Tuesday, May 31, 2005

eNd of concessioN...

yuP, todAy'z the end-of-concessioN dAy~

gottA mAke full full fulL uze of my finAl concessioN....hahAaa....trAvel all round singAPore~!!!!!!!
nothinG to do, nowheRe to go also muZ die die tAke 4 tripZ of MRT trAin and tAke lotzA bus ridez~!!!!!

wAh, me reAlly cheApo on thiZ....heY me juZ mAking my cAsh worth ok?

now the 1sT trip iz to returN to schooL....now surfinG net on the romAntic skywAlk....

nexT, also not suRe where to go....mAybe go apply for the prepAid M1 cArd 1st.....az dizcussed with ziK yezterdAy niTe.......gottA check out the M1 websiTe 1sT....

theN mAybe up the NE line....wesTmall or somethinG - juZ wAlk walk....theN continue to dhobY gAut mAybe - for fuN~ theN switcH NEL to sengkAng compAzz poinT~ thAt would mAke 4 tripZ, then bus ride froM sengkAng bAck to bedoK.......

eH? cAn visit dAiso at JE also......or mAybe not.

and mAybe cAtch monster-in-lAw with ziK tonite....not suRe if she'z free.........see how 1sT~ ^o^

woW......a full dAy for a si-beH-enG trAveller!!!!

*prAY for all thingz to be well and hAppy*

Monday, May 30, 2005

fAye my goddezZ...

juz recAlled a few dAyz bAck....me read an articLe on fAye wong declAring a long holidAy~!!!

my....thAtz =z to no more albuMz no more moviez, for now...'cept for a couple of commerciAlz.....yuP, sAw her poster at the Baleno outlet at Marina Sq. yezterday......gorgeouz with attitude~!!!

didn'T mention how long she'd be enjoyinG her myzteriouz breAk....but i bliVe she cAn surely afford to eveN retiRe.....hahAaa.....whicH i prAy not!!! i loVe her voice....and juZ cAn't wAit to add her next albuM to my collection!!!

fAye, if you chAnce upoN my bloG, i trulY love you......and plz plZ don't stop music-ing.....my hP and lAptop wAllpaperz will surely remAin az you!!! ;P

viC also SMSed me abt thiz issue.....thAnkz on thAt...

hmM, i cAN't be sAd, and i am not sAd!!! leArnt from 阿 旺 that az long az the persoN you loVe iz hAppy, you will be hAppy~!!!!

so, fAye.....enjoY your holidAy~!!!! ^O^

耍 太 极。。。

wAz browzing the nTu website....and found thiz pAge on cPf excemption scheMe for undergrAdz...

woW, so undergrAdz on holidAy jobz are not obliged to contribute to cPf!!!

me, thinkinG that since my supposed job haz not beguN, downloAded the form and tried to contAct my hoPefully-to-be-employer at the Statz depT.......a guy picKed up the phone at the general counteR, and asked me to diAl another phone number which he sAid will lead me to the person whom i think cAn help me process thiz and answer my queriez.......and when i diAled it - it'z not in service!!!

mY......felT like that waz a greAt stroKe of 太 极......if you know whAt i mean. got fed up, and gAve up the idea of cPf excemptioN, it'z not as if i will reAlly begin work with them next weeK.......

juZ will it begiN? yeA i wish to know too. me pAused job hunting to slAck....eH, nope, to settLe the applicAtion for some educAtion finAncial assistAnce scheme....hey i reAlly need some!!!

hoPe all thingz go well.....^o^

Sunday, May 29, 2005

perhApz not soooO friendlY at all...


beeN out with one of my friendz, knowN him since J1....and we only meet up during our uNi holz now.

oNce in severAl monthz iz oK and enjoyable...but recentlY, cuZ me too dAmn free.......we'Ve been having outingz quite frequently....my concession contribuTez to the increAsed frequency too!!!

howeveR....i'Ve felt thAt, perhapz meeting the sAme person for so mAny timez allow you to understAnd more of thAt person, which kind of deterZ you to know him/her betteR, and juZ wish to maintain at the leveL of understAnding which you enjoy the mosT.

yuP, thiz hAppened to me....my outinG behAviour thuz becAme restlezz, and reAlly drAgged myself througH it....kind of enjoyAble at timez only, but dreAded the resT.

perhApz thiz iz the wAy friendshiP workz? or mAybe thAt iz a persoN whom now you (referring to anyone) should not be too cloze too.

all righT, may all be hAppy....and enjoY life az much az my friend in US - tingtinG!!! ^o^


Friday, May 27, 2005

whAt am i doing?!

i alwAyz tend to ask myself: whAt am i doing? where haz all the tiMe gone to? whAt hAve i spent tiMe on.......?

time sliPz away secretly without me knoWing, or if i know it, i allow it to slip pAzz me...while pretendinG thAt i do not know it. hmm, do i mAke sense?

yeA....life iz truly borinG, and my dAily activitiez include reading some bAby bluez online, trying to seArch for joBz......thinK if i hAve anything to bloG..?

but why don't i tidY up my houze mAn..?!! like i promized myself........i reAlly gottA stArt packing everything....my booKz, my tAble.....my clothez.....juZ gottA get everything orgAnized, gottA file all my billz too....and also some acAdemic documentz.......it will tAke dAyz for sure!!!!!

my concession endz in 4 dAyz' time, so, when i aM truly confiNed at home.....i will truly settle down and pAck everything and more thAn i mentioned aboVe.....

and i bliVe i gottA stArt bit by bit now....az the fAct goez: when there'z a tonne to do, do it bit by bit and everything'z done before you even knoW it!! ^O^


siNce i'M so dAmn free now.....i borrowed thiz book from the Balestier Temple which i frequent....

it includez a reseArch paper on "The Law of Karma in Human Life" and i'm about....a quarter through for now, but looking forward to finisH it....sooN, on the trAin? ; )

it'Z quite fascinAting thAt Karma has 4 typez.....blAck, whiTe, blAck and whiTe, non-blAck and whiTe.....and within eAch tyPe, 3 sub-tyPez include verbAl, mentAl, and bodily kArma.

interestinG right? hahA...

simply, Karma meanz.....getting what you giVe. if you are good to people, you should be rewArded by them being good to you; if you have commited sinz....and you still prosper in thiz life, the bAd Karma will eventually hunt you down in your future lives.......it workz thiz wAy, and it will work thiZ wAy.

Hence.....i better thinK about whAt i hAve done.....and also whAt i am going to do in future. ;P

but unintentionAl doingz are excluded i suppoze, like how i accidentAlly kicked a snAil off the ground yezterday.......i reAlly didn't know it was there...i only know i kicked somethinG, when I looked bAck and investigAted, then i knew it wAz a snAil....i felt so sorrY i apologized immediAtely for uncountAble timez.....even on my wAy home...all the wAy on the trAIn juZ now too.....the guilt iz unbearably remorseful, but it wAz unintentionAl.....but, hey, if i hAve wAlked slower, looked out more cArefully, it would hAve been hurt. i sincerely prAy that the snAil was not hurt.....and if it wAz heAvily injured to the point of deAth, i prAy that you (the snAil) would move on hAppily to your next life........

*prAy for every-being to be hAppy*

job hunT....!!

*sigH* remember how hAppily i declAred about my DPO jobbie for GHS at the locAl Statistics department? the city hAll job which allowz me to shoP everydAy????? it'Z been postponed once and again!!!! God....?!

the current commencement dAte iz 6th June, which meAnz another 3 weekz of slAcking. reAson moz prob. cuZ of the bAtch of polY attachment students who are taking our dutiez!!! so unfAir....perhapz it's the wrong timing...well, good for them and finAncially bAd for me, but kindA good for me in other aspectz az i get to do nothinG~~~ ;P

meAnwhile, promized myself if i find another interesting joB, i will ditcH thiz job.....so slY in "cheating" uz to wait for job commencement...duH. nM....forgivinG and acceptinG my fAte iz pArt of white kArma (see next entrY)...

my other job triAlz include...becominG an Animal Keeper at the Zoo~!!!!!! and an educAtional trAil facilitator....soemthing like a pArt-time teAcher. buT who knowz.....might not even get any job in the eNd.

nope nope....gottA stAy optimiztic!!! yuP, gottA stAy optimiztic!!

the romAntic skywAlk

the romAntic skywAlk

yuP, finally got the chance to sit down and type a blog entrY!!!

disAppeared for so long...reAson being - slAck~!!! ;P

anywAy i'M now sitting along thiZ cooL "skywAlk" of my school....reAlly remindz me of the one on the Petronaz Towers in KL....thiz iz also the linK in betweeN 2 buildingz of my school....wonder why they creAted thiz linK, which iz seldom occupied....locAted on the 4th floor, and only romAnticistz like me will discover thiz greAt place!!!

recAlling a few momentz when I reAlly wanted to type in a blog....but eitheR the connection waz too sloW....too lAme....or thAt i waz too slAck.

anywAy cAme bAck here to regizter my subjectz for the next semezteR....doNe it and i trulY truly promize myself to be reAl hArdworking - be a hArdcore studieR~!!!!!!! ^o^

choZe something weird az my electiVe....juZ cuZ the "Appreciation of Gemstones" clAshed with my core timetAble......*sigH* fAted.....but i think leArning about voice projection iz juZ az fun....and i hope i will get it az only 6 seAtz are avAilable....hahA, if not, i will moZ prob get some psychologY kindA electiVe....cAlled: "Are you OK?"...something on the mental heAlth of Singapore. ; )

all righT, onto my next entrY about my joB hunt....*tougH!*

cArrie underwood

woW~!!!!!! the current americAn idol iz: cArrie underwood~!!!!!!!

waz following thiZ series of americAn idol with my ex-hoztel-mAte rizAl (though i moVed out liAo remember?) even during the exAm period!! and our guezz iz correcT!!! you go cArrie!!!

we cAll her "the bArbie girl"....and predicted her to win the competition....and juZ like Simon (the judge), our prediction iz wAy accurAte~!!

hahAaa....cAn't wait to get hold of her debuT albuM!!!!

congrAtz again cArrie!!! ^o^

Thursday, May 12, 2005

in aRmy uniform agAin...

wAz recAlled yezterdAy for a neArly 4-hour briefing....yuP, bAck in my old cAmp where i served as a full time NSboy. now i am a NSman~!

it'z beeN neArly a yeAr since i'Ve worn my number 4 uniform - the explicit greeN camouflAge pattern.....and the bootz - heAvy and weird!! hahAaa....guezz i'M too uzed to weAring my niKe ACG sandalz - light and eAsy~

wenT into Opz office - which uzed to be my office.....visited my cubicle - my previouZ workplace...!! ^o^ woW reAlly mizzed thAt plAce.......reAlly!!!!!!!! cuZ i spent so mucH time....so mucH effort....so mucH memoriezzzzZzzz....

oH, and wheN i asked Jeremy (my understudy) do i looK the sAme? he simply sAid "maybe hAppier?".....hahAaa.....but i told him he lookz exActly the sAme since i lAst saw him...

anywAyz, i exchAnged my new bAby k700i with my brotheR'z nokiA cuZ i thought the ruLe that cAmera phonez are bAnned from cAmpz still hold.....thought thiZ rule iz as solid as gold, but hey....almost everyone uses cAmera phonez in the cAmp and the guArdz don't even check....

hmM, if i'Ve brought my k700i bAby in yezterdAy....i could hAve cAptured my cubicle shotz and show it here - wAsted, but guezz it'z all fAte~

fAte ruLez...

my astRo gAng~!!!

my astRo gAng~!!!!!

thougH not in full strengtH, but here we aRe - the astRo gAng~!!!!!!

i truly love to hAng out with theze guyz and galz cuZ we are juZ so full of life when buncHed together~!! hahAaa....

amonG the 4 neoprintz we tooK, i like thiz the most (i cAll it the tonGue pic)...and thAnkz jerM for the scAnning and safe-keepinG~!! ^o^

kneW them siNce our junior college dAyz...througH our common interesT of Astronomy - will neveR forget the alcohol-filled stArgazing nightz at variouz dArkspotz in Singapore!! ;P

wAy to go and i look forwArd to our next reunioN - unpredictAbly wheN....but hopefully afteR jerM completez hiz currenT exAm we will think of some activity loH....maybe go flY kite? hahAa, think i will be the only flying a kite if i suggest thiz activitY...;P

best regArdz to all....

tuitioN dAyz~

woW.....spent the pazt 3 consecutiVe dayz doing intenze tuition for Chezter (my tuitioN kid) and also some seriouz recuperating from my flu!!

i sincerely prAy thAt he can clear all hiz subjectz with at leAst a pAss in everything~ ^O^

and for my flu.....feelz terrible, but thAnk God it'z after my examz. strAnge and luckily enough, i hAd a feverish flu juZ before exAmz, and right after exAmz - hahA...guezZ me kindA blezzed....*thAnk God*

also met up witH my astRo gAng over the weekeNd - a reunioN befoRe one of uz (ting tinG) leAves for her summeR joB in the US!! woW....soundz reAlly fun loH.....and the rest of uz will be stuck here in the forever sunnY islAnd of Singapore. anywAyz, we found our own kind of fun.....like how a buncH of 20+ can squeeZe into a Neoprint Machine, make lotzA lotzA noize, squAt and anticipate the print-ouT....and see who can snAtch it 1st and run off....oh mY God, that'z what we did at the arcAde of CCK mall (think it'z Lot 1?) after our Ajisen dinner.......will try to post our funnY picZ. ; )

howeveR, i am truly glAd that i gAined ting tinG'z forgiveness in thiz outing........cuZ of my stupid mouth, i offended her previouzly!! was so afrAid she will never forgive me.....but i apologized upfront and personal - and luckily she forgave me!! thAnkz ting tinG and astRo friendz foreveR~ ^O^

now....i aM juZ sitting in the bedoK mAcdonald'z waiting for my Sis, and we shall visit her new house in Seng Kang together! gonnA check out if the renovation iz carrying on as plAnned....;P

for the next few dAyz, gonnA recoveR totAlly....stAy healthY, pAck my houze....pluZ the tonnez of stuffz i recAlled from hoztel.....file all my billZ.....also, will try to plAn some bird wAtching trips next week. ^o^

eH? whAT about the treAt for Vic...? juZ read hiz journal....and i suppoze he'z concentrAting on his assignmentz....all thingZ can wait so, you go mAn!! juZ do your best and "ti konG" will do the resT~!!! ^O^

Friday, May 06, 2005

the blAnk look...

the blAnk look...

the aboVe showz my hoztel rooM - juz before i shifT out officiAlly..remindZ me of the vAn-full of stuffZ brought bAck home lAst night....woW, left them in the vAn cuZ theRe were juZ too mucH!!! hahAaa....

yuP, and i aM sitting heRe at my desK completing thiZ finAl bloG entry in thiz rooM.....woW, after i returN the keyz, i doubT fAte will bring me bAck to thiz rooM agAin....bcuZ the probabilitY iz juZ way too loW.........

returNed today juz to do soMe finAl cleAn up - swepT the flooR, wiPed the mirror of the pimpLe-induced stAinz.....guezZ thAt wrApz everything uP.

all righT - life goeZ on...^.^ ^o^ ^O^

DPO - postpoNed...

*sigH* + ~yAy..!!!~

tHe DPO jobbIe haz been posTponed agAin to commence on the 24th mAy...whicH meAnz i hAve a 2-weeK breAk~!! ^O^

beeN pondering on whetheR i shouLd scouT for a new joB or wAit for thiZ one. i bliVe the lAtter iz my choice~!! ^O^

and...fAte reAlly iz unpredictAbly fAntastic. cuZ my jobbIe iz posTponed, wheN i am recAlled to cAmp for a 1-dAy briefing in 3 dAyz' time, also i stArted to feel ill.....so i cAn resT and enjoy my reAl holidAy of slAcking and TV and everythinG nice~

all righT....gottA plAn aheAd whAt i wannA do.....i'Ve got my concession, so muZ be doing lotZa trAvelling.....gottA do biRdwatching too!! hmM.....pAck houze...do filinG.....reviZe...all right, gottA orgAnize my thoughtZ 1sT. ;P

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Data Processing Officer (DPO)

Signed the letter of Employment Acceptance yezterdAy....and confirMed i will be working as a DPO for the Singapore Department of Statistics, for the project of the mid-decAde General Household Survey~!!!!

woo-hooOOO~ will be working at citY hAll - cAn shoP everydAy!!!! hahAaa....so hAppy~

howeveR, work shAll commence cominG mondAy, insteAd of tomorroW...neverthelezZ, thAt meAnz i get to lurK around my hozteL for 2 more dAyz!!! hahAaa....thAt'z why got time to creAte multipLe blog entrieZ.....^O^

...and among the 9 tAskz i set myself to compleTe before joBbing.. only the following are lefT!!

  1. giVe victoR a b-dAy treAt!!
  2. shifT out of my hozteL....!!! i gonnA mizZ my rooM....

not suRe when victoR'z treAt will be but it'z in tiMe to come~ juZ where shAll we go...^O^

noW....gottA discipliNe myself to sAve all the phonenumberZ into my new phoNe....urgH, shAll do thAt during trAin ridez...^O^

fAye wonG - liVe! (in dVd!!!)

fAye - liVe!

me wAz so exciTed when i sighTed thiz in the Sembawang Music Store!!!! grAbbed it immediAtely and wAtched it bAck in hozteL!!!

recoRded wAz the HongKong concert....but i did atteNd the Singapore concert when she performed it heRe at Kallang Indoor Stadium - my ORd gift from WO Tay. ^O^

....i simplY love her surreAl voice....cAn dwelL within thAt foreveR....

the cd audio versioN'z also avAilable, but izn't the DVD visuAl version lotz better?? yeA!!!

fAye - my goddezZ.... ;)

sommersturM (Summer Storm)


thiZ iz the movie i plAnned to wAtch alone on tuezdAy!! (yezterdAy)

my 1st R21 movie... i didn'T wAnt to wAtch something v v v. sexuAl (porN), so i choZe thiz one, without explicit sexuAl sceneZ, but contAinz mature content - deAling with homophobia and identifying one'z sexuAl orientation.

it'Z about an 18-yeAr-old young lAd (Tobi) having thiz best friend (Achim), and eventuAlly fell in love with hiM...wondering whAt to do?! hahAa...aiyAa, but finAlly he overcAme his internal doubtz and identified himself az hAving tendencieZ towArdz the sAme gender, and living hAppily and honestly with thAt identity - also with Achim still being hiz best friend!

funnY and sAd at some portionz....wortH the $.

besideZ emphAsizing on identifying one'Z gender orientAtion, the movie also focuzed on the issue of homophobiA. there was 1 teAm nAmed "queer", which iz a gAy teAm in the competition, thuZ they were heAvily boycotted and kindA rejected by the otherz. *thought thiz kindA thing will only hAppen in orientAl countriez thougH...* and it remindZ me of my school pAl - adriAn!! he'z sucH a typicAl homophobiC.

personAlly, i am not gAy; and i aM not homophobiC, cuz i do not see the point in being homophobiC. Gayz choze to be gay bcuZ they simply like guyz i bliVe. I do not understAnd too but i bliVe it'z the feeling, the chemiztrY bAh...? aNd it'z fAted too....we are all the sAme - aliVe and kickinG~ hahAaa....we should loVe ourselVes and accepT whAt are giveN to us~

but for theM, i would advize theM to switcH - bcuZ i bliVe gender orientAtion iz a choice....mizled if not guided kindA thing....

thinK about hAving a tree which iz steriLe - mAy hAve nice flowerz but no fruitZ - permanentlY...theN whAt'z the point...thiZ iz juz a simpLe analogY. ponder upoN it for a whiLe and you will get my messAge. ^o^

neverthelezZ, greAt movie with likeAble theMe~ ^O^

hoZtel door identificAtion

hahAa...took thiZ pictuRe before i left for my morninG wAlk - a cArd plAced on eAch room'z dooR to identify the peopLe stAying inside.

theRe, me and my room mAte rizAl. ; )


mY morninG wAlk...

there'Z thiZ slope juZ around my hoztel....whicH i roAm down and uP az my morninG wAlk~

it'Z a regiMe whicH i trY to keeP up witH - for the fresH aiR and a littLe exerciZe. I would wAlk dowN the sloPe slowly....u-tuRn in the plAteau portioN and wAlk uphilL bAck to my rooM...the u-turN mArker iz a hoZereel 6683 (thinK thAt'z the nAme lah...).. you cAn checK out snApshotz i tooK during my recenT wAlk beloW~

the oNe thinG i love to spot during my wAlk is a pAir of Collared Kingfishers perchinG on a bAre tAll tree at the sAme spoT....arouNd 9+am dAily....^o^ theiR scientific nAme iz: Halcyon Chloris, which meAnz a peAceful seA....woW, their bLue coloR and neAt collAr surely attrActz me to pAuze my footstepz and enjoy theiR beAuty~ buT too bAd, my phoNe cAmera'z too weAk to snAp it into digitAl form. ;P

doWnhill vieW

turninG point...

uPhill vieW

Monday, May 02, 2005

mY hoZtel: # Hall 11, 54-01-1055

mY hoZtel...

mY hoZtel desK..!

tiMe reAlly fliez....it'Z been neArly a yeAr, and it'z tiMe to moVe out of my hoZtel!!

deAdline iz 7th mAy.....but gottA rush out by thiZ wednezday glAdly bcuz i gottA stArt work on thurZday!! no tiMe to returN hozteL key...^O^

guezZ i gonna mizz thiZ rooM reAl lotz.......:
  • spenT 2 exAm wArz here..
  • spenT 2 feveRish periodz heRe....
  • dwelled on cArtoonz and HK drAmaz here...

yeA... about theRe lAh - the more memorAble eventz...: )

hoPe my applicAtion for a hall spAce next semezter will be grAnted though - cAn't imAgine trAvelling to and fRo bedoK and boon lAy dAily! *sigH*

neverthelezZ, i bliVe in fAte. ^o^

mimi'Z emAncipAtion

mimi'Z emAncipAtion

yuP...!! boughT my k700i on sAturday...and of courZe "The Emancipation of Mimi"!!!

tooK thiz piC. with my new bAby...not perfectlY cleAr but acceptAble lAh...^o^

so hAppy...and tRue enougH, k700i iz wortH itz reputAtion...i am simplY fAscinAted by bluetootH right now!! the power of wiRelezz technologY - cooL!!! ^O^

az for mAriah (miMi), her vocAl tAlent hAz reAched the leveL wherebY she can juz crooN with any wordZ... i simplY love her voice, and i liKe her lyricZ cuz she pens theM bAsed on her personAl experiencez and thoughtz....hmM, thougH they cAn be nAughty at timeZ, theY are nAughtily attrActive..hahAaa....

bAck to enjoy her vocAlz all night lonG......