Tuesday, January 04, 2011

grid unlocKed~!!!!!

zomG i cleAred ALL 40 levelzzZ~!!!! ;P

leveL 41 of gridlocK iz a blAnk grid:

actuAlly, i cAme acrozZ thiz gAme on see-why'Z bloG....i liKe how she writez abouT her everydAy feelingZ about life...and she dezcriBed gridlocK az a stAte of her mind - beinG trApped and not beinG abLe to moVe forwArd...

i totAlly agRee witH thAt metAphor...cuz sometimeZ, i also feeL trApped in life - wondeR whY (or mAybe no wonderinG iz needed)...and don'T knoW hoW to moVe on (or mAybe i knoW hoW)........

solvinG the gridz were amAzing bcuz it signifieZ movinG forwArd in life....and wAnting to moVe on iz the fundAmental motivAtion to solVe all 40 gridzzZ~!!

ironicAlly, one of the wAyz to moVe on witH life....as oppozed to clickinG and drAgging the mouZe in the gridlocK gAme.........iz to leT go:

"流沙" bY joeY~

lettinG go of whAtever iz a lifeskilL thAt needz to be hoNed in ordeR to surviVe.

lettinG go of all kindz of emotionZ...all variationZ of feelingZ...moneY...itemZ thAt were losT or worN out...thingZ (peopLe) thAt (who) are juz not fAted or meAnt to be yourz...


howeveR, witH gridlocK...i juZ cAnnot let go of not beinG abLe to solVe any of the gridzzZ LOL~

hmM, if you'Re reAding thiZ entrY.....go solVe the 40 gridzzZ~!!! bcuZ if i cAn solVe theM, you cAn too~!!!

unlocKed buT stilL trApped...

p.S.: here iz the linK to gridlocK.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once you have surpassed the gridlock ... then what??? Then there is nothing left. Maybe the best condition is gridlock. How's that for a depressing philosophy?

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once you have surpassed the gridlock ... then what??? Then there is nothing left. Maybe the best condition is gridlock. How's that for a depressing philosophy?

9:06 AM  
Blogger illZ wonG said...

Wow - I think you need some Lexapro.

In this entry, I was emphasizing optimism...but I like how you reversed it into a depressing philosophy.

It depends - some people enjoy being trapped in a gridlock, and they are happy being confined and restricted = the ultra religious people who follow every single rule in their religion.

Some people wanna break free and move on = people who are happy only when they have freedom.

To me, surpassing the gridlocks signifies attaining freedom...which will make me happy = I belong to the latter kind of person who embraces freedom.

Hey Anonymous, yes you, chill. If you read my reply, which kind of person are you?

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just trying to get a reaction out of you. Many of your postings seem heavy on negativity and I was curious as to how you would react. Just teasing.

1:22 PM  
Blogger illZ wonG said...

Teasing....hmm, I reckon anyone would think so much on teasing a random blogger.

Your initial reaction seems to suggest that you yourself are stuck in your gridlock...and though you really want to be free, you're consoling/self-deceiving yourself to accept the fact that you're happy in your grid.

Oh...and you didn't answer me...if you're just teasing, then you should clearly know which kind of person you are - the kind who opts to be trapped and enjoys being trapped, or the kind who wants freedom?

Thanks for teasing~!

*virtual handshake... ;)

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are all neither black nor white ...neither one nor the other, but rather an amalgom of opposites. Don't be so quick to classify or judge.

3:09 PM  
Blogger illZ wonG said...

Hihi Anonymous.....yea I agree bcuz any coin alwayz haz 2 sides.....and yea, we're all grey coins...

Though we're innately both black and white, it's our own choice to flip our coin to whichever side we want.

If one side is happy, the other would be sad. I'm trying to flip mine to the happy side...or at least always present my happy side to others in person. However, in my blog...I tend to blog with my negativity...maybe it's easier to express sadness with wordz for me.

If one is lucky...the coin can be standing on its edge all the time = well balanced.

If you think you've no control over which side of the coin you want to be flipped to, then...gain control bcuz it is your coin.

I'm fishing on how you feel about me judging you...your reaction is interesting. Well, but right now, I feel that you're mostly what I described...based on intuition - mostly confined, but yearning freedom deep within.

4:02 PM  
Blogger illZ wonG said...

To Anonymous:

Your latest reply made me smile - it has passed the limit of me making it public. Your queries will remain unanswered, because they are simply none of your concern.

You judged me ruthlessly, though truthfully...and misread me only partially.

Here, you're a stranger to me and you don't understand me. Hmm, just remember that there are always 2 sides to any coin.


10:21 PM  

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