Thursday, March 18, 2010

lovinG the sprinG sunshiNe...

sprinG hAz arriVed and the weAther iz amAzing...

hoverinG arouNd 13 degree celsiuZ - bAsking in the suN iz simplY amAzing....

i plAnned restrictioN digestZ in the afternooN...and while digestinG, i strolLed to fellZ poinT.....spendinG tiMe witH illZ.

pitAngo gelAto~!!!!

found a secluded spoT wheRe i cAn lie dowN on flAt whiTe bAsk in the suN:

i loVe the hArbor wAter...

seAgullz flyinG aboVe me... (onlY one showN here)

the suN shininG on me...if onlY tiMe cAn pAuze here.

hAd pitAngo yezterdAy....and thuZ, i tried grAce'z recommendAtion of mr. yogAto:

frozeN creAmy mr. yogAto witH strAwberry and kiwI~

whiLe beinG neAr the seA...i hAve spAce to pondeR abouT myseLf - my life. i smiLe sunnilY upoN hAppy memorieZ...buT feeL extinguisHed wheN my miNd runZ througH the dArk tunnelZ thAt perforAtez my mentAl mAze.

so i stoP swimminG in my mind...wAke up, and returN to lAb to ruN my dnA geL.

my losT suN?


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