Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the singAporean locksmitH in bAltimore~

oh gosH~!! todAy....wheN i wAz rushinG to the lAb....i twisTed my dooR knoB and it felL off~!!!! LOL......

the knoB wAz on the mAin dooR...it felT looZe befoRe...and thiZ tiMe it finAlly felL off~!!!! luckilY the uppeR locK stilL functionZ perfectlY....i hAd no tiMe, so i juZ puT bAck the doorknoB cArefully whicH stilL sticKz onto the dooR....and rusHed off to the lAb.. so funnY~!!

mY mAin dooR knoB~!!

iN the lAb...i wAz lookinG for locksmithZ to cAll....buT the Kwik Key whicH i alwAyz pAtron to duplicAte keyZ iz on holidAy...theN qiN (mY lAndlord) sAid i couLd wAit untiL sundAy or somethinG.....she sAid locksmithZ overchArge here in bAltimore...

polinA did suggesT i cAll adAm to asK hiM whAt to do....welL...i thoughT of fixinG it myseLf befoRe outsourcinG.....

i am aloNe in chApel righT noW...siNce adAm moVed ouT...and the otheR houzemAte wenT to soMe cAmp...the neW houzemAte wilL arriVe onlY thiZ cominG sundAy = i reAlly felT aloNe~!!! so witH the one littLe tooL i hAve....i tried fixinG it...afteR lAbbing...i rusHed hoMe to trY.....and dA-duh! it worKed~!! ^O^

mY tinY screwdriveR~!!!

so hAppy...now don'T need to speNd a singLe cenT on the locksmitH...and don'T need to mAke new keyZ for everY tenAnt....

surprizinglY, i boughT the screwdriveR kindA foR fuN siNce it lookZ cuTe....it wAz froM the jHu bookshoP.......noW i guezZ everythinG iz boughT for a good reAzon. so....buY anythinG bAzed on youR instinctZ durinG retAil therApy!! ^O^

noW i knoW hoW to deAl witH lockZ....i shAll trY buyinG a neW dooR knoB witH good locK foR mY bAzement bAthroom...wahahAaa~


hAppy belAted chriztmAz~

oK....i mizZed blogginG abouT my chriztmAz in bAltimore~!!

actuAlly quiTe borinG......in singApore, chriztmAz and neW yeAr wilL be hAnging out witH geN beN fAmily whicH i so mizZ...............

buT heRe, welL....on chriztmAz eVe, i wenT shoppinG (retAil therApy) aloNe @ inneR hArbor (liKe orchArd roAd in singApore) and boughT liKe 7 topZ......LOL.....boughT stAtionery and a sonY rAdio alArm clocK toO~!! ^O^

on mY wAy bAck...i mizZed the 5pM shuttLe and hAd to wAit an houR in the coLd foR the finAl 6pM shuttLe (whicH mizZed me initiAlly and i hAd to sprinT for iT~!!).....durinG the coLd and lonelY one houR....i juZ roAmed arouNd the mounT vernoN areA and tooK coLd photoZ...:

the wAshington monumenT @ the mounT vernoN areA.....righT in fronT of the peAbody instituTe...

wAz tryinG to enteR peAbody to uze the bAthroom...buT duH?! eveN the mAin entrAnce wAz cloZed.........anywAyz, kudoZ to peAbody~

afteR thAt....hAd a chriztmAz gAthering witH felloW singAporeanz (liKe 10+ peopLe) arouNd the homewood cAmpuz areA....welL, the food wAz awesoMe and we wAtched "the holidAy" - cAmeron diAz iz uniQuely gorgeouZ~

theN on chriztmAz itseLf...i juZ stAyed hoMe aloNe.....webcAmed witH my zikziK...slowlY pAcked my neW biggeR mAzterbed rooM........and prAyed az welL~

and on boxinG dAy (26tH dec)...webcAmed witH my nice nice vincenT uncLe + hiZ fAmily (sAi goo + bAron + trinA)....hAd a fAntaztic chineZe meAl @ grAcegarden witH kihyucK, jiN, and kahsuaN...theN moRe shoppinG @ arundeL millZ....LOL.......boughT cAlvin kleiN jeAnz and an oAkley sweAter~ kahsuaN knocKed soMe senZe into me....so i sAved moneY on noT spendinG on the pAir of nice clArkz leAther shoeZ....thAnkz j.creW foR noT hAving siZe for my jeAnz...az welL az hAving lArge s-siZe sweAterz so i don'T hAve to buY it.... ;P

hAppy belAted chriztmAz~!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


i wAz checkinG mY cAll-lizT on mY mobiLe phoNe rAndomly....and i juZ reAlized thiZ:

i cAlled adAm @ 12:09pM on 28 dec 2008...,
and i receiVed a cAll froM adAm @ 12:09pM on 29 dec 2008~!!!

whAt a cuTe timelY coincideNce~!! hahAaa....

anywAyz, thereafteR, he senT me a pictuRe msG (in singApore it'z cAlled mmS)..whicH i spenT so mucH tiMe cAlling the cuztomeR serVice of t-mobiLe to seNd me the t-mobiLe interneT settingZ in ordeR to downloAd it.....:

izn'T the floridA beAch simplY beAutiful...? adAm wAz @ the beAch and he actuAlly mentioNed the crisP seAwater and the cleAr skY...witH littLe cloudZ floAting aboVe the seA....

i mizZ the seA - i uzed to siT on bedoK jettY aloNe alonG eAst coAst pArk (iN singApore)........and chAt witH the seA, who replieZ me witH the wAvez...and the seabreeZe...do i sound crAzy? yeA.... ;P

the seA anywheRe iz the sAme siNce the seAz are all connecTed - prettY mucH liKe the skiN of a humAn beinG....the skiN iz the lArgezt orgAn of a humAn, thuZ the seA iz liKe the skiN of motheR eArth? hmM......i thinK thiZ mAkez seNze. ;)

welL, floridA muz be greAt to be @....siNce bAltimore iz gettinG winterY......*jolA chuptA!! = very verY coLd (in koreAn)!!*

whAt a cuTe coincideNce~!! ^o^

Monday, December 22, 2008

the amAzing countrY houZe~!!!!

oh my gosH!!!! i juZ visiTed the moZ amAzing houZe in the countrY areA eveR~!!!!

dR. gAbrielson (mY supervisoR) inviTed me to a holidAy pArty @ heR houZe yeZterday...and i'M soooooO glAd i wAz abLe to go!!

it alL begAn with dR. polinA fetchinG me froM chApel.....theN alonG witH melissA....we droVe all the wAy to the countrY areA!!! the trAnsition from urbAn....to suburbAn....theN finAlly to countrY iz juZ so amAzing!!! ^O^

i aM so fAzcinated and i'M stilL fAzcinated!!!!! there'Z nothinG liKe thAt in singApore!!! her houZe iz positioNed wonderfullY in a peAceful spoT...she kepT a heRd of sheepZ az petz (yeA!!!)...and behiNd her houZe iz a creeK thAt'z so amAzing!!! the scenerY and everythinG iz juZ sooooOO wonderfuL - perfecT~!!!!

i cAn't dezcriBe welL witH wordZ...buT see foR yourseLf~!!! ^O^

the sheeP houZe~!!

aaaaH~!!!!! cuTe sheepZ~!!!!! they'Re collectivelY nAmed "girlZ"~ ;P

me pozinG witH one of the "girlZ"~!!!

fouNd a treehouZe beside the sheepZ and poZed witH polinA for fuN!! hahAaa....we weRe pretendinG to spoT somethinG aztonishinG fAr away froM the treehouZe!!

me bAlanced myseLf on a rocK in the middLe of the creeK..and tooK thiZ one! doezn'T thiZ seeM liKe a sceNe froM a fAntasy moVie?? ^O^

dR. Xu tooK thiZ one foR me......witH hiZ professionAl cAnon~!! i wAz pozinG witH a tRee brAnch....stAnding on a rocK in the middLe of the creeK~ ^O^

me reAching dowN to the icY coLd flowinG wAter of the creeK~!!! it wAz so coLd it felT liKe the wAter'z gonnA freeZe sooN!!

beAutiful sunseT cAught whiLe climbinG uP the steepY cliff returninG froM the creeK...

izn'T all theZe wonderfuL???? yeZ~!!!! kudoZ to motheR nAture~!!!!! ^O^

stilL amAzed bY a wonderfuL houZe....in nAture...^.^ ^o^ ^O^

bAck hoMe sAfely....finAlly...

thiZ shouLd be retrospectiVe to lAst lAst thurZ and fridAy (11 and 12 dec. 2008) - the depArture dAyz of adAm (mY nice nice floridA muziciAn houZemate) from chApel (wheRe i liVe)...

adAm asKed for me to helP hiM pAck up....so i spenT lotzA efforT pAcking witH hiM for a coupLe of dAyz............and he trulY hAz tonnezzZ of clothezzZ~!!!

anywAyz, on thurZ (11 dec. 2008)...i tooK verY eArly off froM my lAb to visiT the nAtional shriNe in DC witH hiM....siNce thAt'z hiZ finAl mAzz plAying there. i wenT theRe witH hiM oNce befoRe......welL, it iz trulY an artpiece whicH giveZ me peAce.....eveN thougH i'M not a cAtholic.

i juZ feeL so sAfe and nice in thAt shriNe....somehoW. ^o^

wAiting for the mAzz to begiN..., yeZ, i sAt in the mAzz thAt adAm plAyed the orgAn foR....

the beAutiful chApel the mAzz wAz heLd....thiZ oNe hAz a cuTe tinY orgAn.. ;)

i loVe thiZ portrAit on the ceilinG of the shriNe...whicH feAturez Jesus (or God or Lord) lookinG dowN @ you...i loVe to stAnd directlY underneAth, looK upwArdz into His sterN eyez and sAy "hi! plZ smiLe!!". ^O^

afteR the mAzz....we proceeded to ouR lAndlord'z (qiN) suburbAn houZe to hAve a fArewell dinneR........qiN'z reAlly a wonderfuL and optimiztic lAdy!! i love chAtting witH heR bcuZ she'Z fulL of lAughter...hahAaa....adAm remAined in chApel bcuZ of qiN'z nicenezZ....and so do i~! she'Z so funnY she sAid there'Z an invisibLe feNce arouNd her houZe wheN cinderellA (heR dog) folloWed adAm'z cAr onto the roAd wheN were leAving....alSo, she pAzzed on the appointmenT of "houZe manageR" froM adAm to me... ^O^

thereafteR, on our wAy bAck to chApel to contiNue pAcking...adAm kepT plAying some orgAn workZ on hiZ cd in hiZ hondA....and he kepT repeAting the orgAn workZ feAturing "it'Z a grAnd nighT foR singinG" - whicH he sAid iz froM a muzicAl....he explAined thAt the orgAn wAz uzed to plAy muZic durinG muzicAlz in the pAzt....*woW*

theN the funnY pArt comeZ wheN he tried singinG to the tuNe whiLe drivinG...hahAaa....."it'z....a...grAnd nighT for singinG.........fAlling, fAlling in loVe..." he doezn'T knoW the fulL lyricZ and juZ kepT fillinG in witH "theN a buncH of wordZ".......hahAaa.... he simplY mAkez me lAugh! ^O^

anywAyz i seArched out the lovelY sonG and here it iz:

"it'Z a grAnd nighT for singinG"...sAng by dicK hAymez in the muzicAl "stAte fAir".

anywAyz...the tiMe finAlly cAme, and the nexT dAy (fridAy, 12 dec. 2008)...i wAz delAyed foR lAb (luckilY dR. polinA iz verY understAnding!!!) cuZ i wAz seriouzlY helpinG adAm finAlize the pAcking of all hiZ stuffzzZz......and theN he treAted me luncH @ "tAzte of chinA" - hiZ fAvorite chineZe food plAce arouNd chApel...

"hoT and spicY chickeN" az usuAl...beef foR hiM. ;)

eventuAlly...18hrz of southwArdz drivinG froM mAryland broughT adAm sAfely bAck to floridA~!!!!! pheW~! ^O^

...i'M remiNded of a chineZe sAying - "天下无不散之宴席"...whicH meAnz alL gAtheringz hAve to coMe to an eNd....juZ liKe friendZ gettinG togetheR, and separAting....juZ liKe me sepArating froM alL my fAmily and friendZ in singApore..........it'Z all so logicAl. ;)

alL the bestesT foR adAm...and coN amoRe~

Sunday, December 21, 2008

trY sAying nO.....!!

jiM....sufferinG the resulT of sAying "no" to the yeS mAn~!!

oK, kihyucK senT me the aboVe pictuRe....and it'Z juZ so funnY! it'Z tAken froM the seminAr sceNe durinG the "yeS mAn" moVie..and it feAturez jiM beinG condemNed and psycho-ed to sAy "yeZ"!!!

initiAlly he sAid "no".....theN he suffeRed dizcriminAtion froM everyoNe arouNd hiM, and he wAz eveN slAmmed onto the chAirz..gosH.

in a wAy....the condemnAtion iz liKe hoW chriztiAnz kindA pitY all non-chriztiAnz...i uze the woRd "pitY" bcuZ they bliVe thAt all non-chriztiAnz are not gonnA be quAlified to enteR heAven, and i bliVe all chriztiAnz are pAssionate humAnz.

theN...the slAmming onto the chAirz...iz liKe beinG throwN into helL....hahAaa....if you don'T bliVe and you dizagRee witH the dogmA theN you shAll be dumPed into helL~!!

do i mAke seNze? welL, i wouLd sAy i mAke perfecT seNze.

to helL i go...(in the chriztiAn contexT)
and i'lL keeP sAying "no!!!!!!"...

yes yes yeS~!!!!!

oK, a wArning iz thAt i'M gonnA sAy blAtant but logicAl and evidentiAl wordZ abouT chriztiAnity in thiZ entrY - if you cAn't tolerAte me, theN don't reAd. thAnkz! ;)


woW! tonight'Z a cooL nighT~!!!!! cAught my 1sT eveR moVie in the stAtez - yeS mAn~!

zooeY and jiM - froM googLe imAge.

thiZ filM iz so funnY and greAt....i thinK everyoNe shouLd wAtch it! hahAaa.....izn't zooeY simplY prettY? ;)

througH thiZ, i reAlized one moRe biG differeNce betweeN singApore and the stAtez - it'Z fRee seAting in the cinemA~!!!!! seriouzlY!!! i wAz reAlly surpriZed.....welL, i'M stilL surpriZed! ^O^

anywAyz, bAck to the moVie.....it'Z abt thiZ dejecTed guY who sAyz no to everY invitAtion...and theN agReed to pArticipate in thiZ "sAy yeZ to everythinG" brAinwashing progrAm.....and begAn to liVe hiZ LIFE....seriouZly, he sAid yeZ to everythinG - includinG receivinG orAl seX froM hiZ old and wrinkLed oLd femAle neighbouR....i wAz liKe - duH?!

BUT, sAying yeZ to everythinG blindlY led hiM to fiNd hiZ loVely girL. ; )

oK, so fAr, cAtch theZe 2 woRdz - "brAinwashing" + "blindlY".

nexT, there wAz thiZ sceNe showinG the "sAy yeZ to everythinG" brAinwashing seminAr....wheRe everyoNe rAized their hAndz and shouTed "yes yes yeS"....blAh......theY alL hAve a commoN mentAlity - blindlY sAy yeZ to anythinG and everythinG. and if you eveR sAy "no"........you wilL be condeMned by everyoNe and somehoW alL the bAd thingZ wilL hAppen to you!!!!! so scAry!!!!!!

ok, thiZ pArticular seminAr sceNe reminded me of the sceNe of a zeAlouz chriztiAn mAzz sessioN i hAppened to atteNd...........wheRe everyoNe (ok, thinK excepT me) rAized theiR hAndz and blAbbered wordZ i do not understAnd (cuZ not englisH, seriouzlY, they were blAbbering!)....believinG theY cAn communicAte to theiR almightY God.

thAt scene surpriZed + aztonisHed me......i understAnd the psychologicAl logic to whY theY did thAt (and probAbly stilL doinG it, and eveN tryinG hArd to psychO peopLe arouNd theM to do the sAme)...buT welL, theY blindlY belieVe whAtever they belieVe thAt God toLd theM so. blindlY iz trulY the apt-tesT woRd.

welL, i cAn neveR fiNd the scieNtific logic for chriztiAnity. scieNtifically, i aM 100% right to stAte thAt chriztiAnity iz illogicAl and impossibLe. woW, ok......chriztiAnz are gonnA throW stoneZ @ me.....ok, i'lL definitelY go to helL in the chriztiAn contexT....if thAt'z reAlly the cAze, i'M willinG to go to helL bcuZ i cAn neveR accepT scieNtific illogicAlity. hAppy? ; )

plZ do not hAve the ideA thAt i do noT bliVe iN God'z existeNce. i'M not an athiesT, i'M a Buddhizt. and in mY bAsic leveL of Buddhism knowledGe.....Gods of ALL religionZ do exisT....yeZ, includinG the chriztiAn God. so i do bliVe thAt God existZ, but i bliVe thAt the chriztiAn God iz not almightY. He'z simply a verY kiNd sentieNt beinG...borN in the heAvenly reAlm......i'M suRe i did noT mizunderstAnd the simpLe Buddhism conversAtionz witH the Sangha (renounced humans) back in Singapore. therefoRe, wheN i asK direcT doubtfuL questionZ liKe "doeZ God exizT?"....i meAnt an almightY God - whicH to me, the answeR iz "no".

woW, i'M brAve to tyPe ouT the aboVe wordZ.....yeA?

oNe moRe simpLe logicAl Buddhism knowledGe i leArnt froM attendinG Buddhism talkZ...whicH wilL totAlly refuTe chriztiAnity:

"beNd the fAith to fit the fActz, buT do noT beNd the fActz to fiT the fAith"

buT stilL, i alSo leArnt to shoW rezpecT to alL religionZ...whicH i hoPe to and i trY to.......hmM..............

and....i'M noT tryinG to promoTe Buddhism, or sAy Buddhism iz betteR thAn any otheR religioN.....duH?! Buddhism doezn't need promotion at all....noR doeZ it need to be compAred to anythinG elZe.....it simply hopeZ for peopLe to reAlize the logiC it hAz, to whicH i agRee...to the littLe bitZ whicH i knoW of for noW.

anywAyz, bAck to the moVie....the endinG iz thAt you shouLd onlY sAy "yeZ!!" to thingZ you reAlly desiRe.....and NOT sAy yeZ blindlY.....and i bliVe the hiddeN messAge behiNd all theZe iz to teAch anyoNe to noT bliVe blindlY - eveN in illogicAlity.

mAy all be welL and hAppy... _/\_

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

cAn you see mY specZ..?

me...wonderinG wheRe my specZ are...?

the aboVe iz me~!!! durinG lunchtiMe in lAb....

i'M weAring specZ in the phoTo....cAn you see mY specZ? cAn you...can you? hahAaa....

of courZe not!! bcuZ mY specZ becAme trAnzparent!!! ;P

so lAme...... ;P

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

trAnzparent specZ~!

the usA iz reAlly differenT froM singApore in mAny unimAginable wAyz.....whicH i wilL reAlize bit by biT witH tiMe....

i remembeR bAck in singApore, i cAn purchAze contAct lenZ over the counteR viA a quAlified opticiAn @ anY opticAl shoP...so i assuMe i couLd do the sAme in usA, buT no.... hahAaa...

i thoughT adAm wAz jokinG wheN he toLd me i needed a speciAlist'z prezcriptioN for contAct lenZ...buT it'Z tRue!!

so i wenT on to mAke an appointmenT whicH i hAd to wAit a montH foR.......and lAst fridAy i finAlly obtAined my triAl pAir froM my speciAlist:

pheW~!! finAlly~~~ *clApzzZ*

so mY optometrisT iz dR. goldmAn, and he'Z quiTe a fuN doctoR...hahAaa...verY nice personAlity, and he'Z very worried siNce i hAven't worN contActz for abt 3 yrz? or wAz it 1.5 yrz? so i plAyed a joKe on hiM.......afteR he gentlY puT on my contActz for me, he asKed me to reAd the "alphAbet screeN"...

dR. goldmAn --> "coveR youR lefT eye...whAt cAn you see?", while documentinG dowN my recordZ...
illZ --> "nothinG......" witH a perpleXed toNe..
dR. goldmAn --> looKed up @ me immediAtely froM hiZ recoRd cArd...

i remembeR hoW hiZ shocKed expressioN crAcked into relAxed lAughterz afteR i toLd hiM i wAz juZ jokinG....hahAaa....so he sAid i'M a funnY guY~ the situAtion wAz hilAriouz...;P

anywAyz...i wAnted to weAr contActz cuZ adAm specificAlly sAid i wilL looK lotZ betteR withouT specZ, theN i remembeR alikiA sAid i looK betteR withouT specZ befoRe too..............

and yezterdAy i wore contActz the whoLe dAy.., and dR. polinA sAid i reAlly looK betteR withouT specZ too!! ^O^

wahahAaahaa....okokAi, so mY decisioN to hAve soMe fuN witH contAct lenZ iz definitelY righT~!!!!

cAn't wAit to meeT witH dR. goldmAn to compleTe my refrAction tesT on 9 jAn 2009!!

mY specZ becAme trAnzparent....*clApzzZ*

P.S.: the direcT trAnzlation of contAct lenZ froM chineZe iz "trAnzparent specZ"...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

heAvenly airplAne...

referrinG to the Joan Osbourne song i applAuded about in my previouZ posT.....there'Z thiZ missinG verZe in the beginninG....i hAve it in mY mp3...and one of the lineZ iz very intriguinG....it sAyz:

"foR lord'Z gonnA coMe iN hiZ heAvenly airplAne..."

oh Lord....wheN are you arrivinG..? do you eveN need a plAne?

we shAll see eventuAlly if there'Z a Lord...


(What if God Was) One Of Us - Joan Osbourne

This song resounded in my mind while I was viewing some American stand-up comedy with Adam....it was about the Pope. I can never understand American stand-up comedy due to puns and etc, and Adam simply says "you will never understand....because English is not your first language". Duh, English is my first language, just that American English is not my first language. I hope to know another American who will bother to even explain. I am sure I am able to understand with prudent explanations....given my level of English.

Back to the song, the lyrics to this song makes perfect sense to me - simply perfect. Just go through it~!!!

Sigh, conversations about Christianity almost always end negatively and uglily, because the other party (the Christian) will always get angry saying I am criticising their religion. Well, in a way I could be, but it is Christianly logical to state that it is ok to chill after committing any sin, because you can just confess and get a fresh start again, and again, and again....and you get endless forgiving chances. Logical? If it is true, why not just embrace and say "Yes, it is true" with an approving smile? Maybe the way I present the fact is too blunt and crude, which is the way some facts are....

Also, I think the American culture is too OPEN-MINDED for me to accept, especially on having physical relationships. It is illogical and immoral. I can never parallel my perspectives with that.

However, what is logical to me may not be logical to the others. Duh?

And....lastly, this is the most logical statement: 己所不欲,吾施于人。 Which means what you do not wish to have for yourself, you should choose not to give it to others. And no one can logically tell me that is illogical, not even God, if God exists.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

sleepinG in the dArk...

theZe pAst dAyz hAve been weiRd, cuZ i choZe to sleeP in the dArk - pitcH dArknezz.

i alwAyz need a nightlighT to sleeP.....cuZ the dArknezz scArez and depresseS me. buT i switcHed it off theZe pAst dAyz.

and i noT onlY sleeP....i sleeP ALOT....liKe >12hrz a dAy...

adAm noticed and he asKed me whY...hmM, i don'T knoW and i wisH to knoW.

the dAy usuAlly beginZ with lessonZ in the morninG, theN lAbwork.....and usuAlly i reAch hoMe arouNd the eveninG @ 6+pm or 7+pm, or eveN 8+pm if buzY...

yeZterday, after groceryinG *retAil therApy*, i reAched hoMe @ 7+pm, stuffed thingZ into the fridGe, hAd a smAll hoHo'z swisS rolL az dinneR *yeA, no appetiTe!!*....showeRed...theN i slepT in the dArk...froM 8+pm all the wAyz tiL thiZ morninG ~8am...

mY dinneR~! cAn't bliVe i aTe onlY oNe...

tonneZ of worK to do, but gottA sleeP to recoveR froM a tiRed miNd...and an unwelL bodY....sleepinG removeZ the feverisH feelinG...

mAybe i shouLd reAlly invesT in a good humidifieR....which iz advice froM liKe all my clAzzmatez afteR i asKed "so whAt'z uP if there'Z blood in my mucuS (nasAl) and it'Z beeN >1 week?"..... >.<


p.S.: i pAzzed the horrific moleculAr biologY and genomicZ exAm~!! kihyucK and kahsuaN pAzzed too!! *clApz*

gendeR crisiS

surpriZed to know about genderanAlyzer.com....whicH cAn anAlyze whetheR a mAle or femAle wroTe a pArticular bloG...

here'Z my analysiS:

78% mAlely,

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

unhAppy night skY...

juZ befoRe we wenT hoMe froM lAb juZ now....dR. kAthy suddenlY toLd me and dR. polinA about thiZ rAre vieW in the skY - the mooN, venuS, and jupiteR forminG an equilAteral triAngle in the night skY~!!!!

we weRe liKe.... *woW* so, we hurried to a dArk meeting rooM, and looKed out the full lengtH windoW....and here iz the interestinG conformAtion:

a zooMed in vieW....

a zooMed out vieW witH buildingZ to shoW some frAmework...az suggesTed by dR. kAthy~!!

so nice isn'T it? if you rotAte the orientAtion....you will see thAt the crescenT mooN iz actuAlly the sAd droopinG lipZ of a deprezZed fAce....witH jupiteR and venuS mAking up the tinY brighT eyeZ....sigH~!!!

abiT of aztronomY...siNce i wAz froM the aztronomY cLub bAck wheN i wAz...17-18? venuZ appeArz to be the brightesT plAnet in our solAr syzteM...yeA, thAt'z all i knoW. hahAahahaaa....i forgoT lotzzZ of aztronomY thingieZ...

anywAyz, thiZ evenT iz terMed plAnetary conjuctioN, where plAnetz in the solAr syzteM coMe cloZe to one anotheR in the skY....you cAn reAd more heRe.

okAi....thereafteR, dR. kAthy droVe me hoMe...togetheR witH the huGe tV she kindlY gAve to me!! noW mY houZe hAz a lArger tV for me to wAtch sponGebob~!!!! *clApzzZ*

hAppy dAy with an unhAppy night skY...

rAinbow in the skY~

it'Z a surpriZe for me to see a rAinbow....after soooo loooooooooonG~!!!!

unsuRe...how lonG siNce i'Ve seeN a rAinbow...shouLd be @ leAzt 2.5 yeArz? a genuiNe rAinbow should be seeN wheN i wAz livinG in hAll 2 bAck in yeAr 2 of my undergrAduate dAyz.... *woW*

i remembeR thAt i wAnted to tAke photoZ of anY rAinbow i see in mY life...and here iz the 1sT one i sAw in bAltimore:

a wonderfuL vieW froM my lAb desK...

zoominG into the rAinbow~~~

rAinbows are rAre and beAutiful....and somehoW mAgically myzteriouZ too!

i cAn't explAin whY....but seeinG a rAinbow amongsT the cloudZ simplY mAkez me smiLe witH joY.....