Saturday, November 29, 2008

i reAlly loVed wronglY

the aboVe iz a sonG i wilL alwAyz sinG @ anY ktV...

it'Z abouT lovinG the wronG persoN, and i bliVe it'Z lovinG withouT regreT...

humAn emotionZ are dizguztinglY confuzinG... >.<

it killZ to love the wronG persoN...

neW cLoud bAdgy~!!!

i juZ receiVed my 2nd royAl aiR mAil (froM londoN) of mY life...and heRe it iz:

mY neW originAl cLoud bAdgy~!!!

so hAppy~!!! it'Z a preciouZ littLe thinG...and i shAll be mindfuL of it'Z preseNce on my clotheZ~!!!

mAybe....durinG thiZ coLd seAson...i shouLd not weAr bAdgez due to all the lAyering and frequenT removAl and weAring of jAcketz - increAzes risK of losinG bAdgez!!

i cAnnot loze my 2 preciouZ bAdges - mY cLoud bAdge and mY pechineY bAdge!! ^O^


vodkA sAuce~

yezterdAy, adAm treAted me to an itAlian reztAurant neAr fellZ poinT (i don'T thinK it'Z withiN fellZ poinT like he'Z juZ neAr!)...

the reztAurant nAme shouLd be pAsticcinni...buT i cAn't find a websiTe for it...but anywAyz, adAm ordeRed somethinG hiddeN on the meNu...whicH iz pennetTe in vodkA sAuce!!

pennetTe in vodkA sAuce~!!!

i thoughT it souNded speciAl so i folloWed suiT...and it wAz awesoMe!!!!!

a spicY tinGe amongzT my fAvorite tomAto sAuce... ^O^

i trulY enjoYed the meAl!!!! gonnA trY thiZ vodkA sAuce thingie durinG my visiT to any itAlian reztAurantz in futuRe~!! *if i eveR visiT lAh...*

anywAyz, the funniezT pArt iz wheN i asKed adAm whY the reZtaurant didn'T checK our IDz since there'Z vodkA in the paztA....duH, he lAughed @ my sillinezZ agAin and explAined thAt the alcohoL shouLd be burnT out durinG the mAking of the sAuce...hahAaa...i guezZ i muZ hAve asKed hiM lotZ of sucH sillY questionZ... ^O^

welL, i checKed the recipe onliNe...and vodkA wAz reAlly uzed, buT now i leArnt thAt alcohoL wilL be burnT ouT durinG cookinG~! ;P

the nice dinneR wAz complemenTed bY an awesoMe "thAt'z hoW i rolL" speciAlty *mY treAt!* froM coLd stoNe~!!

nice nice vodkA sAuce~!!

mezZed?'Z okAi~!!

i wAz so tiRed afteR the blAck fridAy shoppinG....reAched hoMe @ 6+AM, and slepT tiL 2PM...hahAaa....

anywAyz, i wAz wokeN @ 10+AM bY adAm......and in mY bluR reveRie he tRied to telL me somethinG befoRe he heAded off to peAbody....and suddenlY a loud "whAm!!!" woKe me.....whAt wAz thAt?

mY rooM iZ quiTe smAll, and there'Z thiZ nArrow aisLe betweeN the righT edGe of mY bed and a seLf-assembLe rAck i lAy thingZ on...thAt'z wheRe anyoNe wilL hAng ard durinG a visiT...

and thiZ tiMe somehoW adAm bAcked off abiT and the whoLe rAck dizassembLed:

huGe mezZ righT? hahAaa...

i bliVe i wilL scoLd and throW a tAntrum if i wAz youngeR, bcuZ someoNe mezZed uP my thingZ! howeveR, to mY surpriZe, i wAz not feelinG angrY @ alL~! i cAn cleArly anAlyze thAt it wAz unintentionAl of him, and it'Z juZ an incidenT. the rectificAtion iz simplY soMe reorgAnising......:

nice and neAt agAin~!!

good, i thinK i cAn hAndle my tempeR and not-beinG-unreAsonable-abilitY mucH betteR now. oR.........mAybe it dependZ on who iz the persoN who mezZed it uP....hahAaa....if it'Z a wonderfuL frieNd liKe adAm theN it'Z fiNe... ;) otherwiZe....i don'T knoW. >.<

for a momenT i thoughT i couLd be mAturing or growinG uP bAzed on hoW i hAndle thingZ....i blive i stilL hAve a lonG wAy to go...and az adAm sAyz, "you reAlly need to groW uP.."...welL, i need to be moRe mindfuL of whAtever... ^o^

it'Z okAi~!!!

hArvestinG on thAnkzgiving~!!!

thAnkzgiving iz a nortH americAn in u.s.A., it'z on the 4tH thurzdAy of novembeR - 2 dAyz agO~!!

i thoughT it'Z a religiouZ holidAy (chriztiAnity moZ probAbly?)....buT i checKed and asKed'Z relAted to the dizcoverY of the stAtez by the eArly europeAn settlerZ? theY receiVed food and shelteR ontheiR arrivAl dAy...and theY felT so thAnkful for the gifT....thuZ, theY mAde it a nAtional holidAy!! *hoPe whAt i tyPed iz righT hahAaa*

anywAyz, it'Z a trAdition to gAther with youR fAmily and feAzt on pieZ and shAre of pie cAme froM my lAndlord'z frieNd:

cherrY pIe~! ;P

and turkeY? the forM of turkeY frAnkz! heH.....

anywAyz, the moZ excitinG pArt iz not the holidAy itseLf...but the fridAy thAt comeZ righT afteR thAnkzgiving dAy - blAck fridAy!!! my lAndlord sAid it'z the biggesT sAle in the stAtez...and the shopZ are opeN siNce 12AM....and 12AM to 10AM are wheN the greAtezt deAlz are!!!!

kihyucK cAlled....and of courZe we wenT to arundeL millZ togetheR with hiZ girlfrieNd and kahsuaN az welL~!!! we shopPed froM 12+AM to 5+AM......hahAaa....we'Re shoppinG fAnaticz!!! ;P

thiZ iz mY thAnkzgiving blAck fridAy hArvest:

yAy~!!!!!!!!! ;P

so glAd i mAde it on tiMe froM peAbody to joiN theM in the shoppinG triP~! ;P and kihyucK spenT the mosT thiZ tiMe~! moRe shoppinG for soMe tiMe!! >.<

kudoZ to retAil therApy~!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

neW cLoud bAdgy~!!!

reAd thiZ emAil i juZ receiVed:

thiZ iz awesoMe!!!!! ^O^


brinG it alL bAck~!!!

"brinG it alL bAck" by s cLub 7~!

no moRe sAd songz....and thiZ sonG reAlly perkZ me up!!! i alwAyz listeN to it and theN i feeL hAppy! ^O^

hoLd on to whAt i trY to individuAlity!
wheN the worLd is on mY shoulderZ....juZ smile and leT it go!

anywAyz, i shoWed adAm my bloG...and he juZ lAughed. duH...mY bloG thAt funnY meH? hahAaa....but to all who visitZ, i hoPe my bloG mAkez you smile somehoW.......@ my sillY life! ;P


Sunday, November 23, 2008

no moRe creeP.

sucH a depressinG sonG, i hAve decided to stoP listeninG to it! argH!! >.<

life iz fulL of sAdnezz and hAppinezz @ the sAme time. i belieVe the right thinG to do iz to accepT and theN let go of the sAd pArtz, while embrAcing the hAppy momentZ.

i aM a creeP,
i aM a weirdO,
no one understAndz me.
and i cAn't understAnd anyone.

doeZ anythinG mAtter?

a feAther floAting in a beAutiful worLd..

"creeP" bY rAdiohead...

a sonG froM mY mosT deprezZed dAyz...bAck in ocS/sttS AKA armY tiMe.

sAng it az vocAlz for rockbAnd and scoRed 100%!! wAz screAming thougH...usinG my fAlsetto...hahAaa...;P

didn'T expecT it to resouNd in my life....buT it'Z so addictiVe siNce it creepZ perfectlY into mY dArkest miNd....

it'Z so depressinG it mAkez me feeL sAd, buT i cAn't stoP repeAting it. hahAaa hoW funnY iz thAt?

i agree witH the lyricZ totAlly...bAck theN...wheN i wAz 19?

creeP....i wisH i'M noT......a weirdO...


i wondeR whY youtuberZ disAbled embeddinG for thiZ sonG...buT it iz sucH a nice sonG to listeN and sinG to wheN it'Z snowinG~!!!!!! doezn'T snoW consistentlY...and thAt mAkez it rArer!! ;P


Saturday, November 22, 2008

hoW to "fucK us" whiLe drinkinG a "riskY cocK"?!

oH gosH, i thinK thiZ iz my mosT "vulgAr" entrY eveR!! buT plZ note thAt thiZ iz a storY about mizpronunciAtion:

focuS --> "fucK us"
whiskY --> "riskY"
coKe --> "cocK"

i'M someoNe who totAlly abhorZ vulgAritiez and dirtY lAnguage, but thiZ joKe in pronunciAtion iz trulY toooooo funnY!!!!!!

kihyucK'z my koreAn pAl here in bAltimore, and somehoW hiz pronunciAtion iz very off sometimeZ....durinG studieZ, he will sAy we hAve to focus on thiZ, focus on thAt.....but hiZ "focus" reAlly soundZ liKe "fucK us".....

theN yeZterday whiLe groceryinG witH hiM and kahsuaN...we were in the liquoR stoRe, and he toLd kahsuaN that the whiskY tAstez very good witH coKe. buT kahsuaN lAughed ouT loud tellinG me hiz "coKe" soundZ liKe "cocK".....

theN lAter wheN we conveNed @ kihyuck'Z apArtment to plAy rockbAnd...and whiLe we toLd renatA abouT theZe mizpronunciAtionz...renatA sAid something liKe...."oh, so we liKe to drinK riskY cocK"....twistinG "whiskY" into "riskY"....hahAhahaa

anywAyz, rockbAnd in Wii wAz totAlly fuN!!! i loVe beinG the vocAlz, and guitAr too! me kindA sucK @ beinG the drummeR...

rockbAnd imAge...froM googLe!!

and kahsuaN kepT tellinG us to "fucK us" on the gAme...hahAaaa so funnY!!!!!!

Wii rockbAnd rockzzZ!!

1sT snoW ^.^ ^o^ ^O^

so hAppy~!!!!!

whiLe i wAz presentinG tetrAd anAlysis to my clAzzmates in the gsR @ 10+am yezterdAy.....we suddenlY reAlized it wAz snowinG outside!!!!!

oh gosH....i wAz supeR exciTed siNce i wAz the onlY one hAving it az my 1sT snoW~!!!!!!

but everyone wAz exciTed so we decided to ruN downstAirs into the opeN and enjoY the snoW~!!!!!!!

whiLe wAiting for the elevAtor...see!! snoW~!!!!!

me in my 1sT snoW~!!!!

thougH tooK a photO witH the school'Z thingie...;P looK! all thAnkz to one of the wooleN shirtZ froM geN beN fAmily...thAt kepT me wArm!! ^O^

tryinG to mAcro the snowflAkez on lucky'Z jAcket~!!!!

snowflAkez on lucky'Z eyelAshes!! hahAaaa....all thAnkz to luckY cuZ she wAz the one who exclAimed thAt we shouLd ruN out siNce it'Z my 1sT snoW!! thAnkz luckY~!! ;P

so hAppy~!!!!! feelZ liKe i'M in a giAnt snowinG fridGe~!!! i wAz runninG arouNd the plAce shoutinG "it'Z snowinG...oh mY'Z snowinG!!" and my friendZ were juZ lAughing... hahAaa....

snowinG snowinG snowinG~!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

lovelY lAurie~~~

thiZ afternooN, i cAme hoMe to mAke a quicK bocA chickeN pAtty sAndwich for luncH....and hunG arouNd houZe wAtching "dezperAte houzewiveZ" whiLe wAiting for the lAundry....*theN of courZe gottA skoodLe bAck to lAb!*

anywAyz, adAm hAppened to returN az welL~! and az he wAz rushinG off to driVe to DC...he pAzzed me thiZ:

a newzpAper cuttinG froM lAurie~

lAurie? oH?? thAt'z adAm'z muM~!! a coupLe of weekZ bAck, adAm'z pArentz visiTed bAltimore for adAm'z finAl grAduating recitAl...and theN befoRe theY returNed to floridA, theY gAve me a dinneR treAt @ chiApparelli's...a nice reztAurant in littLe itAly... ^O^

zoominG into the cloudZ~!!

adAm sAid lAurie sAw thAt on the newzpAper and thoughT of me...siNce i introduced myseLf az a cLoud appreciAtion societY she cuT it ouT and mAiled it to adAm, and asKed hiM to pAzz it to me!

lAurie iz simplY sweet, lovinG and wonderfuL~! adAm iz so fortunAte~!!

whiLe adAm'z gonnA returN to hiZ muM'z loVe sooN.....i'M heRe mizzinG my makmAk...

mizzinG my makmAk...

cloudinG on the freewAy~!!

the otheR, kihyucK, and kahsuaN wenT grocerY shoppinG togetheR @ H-mart, Walmart, and Giant!!

on ouR wAy kihyuck'Z cAr, we weRe chAtting and etc. theN suddenlY we reAlized how beAutiful the eveninG cloudZ weRe:

shoT 1

shoT 2

shoT 3

nice righT...? abiT shAky...buT the cloudZ are simplY beAutiful...

cloudinG..eveN on the freewAy...!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

muTed lovelY fAmily webcAm sessioN~!!!

i allocAted my sundAy morningZ *theiR correspondinG sundAy nighT* to skyPe witH my fAmily....and the one we juZ hAd iz so interestinG!

my webcAm and microphoNe workZ fine...buT on theiR side, there'Z videO but withouT souNd.....hahAaa....we checKed througH routiNe mute/unmuTe buttonZ but it'Z all oK...*weiRded*

mY fAmily~!!!!

buT the situAtion mAde thingZ more interestinG~!

theY were liKe writinG dowN messAgez and showinG me on webcAm whiLe i respoNded...hahAa....

buT the mosT cruciAl oneZ are the encourAging onez froM makmAk (my muM)...cuZ i toLd theM how horrific mbG exAm wAz, and i wAz so confuZed over geneticZ....

the otheR dAy i slumPed into adAm'z bed to chAt, and theN complAin about hoW fruztrAted i feeL the nighT befoRe exAm whiLe stAring @ hiZ ceilinG...he wAz buzY witH hiz schoolworK theN too....and he suddenlY asKed if i mizZ my pArentz, and of courZe i do.....

anywAyz i toLd theM thAt i felT so indezcribAble...theN the followinG messAgez mAde me hAppier...:

encourAgement...froM makmAk...

more encourAgement...froM makmAk...

feelinG hAppier and loVed~!

P.S.1: i stilL trulY thAnk my thoughtfuL lAbberz for givinG me 2 identicAl webcAmz az my fArewell giftZ...they trulY come to good uze~!!!!

P.S.2: i reAlly mizZ the hokkieN mee stiR fRied by thiZ old lAdy @ the bedoK interchAnge hAwker centRe....oh mY God...and nanA currY..........

Saturday, November 15, 2008

posT exAm fuN~!!!!

oK, dezpiTe the mbG exAm beinG shebileY horrific, we juZ decided to puT it behiNd, cloZe the booK, and moVe on to hAve soMe fuN~!!

rusHed off to the brewerY touR....@ Clippers City...of courZe for some free-floW beeR:

mY coRe pAthobio mAfiaz~!!!! it'Z the funnezT wheN the 4 of uz hAng out togetheR!! froM lefT... kihyucK, renatA, and kahsuaN~ me not in photO cuZ me tAking it! i cAll thiZ photo....2 pizZed fAces + 1 smileY fAce~

thereafteR, we wenT to thiZ bizzArre dineRz cAlled pApermoon:


there wAz an elephAnt on the entrAnce...

erM....thiZ iz on the ceilinG lookinG dowN on you..

weiRd mannequiN sittinG above the bAthroom...

voodoo on the ceilinG fAn..

moRe queeR mAnnequinz...

weiRded ouT~!


goT an emAil from weN 妹, and she sAid she reAd thiZ articLe in her friend'Z bloG...whicH iz reAlly funnY, and everyone in the acAdemia shouLd appreciAte it!!!! it muZ be writteN bY some boRed fulL professoR....:


Success in academia is hypothesized to require specific phenotypes. In order to understand how such unusual traits arise, we used human clones to identify the molecular events that occur during the transition from a graduate student to professor. A pool of graduate student clones was subjected to several rounds of random mutagenesis followed by selection on minimal money media in the absence of dental insurance.

Students surviving this selection were further screened for the ability to work long hours with vending machine snacks as a sole carbon source; clones satisfying these requirements were dubbed "post-docs". In order to identify assistant professors from amongst the post-docs, this pool was further mutagenized, and screened for the ability to turn esoteric results into a 50 minute seminar.

Finally, these assistant professors were evaluated for their potential to become full professors in two ways: first, they were screened for overproduction and surface display of stress proteins such as Hsp70. Assistant professors that displayed such proteins (so-called "stressed-out" mutants) were then fused to the M13 coat protein, displayed on phages and passed over a friend and family members column, to identify those that were incapable of functional interactions. These were called full professors.

Although these mutants arose independently, they shared striking phenotypes. These included the propensity to talk incessantly about their own research, the inability to accurately judge the time required to complete bench work, and the belief that all their ideas constituted good thesis projects. The linkage of all these traits suggests that these phenotypes are coordinately regulated. Preliminary experiments have identified a putative global regulator. Studies are currently being conducted to determine if overexpression of this gene product in post-docs and grad students can speed up the grad student-full professor evolutionary process.


Monday, November 10, 2008

pArcel from lAbberz~!!!!

vlogginG me openinG a pArcel iz soooooO mucH moRe animAted thAn me dezcribinG in wordZ....cuZ you cAn see my initiAl surpriZe reAction @ eAch iteM pulLed from the boX~!!

so....thAnk you my lAbberz~!!!

actuAlly right noW i feeL kindA dowN due to the overwhelminG schoolworK, but holdinG the presentZ and wAtching my reActionz to eAch presenT mAkez me smiLe and lAugh........:

pArt I - itemZ 1 to 9~

pArt II - itemZ 10 to 18~

pArt III - itemZ 18 to 26~ i sAng in thiZ vid~!!!

thiZ iz the finAle for my 25tH bdAy celebrAtion.....i trulY appreciAte all the meticulouZ efforT, and i wilL retro-posT a chronologicAl celebrAtion of my bdAy from 8 ocT 2008 to 12 ocT 2008 sooN~!!!!

thAnkz for addinG more hAppinezz to my life~!!!

feelinG so loVed...

Friday, November 07, 2008

mY pechineY bAdgy~!!! rezponZe to weN-妹'z commenT on mY previouZ posT...

yeA!!!! me noW weAring my pechineY bAdge everydAy!!

me in my lAb! thiZ iz tAken witH my webcAm...heH!

or shouLd it be the parAfilm bAdgy? ;P

bAck to lAbbing!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

mY cLoud bAdge....

so sAd! my cLoud bAdge'z piN broKe off recentlY....

i alwAyz weAr it cuZ i aM a pRoud membeR of the cLoud appreciAtion societY....but noW............

i remembeR i mAde a spAre bAdge....buT perhApz i lefT it in mY rooM bAck in singApore...... >.<

mY cLoud bAdge...

miLo miLo~!

adAm'z my nice nice muziciAn houzemAte...

occAsionally, he wilL volunteeR to mAke a cuP of wArm miLo for me...he reAlly likeZ the preciouZ miLo fleW in froM singApore witH me...he'lL enteR my rooM and tAke 2 pAcketz froM my woodeN rAck..

he hAz a nice wAy of mAking the drinK:
1. wArm up a glAzz of 2% milK in the microwAve
2. opeN the pAcket of miLo powdeR
3. pouR in the miLo powdeR
4. stiR
5. serVe~!

i feeL so glAd wheN i receiVed my wArm miLo....but theN i fouNd thiZ in the kitcheN:

duH....but stilL i feeL glAd so i smiLed whiLe i cleAred the mezZ~!! ^O^


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


whiLe wAiting for the trypsiN to thAw for aliquotinG....i wAz reAding the crAzily confuzinG probleM setZ for moleculAr biologY & genomicZ....pilinG togetheR witH thoZe eveN worZe qnz for geneticZ....

i got so veXed i juZ resTed my heAd in my arMz...

theN i felT someoNe removinG my jAcket from my chAir and puttinG it oveR my shouldeR....... *so nice!!*

i looKed oveR and it wAz Dr. Xu, the chineZe postdoc in my currenT lAb.

i murmured thAt theZe assignmenTz are crAzy!!

hiZ wiZe wordZ are..: 路是人走出来的,只要你肯走,就一定走得出路来。。。

and my replY iz..: 我肯!!

he sAid: 好!!

strivinG oN...with a worthY smiLe!!