Friday, April 29, 2005

myzterY deAth of a kitteN...

it wAz mid-morning....i wAnted to checK out the lounGe for lAtest handphoNe deAlz in todAy'z newzpAperz..........and i sAw it juZ about 2 meterz from my doorsteP.

clAded in a hide of blAck and whiTe...
seeminGly youNg abt a coupLe of monthZ..
witH itz 4 limbZ spreAded out...
motionlezZ - couLd it be still sleepinG?

i tooK severAl steps up the stairZ to hAve a topologicAl analysiz of itz mortAlity,
stilL motionlezZ - no sigNz of breAthing.

i stood and stAred for a whiLe..
wAsn't awAre of how lonG.....onlY untiL the confirmAtion signAl setz in:

all waZ left wAz a mesH of fuR...
on a miNi cArcazz....
at the outskirT of my hozteL corridoR,
abT 2 meterz away from my doorsteP.

itz not directlY relAted to me - i shouLdn't feel anythinG.
yeZ, i do not develoP negAtive thoughtZ...
buT i juZ wonder weirdlY about life.

life iz strAnge.
it cAn be present in a physicAl bodY at thiZ time,
and perisH within the nexT secoNd.

whisssP - aNd it couLd be goNe - with inexplicAble frAgility.

... ... ...

liVez are losT and grAnted arouNd uz all the tiMe,
even without you knowing it mosT of the tiMe.

so trusT me: treAsure every momenT of your'Z whiLe it'z stilL in you.

illZ...bAck to bAby blueZ.

hey-yA, illZ here.

woW, thiz iz my first entry - where you shall know who i am.

I am a Singaporean, 21+, male, currently an undergraduate of Nanyang Technological University, thriVing in the courze of Biological Sciences (BS).
lotzA ppl give a "woW, cheem..." reactioN when they heAr about BS, and I find it tough to tell them whAt i actually study. oKai - simplY, i study Biology (the scieNce of living thingZ) at the moleculAr level. if you are wondering whAt a molecule iz, i would advize you to stop probing.
juZ compleTed my exAm period~~~ thAt'z the most relieving thing for now, and that'z why i am heRe creAting a bloG - for fuN~
thiZ holidAy would be reAl long - from May to July!! a streAk of about 3 monthz....lotzA aimz to achieVe, but the primAry aim iz to sAve enough cAsh to lAst me through my next acAdemic semezteR. thAnk God i secuRed a job, the post of a Data Processing Officer, at the local Statz Dept.!!! hahaAa...startinG in 5 dAyz tiMe, thuz, gottA treAsure theze few dAyz of free tiMe~

thingZ to be doNe theZe 5 dAYz:
  1. geT a new phoNe.
  2. triM my nAilz..
  3. triM my hAir (appT on Sunday)..
  4. cAtch up with my adorAble tuitioN kid..
  5. go tempLe.
  6. wAtch a movie aloNe on tuezdAy.
  7. meet uP with nice friendZ - food + shoppinG!!
  8. giVe victoR a b-dAy treAt!!
  9. shifT out of my hozteL....!!! i gonnA mizZ my rooM....
alL right, i look forwArd to getting my new phoNe tomorroW! i will truly mizZ my mini mini Panasonic GD55, i loVe you mini, but i cAn't surviVe if you only allow me 40sec of tAlk time every conversation.....
moz probAbly my next babY will be Sony Ericsson K700i - touTed to be an astounding performeR, and i shAll see if its wortH itz reputation.
yAy!!! bAck to completing the whole series of bAby bluez for now!