Monday, February 15, 2010

hoW do i courieR muAh chiiii..???

tu tu kueY (toP) and muAh chiiii (bottoM)~!!!!!!!

OMG, the aboVe trAditional asiAn snAckz are non-existenT in bAltimore.

i wAz @ the tempLe witH pakpAk and makmAk yezterdAy....and usuAlly snAck stAllz arouNd templeZ wilL definitelY selL muAh chiii and tu tu kueY - 2 of my fAve snAckz...

蓉蓉-chAn jokinglY asKed me to brinG bAck muAh chiiii (welL, hiZ fAve too~!!!) foR hiM.....buT it'Z an impossibLe tAsk - unlezZ i fiNd out itz recipe befoRe i returN theN i'lL mAke it foR hiM....siNce he cookZ for me in betweeN exAmz... ;P

hmM......anotheR impossibilitY?

aH - me gonnA courieR bAck mAny more trAditional ingredientZ for cooK for me. LOL~!!! <3



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