Wednesday, September 30, 2009

awesomelY pAzzed my g.b.O.~!!!!!!!

tequilA'z trAnzfiguration into magArita~

the aboVe imAge explAinz the previouz multipLe "spAm-like" postZ........

and of courZe my mobile'Z outboX wAz filLed witH jibberishY textS too.............buT i remembeR convincinG myseLf to finAlly switcH off mY phoNe.

drAnk wAaaaay tooooo mucH afteR i pAzzed my g.b.O.~!!!! i apologiZed to my owN bodY cuZ thiZ iz the 1st tiMe i drAnk tiL i vomiTed...and agAin wheN i woKe the nexT morninG. argH...but it'Z deliriouZ solitAry fuN~!!!!!



g.b.O. exAm = Graduate Board Oral Exam = a requiremenT of the Ph.D. be tAken afteR the 1sT yeAr of intensiVe courZework studieZ...

an orAl exAm....beginninG witH a presentAtion of your possibLe thesiS projecT...with 5 professorZ askinG you anY qnZ thAt appeAr in theiR mindZ.......luckilY mine wAz mAinly pertAining to whAt i presenTed~ yAy~!!!!

"excellenT joB! unAnimouz pAzz" --> the onlY commentZ of my orAl exAm~!!! it'Z on an officiAl exAminer'z forM...and i cropped thiZ pArt out...hahAaa~

mY lovelY and sincerestezT thAnkz to:

dR. rigginZ~!!!
dR. de mArzo~!!!!
dR. meekeR~!!!!
dR. lAuring~!!!!
dR. denmeAde~!!!!!! (committee chAir~)

and of courZe thAnkestezt thAnkz to beN (my bozZ~!!!)

LOL~!! they'lL neveR thinK they'lL receiVe thiZ internetY thAnk you bloG note...theY probAbly won'T eveR knoW thiZ pAge existS~!!! ;P

i muZ admiT i didn'T studY mucH juZ luckY~~~

did my presentAtion on mY lovelY mAcbook prO....and uzed my phoNe az my bluetootH remoTe...oh, the dramA of the dAy wAz...the snAck cAfe neArest to my exam venue wAz clozed due to a jewisH holidAy whicH of courZe i didn'T luckilY i arriVed eArly to fiNd anotheR cAfe to grAb theZe:

drAmatic snAckz~!!!!!!!

noW i cAn fullY focuZ on lAbwork...and fiNd time to finAlly begiN piAno-ing...enN~!!!!


^.^ ^o^ ^O^

Monday, September 28, 2009





start sam



y raaaere



9M the ganer

i can see you



Bad loveeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


bdeat iz sick





Friday, September 25, 2009

kudoZ to collegehumoR~!!

i loVe appLe...mAc ruleZ~!!!

i loVe mAtrix...

i'M utterlY disAppointed in windowZ...

theZe feelingZ add uP to thiZ vid:


kudoZ to collegehumoR~!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


beeN reAlly trApped in preppinG for mY huGe orAl exAmz in a week'Z i disAppeared and moZ proB will keeP myseLf in trAnzparent mode for some tiMe....sorrY for my friendZ who droP by my bloG sometimeZ?

thougH not aloT of you (cuZ i'M ultrA selectiVe witH friendZ hahAaa)....but thiZ bloG wAz mAinly updAted more frequentlY afteR i settLed in the stAtez to let you alL knoW whAt'z goinG on for me in the stAtez...hahAaa...juZ don'T worrY if thingZ are mezZed uP cuZ my melAncholy amplifieZ in writteN forM.

anywAyz...thAnkz to huA-mei and weN-mei for tellinG me thAt sodAgreen hAz agAin releAzed anotheR albuM - "summeR feveR"~!! thiZ tiMe...qingfenG (mAin vocAlz) dyed hiZ hAir greeN!!

no tiMe to trAnzlate....but one dAy i wilL:

"feveR~!!" bY sodAgreen

"summer'Z summeR" bY sodAgreen

sodAgreen songZ are trulY meAningful if you reAd the lyricZ cArefully.........esP. "summer'Z summeR"....which iz abouT everyoNe strivinG simplY for theiR fAmily loVe...and alsO life tAstes like liMe~!!! "feveR" iz abouT knowinG yourseLf no mAtter how thingZ chAnge arouNd you...

tiMe alwAyz tickZ and life goeZ on...

appLe rockZ~!!!

moneY cAn buY me hAppinezz......


looK @ my gorgeouZ hAppinezz:

mAcbook prO - 13 incH~!!!!

ipod toucH ifrogZ flAshy greeN cAze~!!! (miNe hAz a mirroR screeN protectoR too!!!)

all thAnkz to hAng-ni-mah who suggesTed me to joiN the appLe fAmily........

welL, actuAlly i decided thAt my nexT lAptop wouLd be a mAc....afteR my trAvelmate 6292....buT i didn'T expecT it to be so sooN!!!

i am so so sooooO glAd i mAde the righT choice.....the mAcbook prO iz simplY amAzing witH the multi-toucH pAd and also the bAcklit keyboArd~!! the speed iz amAzing and thingZ are perfecT~ i hAve no probZ leArning mAc.......and now i'M proficienT in botH windowZ and mAc~!!! ^O^

the ipod toucH 2g cAme free witH my mAc purchAze...and i simplY loVe thiZ "blowfisH poppeR" currenT highscoRe iz 188~!!!

oH.....and i also reAlized huA-mei boughT the sAme mAcbook prO in singApore~!!! the differeNce iz she hAz to pAy a coupLe hundred more? heH....but i'M sure she'Z glAd to joiN the appLe fAmily too~!!

for ANYONE out there.....plZ mAke the wize choice and dizcArd youR PC....and proudlY joiN the appLe fAmily~!!!

windowZ? it cAn be simplY rAn in parAllel witH the mAc systeM~ ;P

hAppy applinG~

p.S.: i suddenlY remembeRed adAm wAz also sufferinG bAd timeZ wheN i toLd him my aceR wAz dyinG........welL whY muZ sAd thingZ hAppen all @ oNce?! duH..... >.<

p.p.S.: welL....mAjority of my pAycheck hAz beeN smArtly invesTed in appLe~!!!

p.p.p.S.: an appLe a dAy...keepz the doctoR awAy....buT thiZ appLe surelY keepZ the doctoR awAy for a looooonG tiMe...

B.S.o.D. - Acer Disappointment...

B.S.o.D. = Blue Screen of Death = a deadly disease that PCs suffer precious Acer TM 6292 B.S.o.D.-ed abouT a montH ago???

looK @ my beAuty:

aceR 6292....trAvelmate...

it officiAlly died and now i juZ stuffed it bAck into the lAptop bAg thAt cAme with it.

i aM utterlY sAddened and disAppointed.....if i boughT it for myseLf, the feelingZ wouLd be lighteR but.....thiZ lAptop iz froM zikziK...

befoRe i fleW here to the stAtez...zikziK gAve me thiZ 6292 az an intended fArewell gifT to lAst me througH my Ph.D. studieZ.......welL, @ leAzt it lasted me througH my 1sT yeAr intensiVe courZework - thAnkfully!!!

and luckilY i heeded ben'Z advice to bAckup my datA before it totAlly died - thAnkfully!!!

whAt disAppointed me furtheR wAz thAt wheN i tried to contAct my 2 besT IT friendz.....none rezponded. are theY still friendZ?! welL, zhZ wAz hozpitAlized and cAn be forgiveN....but for dhZ, iz a simple emAil reply thAt tougH?

eventuAlly....i scouRed over the interneT and looKed for possibLe solutionZ......reformAtting...returninG to fActory defAult settingZ...reinstAlling viztA....downgrAding to XP viA soMe complicAted SATA driver thingie....

2 weekz of efforT and everY nighT ended witH sAdnezz. ;(


lessoN 1: PCs sucK...Acer sucK...but i do thAnk Acer for seeinG me througH my undergrAd and the 1sT yeAr of my grAd schooL.

lessoN 2: alwAyz bAckup your datA.

lessoN 3: you are the onlY persoN who you yourseLf cAn alwAyz depeNd on.

lessoN 4: moneY cAn buY you hAppinezz. whY? see my nexT bloG entrY!!!


p.S.: oH....and theN i reAlized my hAirdresser retiRed!!!

p.p.S.: and theN i reAlized the sAlon i pAtronize cloZed dowN!!!!

p.p.p.S.: argH!!!! >.<

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


froM googLe imAge...

todAy'z 9 septembeR 2009.

"9" symbolizeZ "eternitY" or "longevitY" in Chineze culture........

welL....nothinG speciAl hAppened todAy for me..............

but somethinG i plAnned did hAppen whicH i execuTed ~1 weeK ago~

i remembeR thAt sZ25 (alSo knowN aZ mZ. yelloW buT i stopPed addressinG her thAt bcuZ she doeZn't it~!!!!) viewZ thiz dAte az a speciAl dAte........whicH she hopeZ to get mArrid to the loVe of her life - whicH didn'T hAppen...

so, i actuAlly senT her a verY kAwaiiii cArd a weeK ago....and luckilY it did reAch her!! juZ for fuN and juZ to send smileZ....hahAaa~'Z a fAct thAt we do not get whAtever we wisH for in our shorT liveZ..........but we shouLd stilL alwAyz look on the brighT side. ;)


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

roAd strAight roAd twisTed...

eveR feeL dowN and bLue and losT befoRe?? helL yeA~!!!!

there'Re certAin songZ thAt will brighteN anY dArk worLd......

wen-meI recommeNded one and thiZ iz it:

"路直路弯 = roAd strAight roAd twisTed" - williAm so

me trAnzlated it in singlisH...LOL~!

hoPe it encourAgez and motivAtez you to perK uP and moVe on~!!!

you = everyoNe, especiAlly huA-mei thiZ tiMe rouNd... ;P

listeninG to it the whoLe dAy todAy brighteNed my worLd aloT.....and i shAll bloG abt whAt dArkened my worLd in my cominG entrY....

ouR lonG and windinG mushrooM roAd....

Sunday, September 06, 2009

raAa chaaA poH >.<

the pAst 2+ weekZ were filLed witH ultimAte sAdnezz...but me ended uP findinG more hAppinezz thAn befoRe - bY pAying a huGe pRice.

thiZ proveZ clicHe-ly thAt wheN 1 dooR closeS, anotheR openZ~ zooMed quicklY into septembeR~!!!!

so let'Z sinG a septembeR sonG (onlY 27 wordZ?):

"fruztrAtion" - fAye wonG

"the skY iz ezpeciAlly higH in septembeR...
and thiZ iz wheN fruztrAtion peAkz..."

"it'Z plAin and borinG in septembeR...
everythinG iz fiNe....but i lAck troublinG thoughtZ."

septembeR 2009'z gonnA be milestoNe montH for me.

raAa chaaA poH >.<