Wednesday, August 24, 2011


seriouzly, the loiterinG persistenT tinglinG pAin @ my loweR bAck iz trulY irritAting.

verY torturouzlY diztrActing~!!!

it all leAdz me bAck to a service injurY froM SAF wheN i wAz in OCS ....whicH in summAry iz a permAnent spinAl frActure thAt wilL neveR heAl and an injurY thAt forbidz me froM any strenuouz exerciZe foreveR = me hAving weAk spiNe of a very very oLd mAn wheN i am a kindA younG mAn righT noW. >.<

guezZ i'M reAlly gettinG old...or perhApz i juZ cAnnot withstAnd consecutiVe loooooooonG flightZ and buz tripzzZ anymoRe...

i alreAdy didn'T initiAte any bAllroom dAncing prActize and also stopPed potteryinG for like 2 or 3 weekzzZ...consideRed thAt az restinG my bAck buT stilL - the pAin iz foreveR...but thAnkfully tolerAble - stilL. >.<

hmM, all righT...shAll trY to sit uP strAight and be more awAre of my poztuRe~


Friday, August 19, 2011


"h.A.t.e.u" by mariAh cArey.

mariAh'z beAuty iz undeniAble.

buT listeN cArefully to the lyricZ and her voice.....clicK the followinG if you don'T wannA be diztrActed by her muZic vid:

whAt'z and w.h.Y. hAtred?

biG rAin...

suddenlY sAng thiZ sonG aloud az we wAlked awAy froM the metropolitAn muzeuM of arT - i guezZ i kindA scAred/surpriZed fAith mei mei?

alL inspiRed bY the pourinG rAin...

"biG rAin" bY wa wA.

thiZ iz a sonG i sinG aloud wheN it rAinz...

feelZ liKe it'z rAining all the tiMe nowadAyz - an externAl rAin, coupLed tightlY witH an internAl rAin.

it'Z clicHe to sAy thAt the externAl rAin representZ the heAvenly teArz...theN perhApz the internAl rAin representZ the heArtly teArz.


wheN i wAz drivinG througH the rAin yezterdAy, i suddenlY turNed off chriztinA aguilerA's "keepz gettinG betteR" on my CD...and begAn singinG mariAh'z "througH the rAin" on acappellA mode...

thiz'Z my secoNd theMe song alongside mariAh'z "cAn't tAke thAt awAy".

"througH the rAin" bY mariAh cArey.

righT noW, i am drencHed...and i shAll embrAce the rAindropzzZ and keeP wAlking on througH the rAin~!!!


wan quAN de shi qu fang xiang...

p.S.: "..and i liVe oNe moRe dAy..."

Monday, August 15, 2011

glAd... :^)


afteR >1.75yrz.


Friday, August 12, 2011


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i am the greeN ninjA~!!!

Watashi wa midori no ninjadesu〜 !!!

Soshite watashi wa watashi no sensō o tatakau tame ni modotte gozen~!!!

and i aM bAck to fighT my wAr~!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"Life has to be tough to be meaningful, and to feel like you're actually living a life." -Tak (Historian) and illZ (Pathobiology Ph.D. student).

Monday, August 01, 2011


i wAnt to thinK a thoughT so difficulT to thinK and i aM suRe i cAn thinK it.

hou nAn goH.