Sunday, November 09, 2014

the FB stAtuz that everyone cAn relAte to but no one wilL liKe/commenT on.

so, i posTed thiz FB stAtuz...vizible to only a selecTed grouP of cloze friendzzZ:

it stAyz the wAy it shouLd be = no Likes, and no comments.

i bliVe everyone can relAte to thiz, bcuz everyone haz met sucH jerkz in their livez before.

see-whY immediAtely messAged me to ask if i'm all righT...well, i appreciAte that...bcuz she knowz who i am referrinG to in my stAtuz. and i posTed thiz messAge bcuz i reAlized he iz at it agAin...........being "nice".

zomgosH. whY do jerkz exisT? perhApz they exisT to teAch us life be careful and to protect ourselvez? they are simply incorrigibLe.

so, hopefullY my stAtuz jolted my friendz' memoriez....bcuz we don'T live to forget the jerkzzZ in our livez, we live to remember them with lezz pAin, after learning the important life lessonz through them.

juZ anotheR sundAy~


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