Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Baby Gray Catbird...

Regarding my previous post..."Ketchup" told me the fledgling we met is a Scarlet...

I google-imaged for "Baby Scarlet" and came across a blog post by Mon@rch...:

And on the same blog post...was a photo of a "Baby" Gray Catbird:
(Photo by Mon@rch)

Based on the Gray Catbird's Summer range ( ...and moz importantly, based on how the fledgling looked like when I was holding it in my hands, I think it should be a baby Gray Catbird.

Again, hope baby Gray Catbirds also chirp for their Moms....and the one I met has reunited with its Mom.

I juz heard a loud thunder, the sequel of the T-storm haz arrived...

The Baby Scarlet Tanager

It was an interesting evening - hopefully one which I consoled a fledgling with warmth. ;^)


There was a sudden T-storm...a total surprize...with horizontally swirling raindrops~!! Checked that there would be an "eye" of the storm...which would be perfect timing for me to grab Subway as dinner...right after I put my Western Blots to primary overnight...before being trapped hungry and buzy in the lab.

Once I walked out towards the historic building...before I crossed Broadway, I noticed this trembling fledgling on the pavement...its feathers were all wet and simply stood there, trembling...I guess it must be shocked by the sudden T-storm. This other girl who was waiting for her Mom to fetch her from lab came forward as well...she said she didn't even see the bird, and we both didn't know what to do.

I walked slowly towards it...squatted down, and reached out to it...knowing that it might peck me with its sharp beak...but it didn't.  It just kept shivering. I guided it to stand on my right palm and cupped it over its back with my left palm...and gently blew some warm air in between my seemed to work abit? ;^)

An anonymous postdoc guy walked past and said we should place the bird under the bush...and he kept walking on...

Next, "Ketchup" and Janet walked by....they are both very nice profs who work on the same floor as me. "Ketchup" looked over and he smilingly said that it's a baby Scarlet...we should move it to the bushes and when it's all warmed up, it will chirp for its Mom.

That's exactly what we did...once it skipped off my continued skipping underneath the "canopy" deeper into the bushes... ;^)

It felt......amazing when I released the baby Scarlet onto the gardeny patch right outside my research building...hmm, yah, simply amazing.

I hope its Mom heard its chirping...and they are reunited by now.


Helping any living thing is truly fulfilling...amazingly fulfilling.

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