Friday, June 25, 2010

1ce upon upoN a tiMe

i am so addicTed to thiZ sonG righT noW:

"who'Z hoT who'Z noT" bY creAture

mAking muZic of thiZ quAlity....i bliVe theY wilL go v. fAr~!!!

kiM iz amAzing...hiz vocAlz cAn morpH........ <3

so hoT.

Monday, June 21, 2010


wAtch "swAllowed" here:

1:22 of "swAllowed".

it definitelY deserveZ youR voTe - for the few rAndom reAderz who somehoW pAzz bY my bloG...

it'Z a vid. abouT a womAn mourninG for her huzbAnd who wAz swAllowed by a whAle while he sAiled the seA. the depressinG wAiling of simoN ahmAdi amplifieZ the melAncholy...

kudoZ to the tAlented stepheN dunN - who mAde the vid.

shAll repeAt thiZ whiLe i worK on my lAb meetinG presentAtion tomorroW.......

keeP on wAiling.... :(

an artiZtic whiTe cAst iroN grAve.

wAlking througH deAthz

"vAmpire boY"

hiZ muZic mAkez me wannA visiT canadA.

lovinG estheR rimbAud...

or simoN ahmAdi?

wAil of dezpAir

whiLe wAlking bAck to lAb afteR luncH.....a guy wAlked passed weAring a t-shirT thAt reAd "kazakhstAn"...

i sAid "kazakstAn" afteR he wAlked pAssed and Joe waz like "yeA i saw that too"....

somehoW remindZ me of nikolAy - a colleGe clAzzmate who'z on my fAcebook but we never communicAte on fAcebook LOL. i thinK he'Z stilL doinG hiZ Ph.D. @ NTU in singApore...??

anywAyz, nikolAy'z froM kazakhstAn and i remembeR how i wAz obssessed witH vitAz...and kepT askinG hiM how to pronouNce the russiAn lyricZ correctlY witH theiR meAningz.....thAt wAz durinG structurAl biologY? LOL~

"operA #2" bY vitAz.

wAiling in dezpAir.

fAct of life: it tAkez 2 hAndz to clAp, and you shouLd treAsure your owN hAnd no mAtter whAt hAppenz.

Friday, June 18, 2010


i couldn'T sleeP lAst nighT....tiL 4+am? theN woKe @ 6aM to joiN my lAb'z bbAll @ cooleY for the 2nd tiMe~!!

benT on improvinG my shootinG skillZ, i reAched hAlf an houR eArlier to prActize shootinG......wheN Joe arrived, i reAlized how idiotY i aM @ sportZ - i prActized on a smAller bbAll thAt'z bad - no wondeR i wAz so tired... duH.

heAring Joe say "it tAkez time to leArn"....made me feel betteR, he'z so nice lah.

...didn'T feel like pukinG and blAcking out like lAst weeK....but noW my bAck and thighZ hurT...argH.

ooH, the funnest pArt wAz not the actuAl bbAll wAz thiZ gAme we plAyed....cAlled knockouT:

instructionZ here:

pAin pAin...

Thursday, June 17, 2010







the need foR a 绝情丹~

wAz chAtting with bAolin.....and the conclusioN of our vexinglY funnY chAt iz we botH need to consuMe 绝情丹:

"十面埋伏" bY s.H.e.

绝情丹...wherefoRe arT tHou?


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

uniTed stAtez of poP 2009~

"uniTed stAtez of poP 2009" bY djeArworm

i'Ve heArd mAshupz along the wAy but thiZ one iz reAlly very seAmlezzly doNe.....lyricZ are here:

thAnkz mrZ. peK (ooopZ i meAnt mZ. Au~) for intro-inG me to sucH a greAt mAshup of top songz~!!

muh muh muh muH~

the 3-drinK ruLe

yeZ, thiZ iz an officiAl ruLe i hAve sworN to abide in my life. drinK a mAx of only 3 drinkZ wheN i'M outside. ;)

thAnkz beN for beztowinG me sucH a wonderfuL ruLe~!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

beerY arT~

thumbnAiled my sierrA bottLe afteR beerinG..:


bbAllin' @ cooleY

1sT tiMe @ the bbAll courT of cooleY.

gosH, juz cAme bAck from bbAlling witH my lAb...guezZ thiZ iz reAlly my 1sT tiMe plAying bbAll in my life.

surpriZed? noT wheN it'Z me.

afteR 3 gAmez (~50min?)....i gAve up and sAt one side...sweAting profuzelY and i thinK i wAz 30% blAckedout...bad bad bAd. felT liKe pukinG...

OMG. gettinG old...welL, i'M liKe 26 witH a bodY (2 leAzt my spiNe) thAt'z 80 yrZ old...

one of the plAyerz looked liKe he'z...40+ or ~50?? and he'Z goinG stronG wheN i cmi-ed...lookZ like i reAlly need to exerciZe regulArly, or juZ continue not to exerciZe...i'M not suppoZed to exerciZe anywAyz...

welL Joe'z reAlly nice to kindA include me in the gAme..if i continue to joiN in future...i shouLd go 0.5hr eArlier to prActise shootinG the bAll...

ok, i totAlly sucK @ bbAlling...whoeveR teAmed witH me losT....i thinK? i wAz too exerciZed to knoW whAt'z goinG on. argH.

but it wAz fuN nonethelezZ~!!!



beez & birdZ are flyiN'~

thoughT of thiZ sonG the momenT i woKe uP todAy...:

"keeP on moviN'" bY fiVe.

"i woKe uP to dAy witH thiZ feeliN'..
betteR thingZ are comiN' my wAy..."

whY didn'T thiZ sonG appeAr in mY miNd eArlier?? itZ chirpY tuNe surelY perkZ me uP~!!!

"i knoW it'Z not mucH...buT it'Z ok...keeP on moviN' on anywAy~!!"

lotzzZ to do noW...glAd i remembeRed thiZ sonG...

"sometimeZ it feelZ thAt life hAz no meAning...buT i knoW thingZ wilL be all righT in the eNd..."

all rightZ, gottA get out of bed to preP for thiZ suppozed bAsketball gAme witH the lAb....yeA, afteR i-don'T-knoW-hoW-mAny-yeArz of no exercizinG....somehoW i feeL liKe bAsketballing for fuN...hoPe it'Z enjoyAble~

"wheN the rAiny dAyz are dyiN'..
gottA keep on keeP on tryiN'...
all the beeZ & birdZ are flyiN'..
neveR lot go gottA hoLd on and..
non-stoP tiL the breAk of dAwn and..
keeP moviN' don'T stoP rockiN'.."

"geT on uP wheN you'Re dowN...
bAby tAke a good looK arouNd..
i knoW it'Z not mucH, but it'Z oK..
keeP on moviN' on anywAy..."


Thursday, June 10, 2010

i fouNd a heArt~!!!!


and i fouNd a heArt~!!!!

theZe are bAsically cellZ....witH theiR nucLei stAined witH a fluorescenT bLue dYe.....and theY coincidentAlly forM interestinG shApez...juZ like cloudZ...


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

土+火+风+水+心 = ?

one roAd smootH wiNd~

all rightZ....mingliAng returNed to chinA to tAke up a fAculty pozitioN....alL the besT to hiM~

before he lefT....he toLd me i trulY improVed hiZ fAshion senZe. LOL~

we did shoP aloT for clotheZ @ filene'Z...and arundeL....where he goT moZ of hiz cAlvin kleiN~~~

one roAd smootH wiNd~

Monday, June 07, 2010

lipsticK stAinz on lefT side brAin...

Joe reco-ed thiz song onto my grroveshArk..... 2.9999~

= a kizZ on the righT fAce.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

whY shouLd i cAre?

locked & unlocKed

trippiN' aloNe

loziN' griP/

Saturday, June 05, 2010

no turninG righT, righT?


i hAven't driveN for liKe...1.5 + 4 + 1.5 = ~7 yearz??? pluZ all i'Ve driveN befoRe were militAry roverZ and 3 or 5 tonnerZ.....and it wAz righT-hAnd driVe. OMG.

i told mR. chucK (my drivinG instructoR)...and woW, he stilL pAzzed me hiz keyZ and asKed me to begiN drivinG hiz hyundAi sedAn.

frAnkly, i wAzn't eveN sure whetheR the gAs wAz on the righT or the brAke wAz on the lefT? untiL i sAt @ the driveR seAt, theN the feeL cAme bAck.....bcuZ obviouzlY, somehoW i juZ knoW the gAz pedAl'z on the righT. duH.

it wAz fuN to reAlize he hAz anotheR set of gAz and brAke on hiZ pAssenger side....

and yeA, it wAz certAinly fuN to zooM onto the exprezzwAy in USA after not drivinG for so looooonG....

hmM, but the red arroW meAnz no turninG eveN wheN there'Z no "no turN on red" sigN righT???

i'M stilL aliVe~!!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


the deptH of the wouNd iz proportionAl to the efforT put into the nonchAlant cArezz.

to chooZe not to cArezz or be cArezzed iz the onlY wAy to prevenT beinG wouNded.


for the sAme dAmn thinG


fAct of life: bubbleZ wilL poP dezpiTe how rAinbowy theY are.

cAn't sleeP.

trumpeTed my hennessY.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

felL in loVe and wAlked awAy.


i onlY hAve 3 choicez on pAndora in lAb:
1. lAdy gagA
2. owL citY
3. cArrie undeRwood.

noW i reAlly wannA add in kellY........

so, hmM, owL or cArrie?

i cAn't denY thAt owL city'Z muZic simplY sootheZ me. buT cArrie iz juZ amAzing.

"vAnilla skY" of owL citY mAkez me smiLe, but it mAkez me ultrA sAd. i remembeR hoW i asKed Joe whAt song thAt wAz wheN i heArd it in lAb for the 1sT tiMe....yeA, reAlizing hoW itz optimizM sAddenz me, i hAve stopPed listeninG to it.

oK, my pAndora shAll hAve 2 americAn idolZ.

neveR eveR feeL rejecTed. :(