Sunday, January 30, 2011

up uP UP ♥

sAw thiZ vid on sarAh'z gchAt stAtuz....and she sAid morAssa shoWed her some tiMe ago.....:

"UPular Remix" - bY DisneyPixar

UP! iz a moVie thAt i reAlly loVe to wAtch.......rewAtched it witH baobAo-chAn and yorKe recentlY....the hotpoT nighT wheN yorKe tAught me how to perforM zestinG on orAngez~!!!

"Queen" waz the one who toLd me abouT it in the 1sT plAce....siNce we botH loVe beAuty and the beAst....and she sAid UP! iz on pAr witH beAuty and the beAst~!!! thAt urGed to to arrAnge to wAtch UP! witH bellA bAck theN....... ;)

hmM, beAuty and the beAst winZ. hahAaa~

up uP UP ♥

Friday, January 28, 2011

~mY emergencY miLo bAr~

imporTed the aboVe miLo chocolAte bAr froM singApore bcuZ i wAz inspiRed bY Ph.D. comicZ.....:

argH - thinK i gAve one to rr-C.....welL, i beT hiZ iz alreAdy goNe by now? hecK iT~!!!


hoT miLo on a coLd snoWie winteR dAy in u.s.A. = ♥

combiNed 2 pAcketz into one muG - my lovelY seLf stirrinG muG froM baobAo-chAn~~~ LOL we boughT one for eAch otheR for xmAz siNce we didn'T wAnt to speNd on ourselveZ...the net expenditure iz the sAme~ ;P

cAn't bliVe miLo iz not embrAced in u.s.A...sucH a fAntaztic drinK~!!!!!


houzekeyZ...and i'M not @ hoMe.

juZ reAlized i alwAyz had my singAporean houzekeyZ (aboVe) in my bAg.....whicH i cArry to lAb everydAy...

it'z kindA funnY to be holdinG and feelinG objectZ froM hoMe...esp. my houzekeyZ...bcuZ i hAve theM witH me, buT i cAn't opeN any dooR in u.s.A. witH theM.

suddenlY thinkinG of my primAry hoMe in my secondAry hoMe - yeA~

"hoMe" bY kiT chAn @ N.D.P. 2010

sigH and LOL~ whY iz the biomedicAl reseArch fieLd so dAmn lilliputiAn + congested + unfRee + monopoliZed bAck hoMe?! it'Z all $$$$ in the eNd...and it wilL neveR chAnge...


lAdy scieNce

i bliVe there're lotzA lAdy gagA parodieZ out theRe.....but thiZ one iz seriouzlY whAt we scieNce grAd studentZ cAn relAte to:

"bloT bloT westerN bAby got no bAndz thiZ shiT iz crAzy~!!!"

and WOW - thiz hit more thAn one millioN viewz in ~8dAyz~!!!!!!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011


suddenlY thinkinG of someoNe who sAng thiz sonG for me...whiLe kindA dAncing arouNd anyhowlY witH a lotuZ floweR mAde of cellophAne pAper~ ; )

a 16-yr-old sonG (fAye'z versioN) abouT a lotuZ floweR thAt blossoMed amongzT the snoW:

"a blossoMed lotuZ amongzT the snoW" - bY fAye wonG





Tuesday, January 25, 2011


3-drinK ruLe = 1 beeR + 2 mArtiniz~ yAy~!!!! ♥

Friday, January 21, 2011

the loveliezT koalA huG...

thAnkz to renatA for shAring the photolinK on heR gchAt stAtus:


unfossilizAble snoW......w.h.Y?

the nightskY iz pourinG unfossilizAble snoW right noW.


accordinG to see-whY'z protocoL, i'Ve been tryinG to fossiliZe snowflAkez...

afteR wAiting a'Z finAlly snowinG, buT it'z not coLd enougH for the snowflAkez to remAin intAct.

outside my lAb windoW - the fAlling snow iz liT into speckZ of orAngie dusT descendinG beneAth the wilmeR cArpark lAmp...eventuAlly merginG witH the otheR heAvenly teArz to dAmpen the asphAlt grouNd...


some snowflAkes resided on the tree brAnches of thiZ bAre tree stripPed nAked by the winterY coLd.

theze snowflAkez hAve trAnsfigured into brighT orAngie hAnging dropZ of unfossilizAble teArz...:

finAlly re-reAlized thAt some intAngible thingZ are juZ unmeAnt to be fossiliZed. ;)


g.A.g.t.t.o. e.l.e.c.t.o.O?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

blezzed by God............of Baileys~ ♥

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

sayAng = "say" as in say something that say; "ang" as in angry that ang~


Monday, January 17, 2011

Duck Fat Fries?????? DELICIOUZ~!!!!!!!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

finAlly retrieVed my koreAn pyjamAz~!!! ♥

Friday, January 14, 2011

6%~!!!! ;P

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wall.E-ed = finAlly~!!!!!! ♥

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


suddenlY recAlled soMe clAssicz bY vAlen hSu....and thiZ iz one of theM:

"独角戏" bY 许茹芸。

who iz directinG thiZ shoW of mine?
i'M the lonelY soLe chAracter...
i'M alwAyz soliloquizinG...
my protAgonists are my memorieZ...
i cAn't deduce any endinG...

it hAz beeN you froM the stArt tiL the eNd..
you who mezmeriZed me completelY.
if thiz storY iz deztiNed to be a trAgedy...
theN whY direcT me througH the prettY unioN and separAtion..?

on a stArlezz nighT...
i attrAct you witH the lighT reflecTed froM my teArz...
siNce lovinG you iz meAnt to be unspeAkable and i cAn onlY crY whiLe i smiLe, juZ let me deleTe you from my memorY froM now onwArdz....

on a stArlezz nighT...
i'M leAving you witH our memorieZ...
if everythinG iz juz a pretentiouZ acT...theN plZ enjoY the shoW whiLe i willinglY breAk my heArt...


Monday, January 10, 2011

loVe potioN numbeR 9~ ♥

wenT for journAl cluB and recAlled thiZ sonG throughouT the GBM pAper:

"loVe potioN numbeR 9" bY the seArcherz

爱情药水第九号~ ♥


so...durinG my weeklY webcAm sessioN witH my fAmily, pakpAk toLd me thAt ALOT of fisH died and were wAshed up the shoreZ of mAryland....

az someoNe who doezn'T reAd any newZ (yeA pAul dAddy hAz adviZed me to begiN witH reAding B Daily)...i quicklY googLed and reAlized ZOMG - not onlY fishes....buT a buncH of differenT animAlz died in mAny different countrieZ:

tAken froM:

noTe thAt the Asian countriez seem to be cleAr of sucH weird phenomenonZ? or mAybe they'Re juz not reporTed.........yeT.

anticipAting lAb resultZ of the specimenZ collecTed........and wonderinG if the geologistZ and zoologistZ wilL solVe thiZ puzzLe?


Sunday, January 09, 2011

萤火虫 路西飞泪死~!!! hahAaa~

Thursday, January 06, 2011



Note to the Anonymous.


You are a horrible human based on how vulgar you are with words - I quoted degrading sentences from your recent hurtful comments.

Whether you are one person, or a group of people, you have a choice to not visit my blog.

If you don't respect me at all, then why continue to read and comment? I don't even know how you chanced upon my blog. And if I was the one who gave you my blog address and asked you to visit my blog, I am very disappointed in you, because I only invite people who are close to me.

However, the blogosphere is where freedom is embraced - freedom of speech (via text) and freedom to read.

Here, it's up to me to write what I want and present whatever I want = whichever side of me I wish to present.

I respect your choice to disrespect me, but I do not respect your misunderstood thoughts about me and your vulgar comments thrown at me.

The only sentence from your recent comments that is worth reading is: "There are actually an infinite number of sides to a coin, the front and back side plus the infinite number of points along the edge of the coin." This is an interesting point of view, but I just hoped it wasn't amongst the rest of your grotesque profanities.

I hope I don't know you in real life, and I hope you will become truly mature and civilized with time.

All the best,

Quoting the Anonymous.

"From reading your posts I have gathered you to be a late 20's boy with rather raw and under-developed emotions. Immature in the sense your writings reflect that of a 9 year old child."

"you try so so hard to be unique and play the "no one understands me" emo bullshit"

"you fucking skip like a girl, wear retarded clothing and act like you are a virginal 7 year old boy"

"you are so unIquELy orIginaL that you have become a cartoon and cliched version of yourself"

"Just another faggy virgin asian boy who has to resort to be a homo because no girl in her right mind would fuck you"

"your stupid trying to be overly philosophical crap is retarded as shit"

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

grid unlocKed~!!!!!

zomG i cleAred ALL 40 levelzzZ~!!!! ;P

leveL 41 of gridlocK iz a blAnk grid:

actuAlly, i cAme acrozZ thiz gAme on see-why'Z bloG....i liKe how she writez abouT her everydAy feelingZ about life...and she dezcriBed gridlocK az a stAte of her mind - beinG trApped and not beinG abLe to moVe forwArd...

i totAlly agRee witH thAt metAphor...cuz sometimeZ, i also feeL trApped in life - wondeR whY (or mAybe no wonderinG iz needed)...and don'T knoW hoW to moVe on (or mAybe i knoW hoW)........

solvinG the gridz were amAzing bcuz it signifieZ movinG forwArd in life....and wAnting to moVe on iz the fundAmental motivAtion to solVe all 40 gridzzZ~!!

ironicAlly, one of the wAyz to moVe on witH oppozed to clickinG and drAgging the mouZe in the gridlocK gAme.........iz to leT go:

"流沙" bY joeY~

lettinG go of whAtever iz a lifeskilL thAt needz to be hoNed in ordeR to surviVe.

lettinG go of all kindz of emotionZ...all variationZ of feelingZ...moneY...itemZ thAt were losT or worN out...thingZ (peopLe) thAt (who) are juz not fAted or meAnt to be yourz...


howeveR, witH gridlocK...i juZ cAnnot let go of not beinG abLe to solVe any of the gridzzZ LOL~

hmM, if you'Re reAding thiZ entrY.....go solVe the 40 gridzzZ~!!! bcuZ if i cAn solVe theM, you cAn too~!!!

unlocKed buT stilL trApped...

p.S.: here iz the linK to gridlocK.

grid locK - leveL 27 ... >.< ...

grid locK - leveL 27

plAy it here:

cAme acrozZ thiZ gAme on see-whY'z bloG....and argH whY am i stucK on thiZ grid.....

thiZ hAz to be an Apple App....shAll scouR it ouT~!!! ; )

27 yoZ~!!!

p.S.: it'Z 12+am...juZ setup 100s of PCRs and i'M stilL stucK @ leveL 27~!!! >.< ...

Sunday, January 02, 2011



don'T grAnt me hAppinezz + sAtizfAction and theN torturouZ pAin...
i don'T wisH to crY anymoRe...
how do i defiNe loVe???

don'T grAnt me lonelinezZ + helplessnezZ and theN consolAtion...
you don'T understAnd me...
and thAt sAddenz me the moZ...


thougH you toLd me you'lL mizz me foreveR...
i knoW our loVe hAz died.
you returNed me my freedoM...
buT i'M too exhAusted to ezcApe...
simplY recAlling you in everY secoNd of my memorY...

i wisH for the antidoTe of lovesicknezZ...
overwhelMed by intolerAble memorieZ of loVe...
you imprisoNed me in your lovejAil for life...
lonelinezZ iz my bAck numbeR...
i wAtched my heArt beinG loveburnT on a dArk nighT...

you gAve me a jAil of loVe...
witH my hAndz cuffed bY hoW mucH i mizZ you...
i wAil...and i lAugh in decAdence...
doeZ anyone heAr me from beyoNd my innerworLd..?

i kneW thAt loVe iz a jAil righT froM the stArt...
buT i uncontrollAbly jumPed into the prisoN of loVe...
the lonesoMe wind blowzzZ...
the solitAry islAnd of punctuAlity...
my heArt'z hibernAting in the snoW...
and tomorroW iz simplY a questioN mArk...

hAckened 2011-ly...

hAppy neW 2011 to alL in u.s.A.~!!!!! ( ;