Sunday, June 10, 2012

smilinG aloNe

alL tAken awAy..?


wAz lookinG for thiz moderN jAzz song on my hArd drive for sfG...and i cAme by thiz song az welL:

the firsT tiMe i heArd thiz song.....wAz wheN i wAz simplY chillinG @ the "jAcuzzi" sectioN of a pooL...there wAz basicAlly no one elze @ the pooL. theN, thiz song plAyed in the bAckground...

simpLe lyricz with sucH powerfuL impAct.

wheN the song ended....a lifeguArd wAlked past and i asKed him whAt song it waz...i waz glAd he knew the titLe...and thAt'z how thiz clAssic waz introduced to my simpLe muzicAl mind.

tiMe fliezzZ...thAt wAz like a decAde ago.

hoPe he likeZ the sonG.


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

perhApz... :(