Saturday, April 04, 2015




emblAzoned in my miNd.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

the FB stAtuz that everyone cAn relAte to but no one wilL liKe/commenT on.

so, i posTed thiz FB stAtuz...vizible to only a selecTed grouP of cloze friendzzZ:

it stAyz the wAy it shouLd be = no Likes, and no comments.

i bliVe everyone can relAte to thiz, bcuz everyone haz met sucH jerkz in their livez before.

see-whY immediAtely messAged me to ask if i'm all righT...well, i appreciAte that...bcuz she knowz who i am referrinG to in my stAtuz. and i posTed thiz messAge bcuz i reAlized he iz at it agAin...........being "nice".

zomgosH. whY do jerkz exisT? perhApz they exisT to teAch us life be careful and to protect ourselvez? they are simply incorrigibLe.

so, hopefullY my stAtuz jolted my friendz' memoriez....bcuz we don'T live to forget the jerkzzZ in our livez, we live to remember them with lezz pAin, after learning the important life lessonz through them.

juZ anotheR sundAy~

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

fzK - deztinY hAz a funnY wAy of unfoldinG itseLf~

"in your eyezzZ" by kyLie minoGue

suddenlY thoughT of thiz sonG lAzt night whiLe countinG tonnezzZ of cellZ...

a sonG from ~12 yrz ago???

but stilL - woW.

bAck theN, i remembeR sittinG amongzt a some borinG lectuRe...and i wAz scribblinG the lyriczzZ of thiz song....replAying it in my mind, whiLe lookinG at him.....juz az the lyriczzZ dezcribez:

whAt on eArth am i meAnt to do?
in thiz crowded plAce...there iz onlY you.
wAz gonnA i hAve to stAy.
you hAve tAken my breAth awAy~
deztinY hAz a funnY wAy...
wheN it comez and tAkez all your cArez awAy~
i cAn't thinK of a singLe thing...
other thAn whAt a beAutiful stAte i'm in~

it wAz a huGe cAmp and in our plAtoon...i guezz the 2 of uz are kinda the closezt dezpiTe being allocAted to neighbor bunkz~ thoze were reAlly good timezzZ...and i mizz thoze innocenT youngeR dAyz~

thingz couLd hAve been alot differenT, but thingz are exActly the wAy they are meAnt to be.

i remembeR hiz fulL nAme...and fouNd him on fAcebook LOL~

unsure if he even rememberzzZ who i am?


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

it iz funnY.

"ain'T it funnY" by j.Lo

it'z been a whiLe since you came around...

now you wanna see whAt'z going down...
tryna tell me how you want my tiMe...
tryna tell me how i'm on your mind~


everybodY getz a chAnce to burn...
you can tAke it az a lesson leArnt~


hope you realize thAt now i'm througH.
and i don'T ever wannA heAr from you.
i hAd enough of being there for you...
now i'm lAughing while you play the fool~


Friday, July 11, 2014

heAling under a rAinbow sonG...

how couLd someone be sucH a ridiculouz liAr?

how couLd someone be sucH a dizhonezT persoN?

how couLd someone not hAve any senZe of loyAlty?


angeR doez hAve an informidAble wAy of consuminG anyoNe...

the onlY wAy to curB angeR iz to forgiVe.

forgivinG allowz one to becoMe strongeR and betteR.

forgivinG iz not forgettinG, but rememberinG with lezz or no pAin.

witH forgivenezZ giveN...the heAling beginz.

sucH goldeN wordzzZ...thAt repoweRed my miNd.

i am supeR glAd to hAve bhoP in my life.

i wilL loVe bhoP foreveR...

bhoP - simplY a greAt and wiZe humAn beinG~!!!


"rAinbow" by amiT.

my neAt and tidY bed...
iz wheRe you'lL confide in me...
wheRe you'lL hoLd me and crY tiL dAwn...

awAiting for hAppinezz in my kitcheN...
on a certAin vAlentine'z dAy...
you weRe the one dininG witH me insteAd...

in my nArrow closeT spAce...
iz my hiddeN littLe heAven~
wheRe i wArmly welcoMe you~

our loVe is very similAr...
we'Re botH hurT by meN...
but we juz kepT fAlling alonG our wAy...

wheN the skY becomez dArk...
wheN the air temperAture becomez abnormAl...
i wilL persizT witH my unbeAtable determinAtion.

undeR shArp and condezcendinG stArez...
heAring ruthlezZ remArkzzZ...
i wilL gentlY wrAp myseLf up...
witH a rAinbow of romAnce~

lovinG bhoP~
illZ w.h.Y?

Friday, July 04, 2014

yeAh: a neW forM of arT

the toughezT tAsk in life iz to be one'z true seLf.

it'z eveN hArder to accept and declAre one'z true seLf:

(or simplY beinG who you are)


whY doez one cAre so mucH about whAt otherz thinK about hiM?

whY doez she even cAre about otherz in the firzt plAce?


i admiRe loRde - she iz simplY beinG her tAlented seLf...creAting tunez and writinG lyriczzZ thAt are supeR uniQue and honezT:

"tenniz courT" by loRde

yeAh na krAb.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

the boY from the southerN seA~

"the girL from the southerN seA" bY teresA tenG~

the pAlmy wind teazez the silver wAvezzZ...
the settinG suN peekz througH the chillAxing cloudzzZ...
seeinG someone sittinG aloNe on the goldeN beAch...
sucH a lovelY littLe girL~

her eyez glitteR like stArz~
her eyebrowz curVe liKe littLe crescenT moonZ~
she'z weAring a brighT red sArong...
az red az the arecA on her lipzzZ~

she'z sighinG lightlY...
sighinG abouT thAt heArtlezz boY...
droppinG teArz of sAdnezz...
dAmpening her red sArong and whiTe blouZe...

aYe the girL from the southerN seA...
you shouLdn't be too sAd...
so younG at sixteeN and a hAlf~
let go of your losT dreAm...
a neW boY wilL accompAny you~