNd belief.

anywAyz, it wAz a rockY conversAtion witH a totAl cAtholicy bliNd believeR.

mY utteR sympAthiez....

for every humAn beinG - bliVe in whAtever az long az you feeL hAppy.

i'M glAd i hAve my owN miNd to thinK on my owN.

hopelezzlY mindlezZ...

p.S.: i'M totAlly a deservinG membeR of the illuminAti.

where'Z the electricitY..?

i wAz hAppily mArinating my chickeN thigH meAt.....

and theN suddenlY all the electricitY in the houZe wenT off!!!

argH.......thAt wAz 8:35pM...and luckilY nowadAyz the skY iz stilL brighT at 8+pM...

i wAz so worried there'lL be no lightZ - more worried for noT hAving my nightlighT.

and alL i immediAtely grAbbed witH me were - mY 2 mobiLe phoneZ, and a minI torcH.

but welL......it returNed afteR abouT 15miN - pheW~!!!!!!

i felT so losT withouT electricitY...you knoW whAt i meAn?

feelinG thAnkful...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~the tisSue iz the isSue~

yezterdAy durinG luncH, i asKed Joe if he wAnted some servietteZ....siNce i wAz going to the counteR to tAke some....theN he gAve a confuZed blAnk looK...

theN i repeAted "servietteZ"...

he wAz stilL confuzed...

theN i sAid "tisSue pAper?"...

and he looKed eveN confuzed-eR.....but he finAlly understood and sAid he alreAdy hAz some nApkinz...


hahAa...so wAz it juZ me? or iz it thAt americAnz terM whAt i cAll "tisSue" differentlY....."tisSue" mAy be too generAl....

so i asKed Joe whAt he cAllz different versionZ of "tisSue"...

i hAve leArnt the correcT nAmez to cAll them...and here are the nAmez witH pictureZ~!!!!!

insteAd of servietteZ, i shouLd sAy nApkinz~

botH are "tisSue pAper"...but the toP iz my "tisSue pAper", the bottoM iz Joe'z "tisSue pAper"...

no wondeR Joe wAz confuzed....whY wouLd i asK him if he needed gifT wrApping pAper for hiz luncH??! hahAaa.....insteAd of pockeT tisSue/pAper hAnkerchievez, it'Z simplY "tisSue" withouT the "pAper". ;P

thiZ one iz commoN - toileT pAper/toileT rollZ.

thiZ one iz cAlled kitcheN toweL...but pAper toweL seemZ more welL understood.

the mizunderstAnding durinG luncH simplY mAkez me smile...buT i'M thAnkful i cleAred out the uninteNded joKe witH Joe...he probAbly find mY tisSue-ing funnY too...and i'M glAd to leArn more abouT "tisSue"~


Monday, June 22, 2009

pAtron silveR joo-sAy-yo~

hAng-ni-mah'z returninG to koreA for hiZ holidAy...and todAy we wenT for ouR finAl shoppinG triP...futuRe tripZ will be afteR hiZ returN in verY mAny dAyz!!

hahAa....and i boughT 2 j-creW topZ durinG ouR shorT and quicK visiT to j-creW @ arundel millZ~ thAnkz to dR. kAng - ouR shoppinG inhibitoR....otherwiZe i wouLd hAve spenT 30 buckZ buyinG a verY cuTe buT imprActical bAg...;P

whiLe hAng-ni-mah wAz drivinG...i noticed he likeZ to puT hiZ lefT hAnd out of the windoW:

he sAid he likeZ the feelinG of wiNd agAinzt hiZ pAlm... ;P

so i folloWed suiT~ hahAaa...

and alonG the wAy....the cloudZ were simplY beAutiful...:

thiZ one waZ tAken througH the mooNroof~!! ;)

and of courZe...i returNed witH 2 neW loverZ:

chivAz regAl (scotcH whizkY)

pAtron silveR (premiuM tequilA)

the pAtron silveR pAckaging iz so gorgeouZ - in mY fAvourite greeN~!!! ^O^

oh, we manAged to fiNd an awesoMe koreAn liqouR stoRe thAt openZ eveN on sundAyz~!!!!! ;P

pAtron silveR joo-sAy-yo~

p.S.: joo-sAy-yo = giVe it to me. thAt wAz the phrAze i uzed to ordeR my premiuM tequilA at the liquoR stoRe counteR....sAying it withouT eveN knowinG whAt it meAnt initiAlly...;P

me iz an illuminAtian~

on sAturday 12+aM, adAm cAlled me askinG me to stoP drinkinG afteR he reAlized i wAz henessyinG viA text messAging - duH, i wAzn't even drinkinG aloT....so i toLd hiM in a sluR abouT the hypothesiS on the hormesiS of alcohoL consumptioN...and i wilL send hiM my grAph.

i woKe afteR abouT 9 hourZ (whicH meAnz i didn'T drinK aloT) - and of courZe i remembeRed to seNd him the grAph...but az usuAl - he doezn'T replY...mAybe az a musiciAn, he didn'T understAnd my grAph at alL.

anywAyz..., wheN i woKe, i decided to wAtch a movie on my owN - "angelZ & demoN".

lAndmark theAtre (4) arouNd mArriot hoteL - i tooK the onlY true centrAl seAt @ the lAst roW.

it wAz a rAiny long wAlk to the theAtre....i wAlked slowlY listeninG to kiT chAn.

and i finAlly mAterialized thAt it'Z possible to wAtch movieZ aloNe eveN withouT a cAr.....

i wAlked so mucH my bAck hurtZ thougH.......

howeveR, needlezZ to sAy......in syNc witH the previouZ "dA viNci code", "angelZ & demonZ" hAz an anti-cAtholicizm theMe....and in the movie...i wondeR whAt wouLd hAve hAppened if the vAtican citY wAz deztroYed - wouLd cAtholicz all oveR the worLd stilL hAve sucH a stronG fAith siNce theiR God and angelZ cAnnot eveN protecT theiR moZ sAcred and holY citY? hmM......

and i leArnt abouT the illuminAti - a societY of scieNtists and intelligenT and logicAl humAnz who were foRced to hide and becoMe secretiVe bcuZ the cAtholic superpoweR mAny yeArz bAck kilLed theM in public and humiliAted theiR scieNtific logic and stilL manAged to bliNd moz of the public to bliVe in whAt the bishopZ and priestZ wAnt theM to bliVe - stilL the cAze now - totAlly duHed.

whY do i sAy it'Z still the sAme? bcuZ cAtholic churcheZ actuAlly hAve speciAl progrAmz nAmed "Faith Formation In Children Through Adults"....or similAr titlez....whY tArget childreN? whY iz Catholicism knowledGe besT tAught durinG childhood? whY are moz humAnz rAized az Catholicz have the strongest bliNd fAith?

the answeR iz simpLe - the youNg miNd iz a sponGe...a younG and innocenT chiLd wilL bliVe blindlY in whAtever you teAch him/heR...sillY knowledGez like "pigZ can flY", "blAck iz whiTe", or eveN "the suN iz actuAlly squAre in shApe"...theY will bliVe withouT eveN questioninG for life.

furthermoRe, the Catholicz are stilL agAinzt scientistZ - the United States Conference of Catholics Bishops (USCCB) petitioNed to oppoZe steM celL reseArch fundingZ........juZ wheN wilL thiZ "corporAtion" admit to itz blind fAith..?

froM googLe imAge of courZe~

bAck to the illuminAti....if thiZ ancienT societY existZ...logicAlly....every scieNtist shouLd be an illuminAtian. mAybe right noW i'M not quAlified to be an illuminAtian.....but i trulY yeArn to becoMe one of the rezpectAble illuminAtianz~ ^o^


p.S.1: kudoZ to dAn browN~!!!!

p.S.2: fictioN or non-fictioN - simplY folloW youR owN loGic.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

seminAry arT~

3 dAyz ago...on fridAy, it wAz the breAzt cAncer reseArch retreAt @ mounT wAshington...

thAnkfully, Joe gAve me and morAssa a ride there~ ;)

durinG the eArly morninG ride, the non-scieNtific knowledGe of the dAy wAz - Joe iz 7 dAyz older thAn me!! hiZ bdAy iz actuAlly children'Z dAy in singApore! hahAaa...^o^

anywAyz...it wAz the pozteR presentAtion durinG AM sessioN...afteR supportinG morassA by visitinG her at her posteR....we hAd 1.5hrz to lunchtiMe..so, Joe, grAce, mAtt (summeR undergrAd), and me plAyed frizbY on thiZ nice grAzzland outside the seminAr buildinG... ;P

it'Z my 1sT time frizbyinG and i liKed the wAy Joe givez specific and simpLe instructionZ on hoW to throW the frizbY....i wAz trulY throwinG it wronglY and too forcefullY....it shouLd be smootH and eAzy and az horizontAlly az possibLe. ;P

anywAyz...bAck at the pM sessioN, professorZ were givinG lectureZ....

i wAz arttinG witH the chewinG guM wrApper froM morassA...stickinG the foiL portioN onto the progrAm sheeT...

and grAce mAde two crAnez witH the wrApper, whicH i put on the juice bottLe:

the crAnez were "grAzping" onto the bottLe cAp bcuZ grAce wAz tryinG to bloW theM off the cAp...hahAaa...

theN grAce found 3 trAnzlucent "stoneZ" in her bAg and the crAnez flutteRed onto one of theM:

of courZe...the scieNtific lessoN of the dAy waz: HIF and COX relAtion to breAzt cAncer...

pinK crAnez...

dininG tAble....

abouT a coupLe of weekZ ago, i wenT witH hAng-ni-mah, dR. kAng, and e-boN-nu-na-yA (koreAn mafiA) to ikeA @ whiTe mArsh - finAlly i visiTed ikeA in the stAtez!!! ;P

it'Z exActly the sAme interioR az the ikeA in singApore....but the whoLe feelinG iz differenT....

the previouZ time i wAz @ ikeA wAz with my fAmily in singApore...and we were at ikeA lookinG for a suitAble dininG tAble for our kitcheN....

thiZ tiMe i wAz roAming in ikeA witH the koreAn mafiA and i sAw the sAme exAct dininG tAble my fAmily boughT juZ befoRe i fleW here to the stAtez:

thiZ tAble iz ovAl - buT it cAn be shrunK into a round tAble!

who wouLd thinK an ikeA triP wouLd remiNd me of my fAmily soooo mucH...

anticipAting to dine with my fAmily at ouR ikeA tAble....hopefullY durinG the cominG chineZe new yeAr for ouR reunioN dinneR...


hAndphony cloudZ~

so alonG my wAy....i tooK photoZ of the cloudZ witH my mobiLe phoNe...:

tAken outside reed hAll...

tAken whiLe i senT trAsh for recyclinG...

yupZ, tAken agAin during the sAme recyclinG triP~


Thursday, June 18, 2009

心泪湖...the lAke of teArz

i suddenlY hAd an inspirAtion to be creAtive...

witH botH chineZe and englisH wordZ...:

drowninG in my lAke...

p.S.1: juZ bcuZ whAt i wriTe iz sAd doezn'T equAte to me beinG all sAd.. ; )

p.S.2: wheneveR i try to peN somethinG sortA creAtive...it'Z alL melAncholic...i wondeR whY...?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ice boxinG - w.h.Y?

rAchel (ben'Z wife) dropPed by lAb yezterdAy to uze the rt-pcR mAchine...somehoW i got an ice boX froM heR~ ;P

*clApzzZ* noW i hAve my owN ice boX! ^o^

so i nAmed/lAbeled it witH my symboL feAturing my initiAlz...and of courZe in 2 shAdez of greeN - greeN hAz growN to be my fAvorite coloR cuZ of sodAgreen~ ^O^

3-dimensionAl vieW~

zoominG into mY w.h.Y? symboL~

ice boxinG~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

kiT chAn clAssicz...

singApore iz a tinY countrY witH a smAll humAn populAtion...and kiT chAn iz trulY the onlY singAporean voice thAt cAught my attentioN - and stilL cAtches my attentioN.....

recentlY, i juZ keeP plAying her songZ in my miNd:

kiT chAn - "heArtache"

"...a suddeN heArtache whiLe i'M lookinG @ you...i alloW my feelingZ for you to go wiLd incessAntly...youR weAknezz dizallowZ me to leT go...i exisT bcuZ of youR reliAnce...."

"...missinG you untiL my heArt achez...prAying thAt you'lL eventuAlly understAnd whAt i did for you....one dAy - if onlY for one dAy, perhApz i'lL reappeAr in youR memorY..."

kiT chAn - "worryinG"

"...youR imAge diminisHed slowlY in betweeN my fingerZ az you wAlk awAy..."

"...i cAn't pusH awAy my memorieZ...eveN witH all my strengtH..."

"i worrY thAt youR lonelY heArt wilL mizZ me...wheN lonelinezZ hAuntz you in the coLd night...it'Z besT to hoLd youR breAth...."

"i worrY thAt you wilL simplY leT go of my lonelY heArt...and i simplY willinglY....unblivAbly willinglY....mizZ you witH my dAy and my nighT...beinG witH you in my miNd..."


lipZ of a coW~

googLe imAge for "coW" - 1sT hiT.

i wAz chAtting witH beN, morAssa, and Joe in the lAb yezterdAy - abouT cowZ and chickenZ... ;P

we toucHed upoN the topic where a coupLe consistZ of 2 personZ witH a huGe aGe gAp....and i toLd them there'Z a chineZe sAying dezcribinG sucH relAtionshipz - "老牛吃嫩草" - whicH meAnz "an oLd coW chewinG on younG and sofT grAzz"....

hmM...theN beN (he'Z koreAn~) sAid thiZ cowY sAying remiNded hiM of a koreAn sAying hiZ dAd toLd hiM wheN he got into the fAbulouz u.penN med schooL - "you wouLd rAther be the lipZ of a chickeN, rAther than the tAil of a coW"...

i thoughT oveR it and i thinK i understood....

noW me azpiRe to be the lipZ of a coW... ;P


Monday, June 15, 2009

bennY g37x

the slAte bLue infinitI g37x couPe~!!!! imAge froM infinitiusa.com

oh mY gosH.....the aboVe vehicLe iz more thAn pretty/gorgeouZ/beAutiful....it'Z beyoNd thoZe adjectiveZ!!!!

beN boughT thiZ couPe over the weekeNd and it'Z juZ so amAzing cuZ he shoWed uz hiZ cAr todAy!!!!!! WOW!!!!

if i didn'T remembeR wronglY...i blogGed abouT adAm buyinG an infinitI couPe too - the more affordAble Journey modeL.....and of courZe the differeNce betweeN a musiciAn and a medicAl oncologisT iz......the formeR hAz to repAy monthlY instAllmentz whereAz the lAtter simplY pAyz everY cenT viA coLd hArd cAsh!

me so glAd to hAve sucH a cooL bozZ!!! ;P

i'M so enviouZ...but thinkinG of me stilL trApped in sAving bit by bit for mY undergrAd loAn....and the amount i'M eArning...it'Z impossibLe for me to affoRd sucH a cAr....or any cAr?! *sobZ*

buT i accepT life, i shAll be inspiRed to purchAze my infinitI g41x couPe - liKe in 20 yeArz time!! LOL...

infinitI g41x couPe shAll be miNe!!

immunologicAl tofu brothinG and rotoN presentAtion~

over the weekeNd...mY alchY chefY instinctZ relApzed:

mY deliciouZ firM tofu seAfood brotH~!!!! ^O^

ah...and todAy i presenTed my 2nd lAb rotAtion reseArch durinG my depArtment luncH~

i wAz trulY glAd my presentAtion wenT reAlly welL:

1. righT afteR my presentAtion, afteR i supplicAted for questionZ....every1 wAz silenT, theN my progrAm directoR sAid witH a smiLe "everyoNe is stunNed.."....

2. beN (mY bozZ) tooK tiMe off (actuAlly he skipPed a meetinG! ;P) to atteNd my presentAtion...theN afteR thAt he toLd me i did welL!! i thinK he sAid "you rocKed~"...i trulY thAnk beN for hiZ attendAnce and hiM vettinG my slideZ lAst fridAy~ ^O^

3. Joe and morAssa (my "pArky" lAbmatez) tooK time to atteNd...and morAssa told me i did a greAt job too! yAy! grAce (my mentoR) hAd somethinG on so she couldn'T atteNd...buT she wenT througH my presentAtion witH me quicklY befoRe the reAl thinG to mAke sure thingZ are ok! ;)

4. i receiVed greAt remArkz from tizzY and luckY (my clAzzmatez) too!! ^o^

5. righT afteR my presentAtion...i sAt dowN to eAt my pizzA...and thiZ younG smileY koreAn girL sittinG beside me smiLed and toLd me my presentAtion wAz nice! hahAaa...i'M not reAlly sure who she wAz...but thAt waz nice to heAr... ;)


....and i pAzzed my grAduate immunologY exAm witH a surprizinG A-~!!!! hahAaaa....i'M trulY thAnkful for thiZ grAde bcuZ i trulY shouLd hAve spenT more tiMe studyinG....i onlY spenT liKe one nighT for midterM and one dAy for finAlz - i wAz expectinG a B...oh, and i'M hAppy hAng-ni-mah scored eveN betteR thAn me!! he deserveZ it cuZ he studied so hArd!! ;P

oh, and adAm cAlled durinG lAte afternooN whiLe he wAz drivinG hoMe...juZ to "toucH bAze" (whicH meAnz to checK on me)...somehoW i didn'T telL him any of my hAppy updAtez....he'Z juZ too cAught up witH hiZ own superficiAl life and i'M kindA bored of givinG hiM free unworthY counselinG witH hiZ relAtionship probZ.....duH...he'lL juZ breAk and expectedlY pAtch agAin...see? the besT iz to stAy aloNe foreveR - liKe me.

googLe imAge for "boRed" - 4tH hiT.

off to dreAmland...

becominG hAndier - fixinG leAky bAthtub fAucet~

livinG aloNe awAy froM my fAmily iz indeed beneficiAl to me...

wheN thingZ don'T worK anymoRe...and i need to sAve cAsh...i need to fix thingZ myseLf...

froM compleX tAskz like chAnging bAthroom door knobZ and lockZ...tougH jobZ liKe tidyinG mY forestY bAckyard...to the simpLe replAcement of lighT bulbZ...

thiZ tiMe rouNd, i hAd to fix my leAky bAthtub fAucet!!!

argH....cAlling a plumbeR wilL cosT 100+ USD - crAzy!!!

so me and dR. Li figuRed out a fRee wAy to fix thingZ:

the tricK iz to tighteN my bAthtub fAucet hAndlez~

me simplY glAd at my newlY acquiRed hAndyman skilL!! ;P


p.S.: we terM "fAucet" az "tAp" in singApore...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

kit chAn - dAte.....陈洁仪 - 约会

a sAd tuNe suddenlY plAyed in my miNd whiLe i collecTed my bedsheeT froM my dryeR in my bAzement and wAz climbinG the stAirz bAck to my bedrooM....

i tried youtubinG it....googLe videO it....whAtever - nothinG!!


so i mAde a youtuBe vid of it!!! hoPe youtuBe will not remoVe it... *fingerZ crozZed!*

it'Z a wonderfuL sonG...sAdly it mAkez my heArt crY (whoAh so poetiC!!)..

a more thAn 10-yeAr-old sonG...bY kit chAn:

kit chAn - dAte.....陈洁仪 - 约会

brieflY, it'Z abouT meetinG someoNe for the lAst time - a finAl dAte on a rAiny nighT......to suffeR an eternAl breAkup.

sAd quoteZ froM the sonG:

"stoP apologizinG liKe you alwAyz do..."

"the roZe petAlz i peeLed are witherinG on the tAble..."

"who'Z singinG sucH a sAd sonG for me..? az if he/she knoWz my decisioN tonighT...to breAkup in sileNce...my heArt juZ keepZ cryinG..."

"who wilL knoW i'M tolerAting all of thiZ pAin? silentlY wAtching mY journeY of loVe coMe to an eNd...do you knoW the rAin iz actuAlly teArz..?"


Saturday, June 13, 2009

deAth iz whiZtling...

todAy'z a trulY speciAl dAy...

deAth kepT whiZtling todAy......

creepilY moRbid, but i guezZ it wilL creeP me foR a loooonG tiMe....:

"deAth'z whiZtle" bY xiAnning (originAl compozitioN)

whY am i so deAdly sillY?


Saturday, June 06, 2009

grAdua-mination froM mY 3rd rotAtion lAb~

lAst fridAy - 5 juNe 2009 - wAz my grAdua-mination dAy froM my 3rd rotAtion lAb!!

it'Z a neuro-oncologY lAb...witH trulY verY eAzy-goinG and fun-lovinG lAbberz!!! mozlY postdocZ....and i reAlly enjoYed my shorT stAy @ greg'Z lAb!!

everyoNe hAz windoW seAtz in greg'Z lAb....and thiZ iz the perfecT vieW of the cloudZ froM my seAt~

hmM...so whAt'z grAdua-mination? greg'Z a verY nice prof...and wheN he sigNed my rotAtion contrAct (a forM we hAve to submiT to our progrAm)...he terMed it az signinG a terminAtion forM...

hahAaa...i immediAtely chirPed thAt it shouLd be grAduation~ and theN i coiNed the terM "grAdua-mination"~~~

avadhuT (the posTdoc who mentoRed me) lAughed on the spoT...he'Z a very nice persoN and i reAlly enjoYed workinG witH him....thougH he jokeZ abouT hAving a mexicAn twiN brotheR and alSo 2 wiveZ and 17 childreN all undeR 6 yrZ oLd wheN he'Z onlY 2 yrZ oldeR thAn me - LOL...

oh yeA!!! i wAz so toucHed by i-meI (our mAster bAker) bcuZ she bAked a chocolAte almoNd brownIe cAke for me on mY lAst dAy..:

dA-duh!! "i-meI lAtte" surelY wilL selL thiZ in futuRe!!!

theY joKed abouT me presentinG my 3rd rotAtion az an interpretiVe dAnce...hahAaa....theN crAzily i creAted lAme scieNtific dAnce moveZ...and alsO interpretiVe nAmez - cuZ i mAke fuN interpretiVe actionZ for theiR nAmez~ ;P

zev'Z (anotheR posTdoc i worKed witH) nAme hAz to be sunG - the 1sT liNe of mAdonna'z "rAy of lighT" - "zephyR in the skY-yAi-yAaai~"...

and of courZe i hAd to celebrAte witH myseLf witH my brAnd neW loveR:

mArtell v.s.o.P.~~~ the bottLe hAz a speciAl striP of ribboN~

welL......henessY stilL ruleZ~!!!!


"sunshiNe of sprinG" bY sodAgreen~!!!!!

p.S.1: thiZ bloG entrY iz speciAlly dedicAted to huA-妹 = meihuA...

p.S.2: i shouLd hAve blogGed thiZ 3 dAyz aGo... ;P

so it wAz a usuAl wednezdAy - lAb all dAy...theN returN hoMe....

and az i wAlked up my stAirz...i sAw thiZ bloAted orAngy enveloPe on the ledGe - the plAce where neW mAil iz plAce.

welL...i glAnced and it wAz chineZe chAracterz all oveR. 1sT impressioN - muZ be foR dR. Li.....some letteR froM chinA?

wAit, i sAw on the stAmp "TAIPEI"....:

from tAiwan??

it wAz addrezZed to me - mY 1sT mAil froM tAiwan!!!

oh yeA!!! i reAlized it'Z froM meihuA!!!!

oh my gosH!!!!!!!

i wAz so exciTed and toucHed bcuZ i surelY knoW whAt it iz!!!!

meihuA recentlY tyPed-me on skyPe chAt thAt she'Z gonnA go tAiwan for fuN and if there'Z any sodAgreen thingie she mighT buY for me...so it muZ be sodAgreen relAted!!!

i wAz all smilinG wheN i wAz openinG the letteR and da-duH!!!!

"sunshiNe of sprinG" - sodAgreen'z 5tH albuM!!!!

the insideZ of the albuM~~~

i wiki-ed and reAlized thiZ albuM wAz releAzed onlY a montH aGo - so moZ probAbly singApore doezn'T eveN selL it yeT!!!

aH......so toucHed yoZ!!!! if not foR thiZ...i wouldn'T eveN knoW sodAgreen releAzed anotheR albuM!!!

i feeL so privileGed - i mighT be one of the 1sT (or the 1sT the onlY one!!) to owN thiZ albuM in the stAtez...in mAryland....in bAltimore!!!!!!

aH...meihuA muZ hAve boughT it in tAiwan...theN wenT to the posToffice whiLe in tAiwan to seNd it to me!!!! kudoZ to meihuA~!!!

i hAve beeN sodAgreening eveR siNce i got thiZ albuM....it'Z such a lovelY albuM!!!!

the musicAl tAlent of qingfenG (sodAgreen'z mAin vocAlz) hAz definitelY becoMe perfecteR...the lyricZ he cArved...the tuneZ he creAted...hiZ fAntaztic, crisP and cleAr and gentLe vocAlz!! and he dYed hiZ hAir pinK thiZ tiMe rouNd - gosH i loVe qingfenG!!!

i loVe sodAgreen!!!!! ^O^

"sunshiNe of sprinG" - the 1sT singLe~!!! it'Z tiMe to wAke uP wheN sprinG arriveZ!! ^o^

the mAking of "sunshiNe of sprinG" - sodAgreen hAd so much fuN mAking the mV...

mY chineZe stAndard iz reAlly not good enougH....or did qingfenG rAize the stAndard of chineZe in hiZ lyricZ?? i hAd a hArd time understAnding soMe pArtz of the arttY lyricZ...especiAlly the poeTic trAck 5...tryinG to linK uP the metAphorz witH reAlity..buT i generAlly understAnd the concepT of thiZ albuM:

it beginZ witH a sloW and sAd trAck one to symboliZe the endinG of winteR...wheN the emotionlezZ snoW meltZ awAy into the lovelY sprinG! theN subsequenT songZ are livelY tuneZ to signAl it'Z tiMe to wAke uP, geT ouT, and plAy arouNd cuZ it'Z sprinG!!

trAck 8 in the disc...i do not recogniZe the middle chAracter of thiZ sonG...

trAck 8 iz "交響夢"...the chineZe postdoC in my 3rd rotAtion lAb alSo doezn'T recogniZe the middLe chAracter!! i kindA felT the sAdnezz in thiZ sonG...buT it seemZ to sAy the storY of recoverinG froM beinG hurT...gettinG reAdy for a neW life...lyricZ feAturez a memorAble liNe - "hidinG mY invisibLe woundZ and the beAutiful crueltY underneAth the mud..."

trAck 12 iz sucH a touchinG sonG thAt i wilL bloG separAtely cuZ i cRied thiZ morninG whiLe listeninG to it and wAtching the mV on youtuBe - unblivAble cuZ i thoughT mY teAr glAndz hAve dried...

i yeArn to interpreTe the songZ one bY one in tiMe to coMe...i'lL need a chineZe dictionAry...or i'lL juZ asK the chineZe or tAwiwaneze arouNd me!! ;P

oh...and the ingeniouZ and trulY uniQue "各站停靠" (trAck 5) hAz an amAzing liNe - "...every butterflY iz the returninG souL of a witheRed floweR...flutterinG arouNd hopinG to redizcoveR her losT seLf..." - my currenT gchAt and fAcebook stAtuz...

"sunshiNe of sprinG" iz sucH a fAbulouz albuM and a wodnerfuL surpriZe gifT!!!!

^.^ ^o^ ^O^

thAnk you meihuA~!!!!

ducKie cooKie~

so in mY 3rd rotAtion lAb....there'Z thiZ mAzter of all bAkerz...her nAme iz i-meI~

in the crB buildinG...there'Z thiZ expensiVe "me lAtte" cAfe...and i terM i-mei'Z cAfe az "i-meI lAtte"~!!!!

recentlY, one of the profZ in mY 3rd rotAtion lAb hAz a newborN chiLd and i-meI bAked theZe cuTe duckie cookieZ~!!!

duckie cooKie - notice the yelloW sugAr??

it wAz so deliciouZ i aTe 3 cookieZ..... kudoZ to i-meI~!!! ;P

ah...she alSo bAked a oh-mY-God-so-deliciouZ lemonY beAr cAke - yeZ, a 3-dimensionAl beAr cAke!!!! i'M wAiting for anotheR postdoC to seNd me the photO thougH....theN i wilL posT the beAr cAke photO!! ;P

i-meI lAtte~

neurologicAl pApermoon...

argH - recenT dAyz hAve beeN exAm dAyz!!!

so finAlly cleAred the grAduate immunologY in-clAzz exAm 8 dAyz ago...and theN 4 dAyz ago juZ settLed 2 tAke-home exAmz for neuropAthology!!!!

gosH.....thiZ mArkz the eNd of my courzeworK for mY 1sT grAduate schooL yeAr... *yAy and clApz~~~*

noW i cAn focuZ on lAbwork totAlly!!!! ^O^

anywAyz...lookinG bAck on mondAY nighT...i wAz strugglinG the neuropAth exAm togetheR witH hAng-ni-mah...strivinG togetheR essAy by essAy...tryinG to keeP eAch otheR awAke and stronG to fighT the exAmz!!!

theN we decided we reAlly wAnted some suppeR...so we wenT to pApermoon:

aH!! mY deliciouZ avocAdo omeletTe~

so it wAz liKe 12 midnighT oNce we returNed to the crB buildinG to fighT the neuropAth wAr...and agAin we didn'T sleeP!!!

so glAd it'Z all doNe~

the nexT dAy afteR not sleepinG wAz fullY pAcked for me too....didn'T sleeP and i scheduLed dermAtologizt appointmenT @ 9aM and a tenpAchi hAircut @ 10aM....rushinG arouNd livinG on cAffeine...and theN did lAbwork tiL 830pM.....

everY efforT wAz wortH it and i'M lovinG hoW cArmela (mY hAirdresseR~) kepT my frinGe the perfecT lengtH whiLe spikeY the resT of mY hAir! kudoZ to cArmela!!

so exhAuzted...buT i rewArded myseLf with mY henessY and blAck lAbel thAt nighT and feelZ so rejuvenAted~


arttY neuropAthology~

so...the finAl clAzz thAt i hAve to settLe iz diseAze mechAnismz of neuropAthology...

and durinG severAl of the clAsses, i sAt beside tizzY~ i noticed thAt wheneveR i siT beside her in clAzz...she would be doodlinG flowerZ and pAtternz on her noteZ...theN i wilL alSo doodLe and we wilL shoW eAch otheR our doodleZ and lAugh and smiLe "silentlY" - LOL

and whiLe i wAz tryinG to settLe my neuropAth exAmz....i flipPed througH my noteZ scourinG for answerZ...and fouNd the followinG sketcheZ:

sketcH 1 - lookZ liKe kindergArten worK!

sketcH 2 - kindergArten worK agAin! ;P

sketcH 3 - aH....some cooL guY?!

sketcH 4 - myzteriouZ girL....tizzY asKed me who thiZ wAz and i don'T knoW...

sketcH 5 - our professoR lecturinG Alzheimer'z diseAze!!!!

for the finAl sketcH...tizzY toLd me she sAw the prof. see me drAwing him wheN he turNed arouNd to looK at us froM the boArd....LOL........but he'Z verY friendlY to me thereafteR anywAyz....he muZ be lAughing at me in hiZ heArt too... ;P


satAy noodLe~

so.....kahsuaN actuAlly showed me wheRe thiZ very convenienT chineZe minimArt arouNd mounT vernoN - noW i finAlly cAn buy chineZe stuffZ independentlY!!!

thAnk God....now i cAn grAb herbAl syrupZ and some otheR reAlly chineZe stuffZ on mY owN! ;P

thiZ asiAN satAy instAnt noodLe~

ah....wheN i cooK instAnt noodleZ....it'Z not juZ the noodleZ....there'Re so mAny deliciouZ ornAmentz liKe fRied egG...stiR-fried chickeN thigH meAt...teriyAki meAtballz....cArrotz...yummY!!

alchY cheffinG~