Tuesday, June 18, 2013

(669 - 3)

alL hAil to queeN madonnA.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

a unicorn'Z inverTed shAdow~

wAlked into lAb, put dowN my bAg, and amongsT the trinketzzZ and ornAmentz dizplAyed on my windoW ledGe, i sAw hiM:

hAppily illuminAted on the 1sT muG i creAted @ bAltimore clAyworkzzZ~



reAlized i gAined severAl poundz recentlY...so i goT out of lAb and rAn arouNd the hoMewood fieLd lAst nighT.

perhApz i'M fiNe at 136 poundz and i'M 5'5". i slipPed up to a mAx of 146 poundzzZ a coupLe of monthz ago...thAt waz unacceptAble. so, it'z alwAyz good to prevenT any furtheR horizontAl expAnsion...hahAa~

the rAn felT awesoMe...and bcuz i hAven't rAn in a few monthz, i thoughT of doing onlY 5 roundzzZ...but in the middle of the 5th rouNd, i saw a reaaaAlly plumP guy pAnting and strugglinG eveN juz to wAlk....zomgosH. thAt gAve me a bursT of motivAtion and i rAn til 10 roundzzZ...LOL~

howeveR, argH......i ended up sprAining my ankLe thereafteR:

alL i hAve iz thiz ointmenT from pakpAk.....mAnufactured in singApore, it'z cAlled 筋骨灵。rubbinG it on my owN ankLe remindz me thAt i am all aloNe az an alieN in the lAnd of the fRee...

beAring witH the pAin,