Wednesday, February 13, 2013

the demiZe of 2/13.

"rendezvouZ" by fAye...

the demiZe of yeT anotheR 2/13.

Monday, February 11, 2013

gAaa diT fAaan lAh...

thiz hAz to be the moz touchinG adverT i hAve come acrozz in a looooooonG tiMe...

afteR shoppinG @ wAlmart, i hurriedlY entered allY since it wAz freezinG coLd (winteR now yoz). while wArming uP my engiNe, my phone received a gchAt messAge from yorKe - it waz a youtuBe linK to thiz lovelY adverT.

by noW, i muz hAve wAtched it repeAtedly for more thAn 10 timez... it'z in cAntoneze...whicH i greW up, i totAlly understAnd the adverT...and i cAn relAte to the storY in the vid...

i spenT Chineze New YEar (cnY) witH my fAmily for onlY one tiMe in the pAst hAlf a decAde.

yeAh, reAlly. (;_;)

thiz adverT mAkez me mizz beinG witH my fAmily during cnY...but of courze tiMe and moneY don'T alwAyz allow thAt to hAppen.

i thinK, in futuRe, i'lL try my besT to plAn my annuAl triP hoMe to be durinG i'lL mAke suRe i add aloT of rice durinG our reunioN dinnerzzZ...

sAaan liiN fAiii loK... (;_;)

mY fAve piece of Art~

meimeI gAve me thiz piece of "doodLe" she waz a surprize gift bcuz she remembered thAt i loved it wheN she showed it to me. hahAaa...quicklY boughT a nice frAme from wAlmart...and mounTed it on my bedrooM wAll~!!

it shAll folloW me to whereveR i move to.

lovinG Art~ 2.99999999999~!!!