Friday, April 30, 2010


Sunday, April 25, 2010

10000 mileZ of worrY. ):

thougH it'z stilL amAzing to be studyinG aloNe here acrozZ the gloBe 10000 mileZ awAy from my fAmily.....there are appArent conZ to my situAtion.

usuAlly i meet my fAmily on webcAm once a weeK....and todAy wheN i met pakpAk, he told me everything'Z fine az usuAl....but gokgoK insisted on tellinG me pakpAk injuRed hiz foot and it iz actuAlly swolleN. oucH......pakpAk didn'T eveN wannA telL me....i reAlly hAte thiz...

if i'M bAck hoMe...i cAn mAke sure pakpAk doezn'T go to worK or juZ tAke care of hiM. now thAt i'M here...i cAn't eveN do anythinG for him. and why ain'T i eArning enougH for them to retiRe? i'M fAaaar from hAving thAt ability siNce i'M stucK az a poor Ph.D. cAndidate....

and would be cooL if i cAn visiT her frequentlY to help her witH houZework and plAy witH my 2-mth-old niece eN zheN.....

missinG out on all theze, i'M stucK here az a lonelY alieN. and recentlY i'M so vexed and troubLed i reAlly feel sicK and so i dowNed bAekseju and a bottLe of spiced wAssail~

awW - my automAted wine openeR iz awesoMe!!

yeA, the worryinG iz fAmily worrieZ for me too....i stilL wonder whY pakpAk alwAyz tell me to "never do whAt should never be done"....hmM, all i replY iz i do whAt i think iz righT and i wilL neveR regreT.

whY izn't theRe a teleporteR?

whY am i not a X-men witH teleportinG powerZ?

whY ain't i perkinG up?

whY iz thiZ entrY so complAiny?

whY am i an alieN?!

whY don'T thingZ go my wAy all the time?

whY do i feeL cornered?

whY do i wannA chAnge my lAb bencH?

whY do i alwAyz get associAted with bad people?

whY izn'T there kboX in mAryland?!

whY doez it rAin and drencH me wheN i need to wAlk a long wAy?

whY do i throW tAntrumz suddenlY....?!

whY are there so mAny bad bAd dAyz?!

"i kicKed uP the leAvez and the mAgic iz losT..."

wilL a sAd song reAlly turn thingZ arouNd?


lAgging behind on alot of thingZ....gottA swiM out of thiZ quicksAnd i'M in.

hmM, but i alwAyz remembeR there're 2 sideZ to any coiN - my coiN...i shouLd flip it more to the positiVe side.

seriouzlY seriouzlY.

kindA fed-uP.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


suddenlY chAnced upoN thiZ sonG...and it mAkez alot of senZe. mAybe i shAll repeAt it wheneveR i go wAlkabout.

sAdz thougH.

p.S.: wAitz, illZ junioR iz witH me mah...duH? buT he stilL doezn'T know how to wAlk.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Priest Off~!!!!!!!!!