Thursday, June 30, 2011

”有一天真如果,有一天。。。但愿我还在你记忆中。“ -.-

“担心” - 陈洁仪


“用白天,用黑夜,用思念 - 拥着你。” ♥


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


the crAck withiN the crAck iz heAling~!!! ;^)


Friday, June 17, 2011

When does Summer end?

onlY teArz aRe genuiNe...

i thinK i firsT heArd thiZ sonG wheN Xie Yi wAz singinG it bAck in the potAssium hydroxide lAb...

i don'T knoW whY i suddenlY thoughT of it, afteR a feW mY currenT lAb:

“我要快乐” bY a*meI~

"i wannA be hAppy...
i wannA be abLe to sleeP in peAce...
there'Z a certAin persoN...
who feelZ wArm onlY wheN i stopPed hugginG hiM...
who i stoP hAting onlY wheN he disAppeared...
i shouLd hAve relinquisHed my loVe wAy befoRe noW...

i wannA be hAppy...
i'M unafrAid of lAughing so embarrassinglY loudlY...
the heArt'z noT wArm at alL...
everythinG iz fAke~!!
onlY teArz aRe genuiNe..."

teArz of hAppinezz...if onlY..?

Monday, June 13, 2011

i need a mAn who cAn see the righT withiN the wronG:

"the edGe of glorY" - lAdy gagA

seriouzlY, thiZ sonG iz slowlY cAtching my audiobudzzZ liKe an ultrA deliciouZ melody-steW~!!!


hmM...hAd a weiRd dreAm. hAven't seeN a persoN for liKe 10 yrz? and he hAd to appeAr in my dreAm lasT nighT.


foreveR heR littLe monsteR,





Sunday, June 12, 2011

"Don't waste my tear~!!!" -bY the mermAid-

mutAnt & pRoud~

sAd moviezzZ...

i sAw a ktV vid in a suddeN rAre flAshback of my'Z Sue Thompson's 'Sad Movies":

"and in the middLe of the coloR cArtoon i stArted to crY..."

unsuRe if it'Z the exAct sAme vid in my memorY? buT @ leAzt i goT the sonG righT~!!! ;P

it wAz the ktV systeM @ vincenT uncle'Z houZe...and i wAz witH my siblingzzZ and cousinZ. vincenT uncLe ofteN bringZ us out to plAy and also bAck to hiZ houZe to plAy arouNd...i don'T recAll my childhood welL, buT the ktV singinG wAz one of the moRe intermittentlY viVid onezzZ.

perhApz thAt wAz wheN i dizcoveRed i so loVe singinG and ktV-ing...LOL~

i trulY mizZ our kite flyinG @ Marina South...that was when vincenT uncLe tAught uz how to fly kitez...and how to flY theM verY welL~!!! welL enougH to cuT the stringZ of otheR kitezzZ...LOL~ ;P

thAt'z whY everytiMe i see a kiTe in the skY, i wouLd zooM in to tAke a photo of it...thiZ iz the latesT one tAken whiLe i wAz @ oceAn citY:

sigH, in lovinG memorY of vincenT uncLe. <3


After an insightful gathering with 2 of my friends last night, I conclude that whether a movie is sad or not decided by the content of the movie. It depends on the innate mood of the person watching the movie.

A person can even cry during a comedy, if he/she is sad while watching the movie.


thiZ iz a week filled with tearzzZ from different human-beingzzZ...

emotionZ cAn trulY hurT...

Monday, June 06, 2011


“涟漪” bY 陈百强

a sonG thAt depictZ inneR peAce.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

inneR peAce.

Friday, June 03, 2011

fAct of my life = trAffic jAm...and i'M alreAdy lAte...

"iroNic" bY alAniz morisetTe

whAt'z my fAvorite jAm? strAwberry jAm~!!!!!!!

whAt jAm do i hAte the mosT? trAffic jAm~!!!!!

so jAmmed~

Thursday, June 02, 2011


“不必在乎我是谁” by 林忆莲

thAnkfully there'Z coffee in thiZ worLd~!!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

looking forwArd to the t-stormZ lAter~!!!!!