Wednesday, August 29, 2007

bYe keNo, i'M hAppy witH jAck now~!!!

i cAn't bliVe googLe hAz NIL information on mY greAt hAirstylist...i'M gonnA tyPe it dowN hopinG googLe cAn cAtch it somehoW sooN...:

Hair 88
Unisex Saloon

Jack Loh
Blk 539
Bedok North Street 3
Singapore 460539

hahAa the titLe of thiZ entrY soundz liKe i'Ve juZ switcHed boyfriendz or somethinG... ;P

but anywAyz, i switcHed hAirdresser!!!! yAy!!!!

no moRe keNo for me....he kepT askinG me to keep loooooooonG hAir and etc. whicH i personAlly think mAkez me looK old and messY and all thingZ bAd!! buT anywAy...the bAd hAir dAyz are OVER!!!!!!! keNo somehoW disAppeared and he'z out of my life foreveR! hahAaaa... *clApzzz*

jAck'z a gentle guY who actually waZ my hAirdresser bAck in my secondAry school dAyz i thinK....theN along the wAy, i switcHed to my mum'Z hAirdresser, May (who gAve me lopsided uneveN L and R lockZ..), wenT armY...theN proceeded witH thiZ heleN hAirdresser neAr bedoK interchAnge...theN switcHed to Alan from keNo'z sAlon....theN to keNo himself......and finAlly hAppily bAck witH jAck once agAin!!!

hahAa...he'z a reAl nice and friendlY persoN, all theze yeArz...dezpite me not going to hiM...he still smileZ @ me when i wAlk past hiZ salooN...cuZ hiZ sAloon iz reAlly neAr my i ofteN wAlk pass hiZ sAloon...

i reAlly wAnted to get rid of mY long wAvy and messY hAir (all thAnkz to keNo), and todAy....during the geneticZ lecture, i felT so irritAted by my frinGe thAt i felT determiNed to fiNd jAck for helP strAight after lectuRe!!!!

and i did!! noW i'M bAck to the shorT and spikY youngY looK!! hahAa...and i'M lovinG every momenT of it!!! jAck styled it foR me bY thinninG out mY hAir...and leAving thiZ slightlY longer frinGe slidinG dowN my foreheAd towArdz the lefT! he didn'T giVe me higH pricklY slopeZ..insteAd, he thinned the sidez throughout and shortened it witH cAre...he gelLed for me in the eNd and sAid juZ let the spikeZ forM nAturally...nAtural'z the keY word!! he did it witH sucH eAze thAt i reAlly thinK he hAz greAt skillz!

no moRe more moRe wAvez...NO MORE waitinG so lonG for my hAir to dry...NO MORE wind to mAke my hAir messY and etc etc etc......

clApz and kudoz to jAck!!!!!!!

anywAyz...all the besT to jAck...hoPe he'll fiNd a greAt helpeR for hiz sAloon very very sooN....and kindlY sAck hiz current MC-prone helpeR....pooR guy, he hAd breAkfazt @ 5+PM todAy!!! cuZ hiz helpeR busted hiM by sAying she didn't feel well....sigH, so if you'Re an aspirinG hAirdresser who wAntz to leArn from a kind mAzter...contAct jAck now!!! ^o^

cAn't wAit to re-begiN the dAyz of juZ wAking up....add some geL oN my hAir...styLe for a coupLe of mintuez, and i'M onz for my whoLe dAy!! ^.^ ^o^ ^O^

prAize to shorT and spikYnezz...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

creAmy pAzta frezcA @ T2~

creAmy, holding and posinG her slApper...hahAa az we agreed, the photo was on the slApper insteAd of itz owneR...wahahAa....

creAmy and me visited pAzta freZca @ chAngi airporT T2 last week and the food there waz not bAd!!

she rusHed from her wAsh-floor bAnk and was not feeling well actuAlly...but she woRe thiZ very nice whiTe outfit with a whiTe knee lengtH skirT whicH hAz pinkisH flowerz "growing" from the bottoM edge...finisHed with the greY velveT heeLz i choZe and psycho-ed her to buY durinG the metRo sAle...thiZ girl'z got fAshion seNze!!!

anywAyz...the funny thing iz...we couldn'T decide whAt to we eAch choze 2 pastas and plAyed scissorz-pAper-stoNe to decide...hahAa...luckilY the reztAurant waz not very crowded if not peopLe will think we got somethinG wrong...hahAaa...

on toP of thAt...i broughT the slApper for creAmy to slAp around...theN she wAz saying "hi" to the slApper mAking it skiP around the tAble and posing for the cAmera...hahAa....peopLe think we mAd loH....;P

juZ ain't we lAme? buT very funnY and enjoyAble loH~

anywAyz...did a review on the plAce... visit to knoW how to get a S$10.00 voucher for thiZ plAce free of chArge!!!

stilL lAughing @ the thoughT of the slApper skippinG around...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

nikolAy'z a Russian!!!

a Russia map from Google!!

oH i so hAve to post thiz by todAy...!!!!!!

durinG bS409 current topicZ in structurAl biologY in middAy earlieR on....nikolAy sAt on my left in the computer lAb.....thiZ iz the 1st time he sAt beside me during clAzz and thiz iz our 4tH yeAr of school!

anywAyz...nikolAy'z thiz nice and quiet "ang moh" (=cAucasian) in my cohort...he hAz blue eyez az i noticed todAy, then i remem in yeAr 1 he kepT a ponY tAil...todAy he hAz very short hAir...and trying to keep a mild beArd. we are in different cliquez so i never got to tAlk to him, only smilez and helloz. i alwAyz try to be friendlY to foreignerZ cuZ i admire their courAge to venture overseaz all by themselveZ!

howeveR...think hiz clique all don't dAre to tAke thiz module...hahA.

oK, enougH of digressioN, the mAin theme of thiZ entrY iz...thAt i reAlized nikolAy'z a Russian!!! oH gosH!!!!!!! i sAw him type theze "weird" wordz while replying to some e-mAil....and so i tried my lucK by askinG if he'z by any chAnce Russian, and he iz!!!!! *clApz*

me so hAppy to know a Russian cuZ i am sucH a besotted fAn of Vitaz now!!!! i listeN to hiz songz everydAy!!! now i'M repeAting "a kizZ az long az eternitY"...

i'M reAlly still hAppy and surprized....he'z surprized thAt i know Vitas and liked Vitas so i showed him some lyricz...and he tAught me several accurAte pronunciAtionz of wordz liKe zvezdA (=stAr)...and bAtzelooi (=Poceluy=kizZ) and also ya-jibea-lublue (=i loVe you)....hahAaa..

froM him...i reAlized visiting Russia without knowing Russian my be quite tougH...onlY the younger Russians will know English bah...and thAt...kremliN iz in red squAre? and and...Russian language requirez pronunciAtion of all the alphabetZ in the wordz....

sucH a wonderfuL surprize!!!! yAy! nikolAy'z a Russian!!!!! ^O^

hAppy and surpriZed!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i fouNd it!!

remeM. i wAz tAlking about a nice photo of agathA (a nice mAzter'z student in the lAb) with rivAn (rivAn pAul...the RP beAr) sitting on her shouldeR....buT i juZ couldn't find it?!

i fouNd it in my thumbdriVe!! hahAa....

somehoW i thinK thiZ photo iz simplY rAdiant! ^o^

i hoPe agathA'z masterZ thesis iz brewwwWwing fiNe!


cloudinG viA MMS

me feeL a proud membeR of the cLoud appreciAtion societY, i hAve not posTed cloudY photoZ for some time!!! ;P

okoK...along the wAy...nice friendZ MMSed me nice photoZ of cloudz!! kudoZ to HP technology for integrAting greAt cAmeraz into mobile phonez...

so fAr, i got 2:

thiZ waz from Zhiyang (i refer to him az zY mozlY) bAck on 5th Apr 2007...i wAz in the hoztel then...juZ showered and while combing my hAir, i heArd my phone....and hiz MMS tAgged with: "Nice clouds to share with you..." it'Z reAlly nice!!

the besT pArt waz...Zhiyang took thiZ photo while drivinG on the highwAy!! hahAa...he slowed dowN...switcHed to leftmosT lAne...theN i wonder hoW he tooK the'Z an offence to chAt on the phoNe while drivinG...but i doubT it'Z an offeNce to tAke cLoud photoZ while drivinG right? wahahAa...he wAz on hiZ wAy home theN... ;)

thiZ wAz from Yiwen (yW or e-wen, a greAt lAbber...) bAck on 2nd Aug 2007...she wAz on her wAy bAck in the evening from the lAb...oNce she exited the SBS buildinG...she sAw thiZ nice blAnket of she MMS-ed me! ^o^

sweet MMSes from sweet friendZ to a sweeT and proud Cloud Appreciation Society member! hahAa...


pooR creAmy!

got off eArly from schooL todAy...and decided to eAt thiZ v nice Simei Ban Mian which mY preV. beN & jerry'Z colleAgue, nice girl Aishah, introduced to me...thiZ waz my second try, it'z not bAd indeed. ^o^

anywAyz, everytime i'M @ Simei, i will thinK of buying peAch tArtz for creAmy, who workz @ the wAsh-flooR bAnk @ i boughT a coupLe and heAded towArdz tAmpinez to pAzz to her @ the tAmpinez junctioN buildinG, thiZ time i wAited @ the fiG & oliveZ entrAnce...

the reAson of thiZ "kei mIu speciAl deliverY" iz cuZ there'z an atrociouZ peAch tArt snAtcher @ tAmpinez...who alwAyz zapz ALL the tArtz @ the tAmpinez Han' i gottA "imporT" froM Simei'z Han's...@ Eastpoint B1.

pooR thAt her upperstudY iz gone, she'z a one-mAn shoW on the trAdez settlemenT teAm...and she worked tiL 11pm last night!! duH.....big qns mArk wAsh-floor bAnk loh...the flooR so dirtY need so long to wAsh meH? need to hire more people to wAsh floor mAh...

hoPe the peAch tArtz will fill her some durinG her OT lAter....juZ when iz the dAy she doesn'T hAve OT?

thiZ iz a surpriZe form creAmy a couple of weeKz bAck...she waz q-ing @ the confectionerY, sAw thiZ, and grAbbed it before she pAid...hahAa...she pAzzed it to me wheN we met uP @ Robinson'z...thinK thAt waz a kboxinG dAy... ^o^

mAy all be welL and hAppy...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

sofrA witH creAmy~~~

sofrA'z a turkisH reztAurant around bugiZ..@ shAw toweR...and it'Z a wonderful plAce to be!!!

creAmy and me visiTed it sometiMe lAst weeK...and it wAz not pAcked even on a sAt. afternooN.....and so the plAce wAz quiet and peAceful...the kebApz and red lentiL souP are superb!!!

anywAyz...will trY to revieW on thiZ on TLK when i'M free-eR...for now, juZ to shAre some interesting photoZ we tooK...

the kebApz were stringed onto some sword-liKe thingiez...and after finishinG the food, we were plAying around with the "swordZ"!!!

bewAre of my 尚方宝剑!!!!!

heY!!! 双剑合壁...!!!

thinK thiZ iz my 1sT contAct with sugAr cubeZ...

thiZ iz found alonG the stAircaze leAding to the reZtaurant...creAmy should get thiZ for her rooM...

izn'T thiZ cAndle holdeR nice?

oh...and it'Z my b-dAy treAt from creAmy!!!!! sucH an eArly celebrAtion...hahAaa...

...lAter thAt dAy, we boughT 2 dozenz of donutZ from donutZ fActory...and wenT to ikeA for some shoppinG!!


jB feAzting triP!!!!!

tooK thiZ juZ before we ended ouR journeY on the cAuzeway towArdz jB...noTe the "biG tRee"...^o^

finAlly the long-plAnned jB triP iz mAterialized todAy (strictlY waz yezterdAy)!!

leT we = uncLe tAy, nanA, dhZ, zhZ, and xhZ (me)!!!

bAck in feb....or sometiMe around there, we selecTed a dAte in mAy to visit jB for a feAzt..juZ like whAt we did bAck in...2004? or wAz it 2003? i thinK it wAz 2004....mY ORD yeAr...

anywAyz...thiZ triP waz postpoNed severAl timez..til 18 auG, and somehow dhZ hAd some urgent mAtter to attend to..he souNded quite sAd on the phone thougH, heNce he withdreW from our'z oK..."come dAy squAre long" = 来日方长... ;)

in summAry, it wAz a doubLe feAzt @ Teck Sing and some mArket plAce for desserT...the 2 places we went on our preV. triP...hahAa...the food iz reAlly nice!!! thAnkz to uncLe tAy for the treAtz!! ^O^

we did shoppinG @ holidAy inN az well....too bAd i couldn'T fiNd my losT thuMb rinG replicA...and thAnkz to zhZ for my hP cryztAl cAze!! ^o^ also...the businezZ iz reAlly very competitiVe there....>_<

felT reAlly nice to hAve sucH nice friendZ bAck from armY dAyz.........

and for dhZ, so we shAll wAit for you to jio uz in decembeR or sometime wheN we all are free-eR ok...? ^.^ ^o^ ^O^

meAnwhile...everyone tAke good cAre...and mAy all be welL and hAppy...

hAppy dAy!!! ^.^ ^o^ ^O^

Friday, August 17, 2007

re-recApping yiyi'Z hoRze rAce theorY..!!!

remembeR the entry of "yiyi'Z hoRze rAce theorY... " in July 2005? and...also the entry of "recApping yiyi'Z hoRze rAce theorY... " in September 2006?

previouzlY...the solitAry poweR horZe reAched the midpoint of hiZ 4-yeAr journeY witH a leAding grAce...

the rAce continueZ....and now the solitAry horZe continuez witH a leAding grAce througH the 3rd quArter of the rAce...!!!

sucH a luckY and hAppy event...unbelievAbly enigmAtic....and of cuZ...he wilL continue to zooM on.....and do hiZ verY besT!!!!!

a rAce agAinzt oneself...all the verY besT to the poweR horZe!!!!!!!!

"Looking Back -- A mysterious white horse stands in a sandy inner beach terrain and looks back into the setting sun. This intercoastal scene is filled with emotion and warm sunset colors. The provocative pose of the white horse and the desolate sandy sunlit setting combine to give a thought-provoking, pensive mood to this composition. The texture is crisp and grainy with sharp detail." Excerpt from without permissioN...;P

if i eveR hAve my rooM to decorAte...i will hAng thiZ az a pAinting on my wAll... ^O^

onTo mY lAst lAp...mAy all be welL and hAppy...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

i'Ve begAn my finAl yeAr liAo!! ^o^

googLed thiZ photo of a sunriZe in augusT....and it'Z apt to my currenT situAtion...a suNrize = a neW beginninG....and i hAve juZ beguN mY finAl lAp of mY undergrAd studieZ...!!

afteR 3 yeArz of i-don'T-knoW-hoW-i-surviVed-alSo undergrAd-ing...todAy'z my 1sT dAy @ scH for mY finAl yeAr @ the scH of biologicAl scieNcez!!! ^o^

resTed for a fulL 1+mtH (julY) and i feeL so lAzy but i mizZ the ktV-ing...the fuN timez with friendZ...cAtching lotzA TV showZ....kidZ centrAl in the afternooN and repeAt telez after midnighT....oK, relAxed too mucH...lotZ of thinGz suppozed to be doNe but undoNe...hahAaaa...juZ relAx!! ;P

noW i'M bAck schoolinG!!

all rightZ...gottA promiZe myseLf to be a good boY and focuZ my heArt into studyinG...hahAaaaa i wilL loH!!! it'Z a requiremenT for me liAo...compulsorY!! ^O^

anywAyz...stArted a greAt dAy with a SMS chAt witH creAmy...and she'z wiZe to reAlize thAt we wouLd dreAd the doinG the sAme thing everydAy regArdlezz of whAt thAt thing iz!! alSo...will meeT uP with angelA to shoW her around lAter...and alSo meet up witH zikziK for afternooN higH teA toO!!!!

mAy mY finAl yeAr be hAppy and welL...and heAlthy too!!

mAy all be welL and hAppy...