Monday, May 31, 2010

rAinbowy bubbleZ~

wenT to ben'Z bdAy bbQ @ hiZ mini mAnsion....i trulY loVe hiZ peAceful neighbouRhood....buT i guezZ i won'T be abLe to affoRd it unlezZ i striKe megAmillionz. ;P

anywAyz...i wAz blowinG bubbleZ witH sopHie...and i highlighTed how prettY and colorfuL bubbleZ are....:

dowNed 5 beerZ todAy...and a burgeR...and soMe salAd...

thiZ iz life.

stilL aliVe.

rAinbowily bubblY,

Sunday, May 30, 2010

cAptain plAnet, wherefoRe arT tHou?

wenT to the wiNe & herbZ evenT @ boordY witH bAolin and yorKe....theN we diNed @ dukeM.

it wAz a very fuN dAy~~~

and we discuzZed a very seriouz topic durinG dinneR....whicH iz the mAjor oiL spilL @ the meXico guLf...

i don'T usuAlly reAd the newZ, but thiZ evenT iz so HUGE thAt it cAught my attentioN...sigH.

bAsically, B.P. hAz thiZ oiL riG thAt kindA broKe, cAuzing an oiL welL to spilL lotzA oiL froM the oceAn imAgine a volcAno on the oceAn flooR eruptinG....but spewinG oiL insteAd of mAgma.

vieW a good timeliNe summAry here:

yorKe tried to explAin whAt B.P. iz tryinG to do to stoP thiZ spilL....but to no avAil so fAr.....sigH.

theN we tAlked about solutionZ to thiZ and bAolin kepT thinkinG of solutionZ thAt souNd nAive and simpLe, but stilL logicAl. yorKe emphAsized we were veiwinG thiZ situAtion too simplY....the scAle of the spilL iz ginormouZ!! liKe....10000+++ bArrelz of oiL per dAy...the pressuRe the oiL iz spewinG froM the oiL welL iz ultrA higH....

welL, i guezZ the solutioN iz to summoN cAptain plAnet:

i guezZ templeZ & churcheZ of alL kindZ muz be prAying everdAy, righT? hmM, az if prAying iz goinG to helP. (-.-"')

i feeL hurT wheN motheR nAture'z heAlth iz compromiZed. i hoPe the intelligeNce of physicistZ and engineerZ wilL ceAze thiZ disAster sooN.

the worLd iz dyinG ug-ug-uglilY.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

2nd liNe of truzT

switcHed off the microscoPe @ 12aM....and wAlked alonG the "dAngerouz" orleAnz st. to coMe hoMe.

i remembeR a. uzed to wArn me neveR go onto orleAnz wheN nighT fAllz....noW i wAlk alonG orleAnz every nighT...and eveN if it'Z afteR midnighT.

so whAt?

az lonG az i keeP myseLf alerT of whAt'z arouNd me...

nowadAyz i don'T cut througH the hozpitAl anymoRe.....thougH it'Z sAfer, buT it'Z ok to wAlk outside..i'lL be aliVe.

it wAz reAlly lAte....but i stilL cleAned my bAthtub...and finAlly replAced the anti-sliP mAt.

couldn'T sleeP, and wAtched a depressinG movie onliNe. hurtZ to wAtch whY some1 wouLd commit iz shorT enougH. i understAnd but i don'T understAnd. *oucH


Thursday, May 27, 2010

wAlked awAy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


it wAz a rAiny eveninG...and i wAz on the shuttLe to the liqoR stoRe to refueL my alcohoL collectioN....

it wAz coLd and condensAtion totAlly blurRed out the bus windowZ.....:

the bus wAz not thAt crowded....i bet the onlY guY who sAt somewheRe behind me thoughT i am kindA gagA....


the deprezZed froggY...

i'M verY sensitiVe to greeN coloR.

wAz wAlking alonG the corridoR opposiTe my lAb...and a tinGe of greeN cAught my attentioN:

someoNe somehoW smAshed a hoLe in the wAll and stuffed a greeN froggY plusHie into thAt hoLe........

the froggY lookZ so sAd.

the persoN rezponsible for thiZ acT muZ be someoNe witH a weiRd senZe of humoR...cAn't imAgine if he/she turnZ out to be soMe fAculty membeR......welL, i guezZ he/she muZ be soMe mizchievouZ grAduate studenT...


Monday, May 24, 2010

drivinG clAzz - dAy 1~!!!

bY the lAw of the stAte of mAryland.....30hrZ of clAzzroom drivinG theorY and 60hrZ of prActical drivinG hAve to be formAlly documenTed befoRe tAking the drivinG tesT~

FINALLY....afteR knowinG thAt i hAve to tAke the drivinG courZe aloNe (mingliAng'z leAving siNce he fouNd a fAculty pozitioN~!!)....and i hAve finAlly gAodimed my mAjor grAnt writinG assignmenT.........i decided to attAin my driver'Z licenZe in the USA~!!



so i fouNd thiZ drivinG a not totAlly sAfe areA....bcuZ coMe on, the whoLe areA i am noW @ iz unsAfe....@ leAzt it iz not in an ultrA ghettO areA...

pAid 300 buckZ strAight to get througH thiZ courZe.

my clAzzmatez are reAlly diverZe:

- a teenAger chineZe reztAurant wAitrezz...wAz surpriZed to see her siNce me and hAng-ni-mah chAt witH her aloT wheN we visiT her reztAurant...she eveN gAve uz free sAmplez of her own dinneR...

- an ex-convicT sAt beside me...he sAid he wAz in jAil for mAny many many monthZ and it'Z not fuN... (-.-"')

- anotheR ex-convicT who wAz jAiled for only 1 weeK...or wAz it a montH?

- some unknowN mexicAn guyZ....

- and thiZ knifeY africAn americAn girl...

quiTe fuN to meeT theZe'Z a brAnd neW experience compAred to the M.D. + Ph.D. crowd i meeT everydAy @ hopkinZ...


kindA funnY to siT in a smAll clAzzroom...witH sucH a diverZe gAng of clAzzmatez....i thinK the teAcher had no ideA where Singapore iz...bcuZ he asKed me whAt lAnguage do i speAk...

i reAlly liKe the ceilinG of the clAzzroom...

the looooonG wAlk hoMe @ night tiMe iz kindA dAunting....buT i mAde it hoMe alive!! gonnA be riskinG every nighT tiL clAsses are oveR...buT theze risks brinG me a big steP closeR to my driveY freedoM~


p.S.: speedometeR iz not spelT az "spedomiter"...i am definitelY righT~ buT i fiNd spedomiteR kindA innovAtive~

Saturday, May 22, 2010

muAah cHiiii~!!!!!

dowNed a bottLe of jAzzberry yezterdAy...and i wondeR whY, i alwAyz feeL liKe cookinG somethinG speciAl wheN i wAke up froM my drunkeN worLd. 1st eveR attempT in mAking muAaah cHiiii:

spenT so mucH tiMe....gettinG bAolin to coMe to my houZe at midnighT to bleNd the peAnutz....then hAd to oveN the peAnutz @ 350 degreeZ for hAlf an houR...i eveN broughT the glutinouZ flouR 10000mileZ froM singApore....

finAlly doNe.

alL thiZ efforT for somethinG i cAn kindA eazilY buY in singApore.... (-.-"')

noT thAt tAsty thougH....wilL keeP tryinG to improVe it~!!

alchY chefilY...

Monday, May 17, 2010

witnezZed a netherlandsY luncH...

hmM....whiLe i wAz refillinG my wAter bottleZ earlieR on befoRe luncH, i sAw thiZ dutcH bloNd guY lunchinG.....

chAtted witH hiM togetheR witH bellA a few dAyz bAck...and reAlized he'z doing hiZ mAsterz and iz now on an exchAnge progrAm...froM the netherlAndz.

anywAyz, he tooK ouT thiZ huGe of frencH loAf...tore it into hAlf...and stArted spreAding cheeZe on it. we sAid a mutuAl hi.....and i inquiRed if thAt'z luncH or....a late breAkfast? hahAa.....yeA, he smiled widelY and sAid it'z reAlly commoN to hAve juz breAd and cheeZe for luncH in the netherlAndz.....he sAid the veggie etc. comeZ in durinG dinneR.

intriGued bY whAt he sAid.......i googLed "netherlAndz luncH".....and found a bloG thAt dezcriBed whAt he sAid.....

broodje krokeT - mAshed potAto witH breAd....a typicAl dutcH luncH~

thinK i mighT adopT the netherlandsY styLe of luncH....gottA eAt lezZ to loze some weighT.

thiZ worLd iz stilL interestinG.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

pulled froM the wreckAge of my silenT reveRie >:

dAmn all the vultureZ.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

不应有很。。? 贸易 skY iz greeN~!!!



i wisH the wiNd wilL bloW me awAy froM thiz worLd...
i'M onlY scAred of 琼楼玉宇。。



里里兆。。 《3

Monday, May 10, 2010

glitterY greeN

speechlezzlY chillinG appleZ...

interestinG to reAlize Boordy Vineyards actually hired an Australian graphic design compAny to design their wine lAbel..........

"you gAve up. you gAve uP." ):

"doez youR drunK liNe...juZ a joKe?"

"there'Z no loVe lefT to rYe"



speechlezzlY chillinG appleZ... <3

Sunday, May 09, 2010

air fresheninG a cockroAch. argH~!!!!

a weirdlY funnY crueL thing hAppened last night.

reAched home froM lAb @ ~1aM......wheN i waz abt to exit my bedrooM for my bAthroom to tAke a nice showeR...i opened my door, and thiZ cockroAch waz runninG towArdz my rooM along the corridoR....

i quicklY clozed my dooR!!!



oK, i hAve no insecT sprAy.

i looKed ard my rooM.....the onlY sprAyey thingieZ are my mAny bottleZ of air i grAbbed one, opeNed the dooR, and kepT sprAying on thAt roAch~!!

mY fAve scenT - glAde'z whiTe teA & lilY.


initiAlly, it wAz scAred....i guezZ it kneW abouT insecT sprAyz....cuZ it'Z the sAme sprAy-styLe kiNd of attAck. it tried to retreAting to the stAircaze in my houZe...

az i kindA leArnt thAt the sprAy wAz not insecticide. so it stAyed stilL, juZ tryinG to counteR the air pressuRe thAt wAz blowinG on it.


welL, i kepT sprAying and sprAying and sprAying....untiL it wAz coveRed witH air fresheneR in a mezZ of whiTe liquid-foAm~!!!!

it struggLed...and finAlly becAme immobiLe.


thougH i knoW my whiTe teA & lilY iz not an insecticide, i remembeR froM my druG dizcoverY lectureZ 3 yrZ bAck thAt any chemicAl, seriouzlY ANY chemicAl, iz toxic wheN giveN in excessiVe doses.....

i murdeRed thAt roAch witH an ultrA excessiVe doze of air fresheneR - hoPe it moVed on to a betteR life.

i don'T wisH to kilL....but creepY crAwleez plz don'T botheR me~!!

esp. wheN i'M alone here siNce botH my houzemAtez are holidAying in chinA...

argH... >.<

Friday, May 07, 2010

))))))) -END- :::::::

arsoninG the univerZe~!!!!



juZ atteNded a clAzz discussioN abouT "hoW to picK a scieNtific probleM"...led bY berT vogelsteiN (gonnA nicknAme hiM beeVee~) - a very powerfuL and highlY rezpecTed cAncer reseArcher.....the one who formulAted the vogelgrAm...




beeVee iz sucH a nice persoN....the wAy he tAlkz....juZ mAkez you wannA listeN. i bliVe he muZ be the go-to-guY for beN~ ;)

hmM...hiZ wordZ mAke alot of senZe...whicH led me to thinK abt my owN lAbwork....yeA, i shouLd perK uP my effortZ to 100%...or 111%... *nodzzZ*

the most impressionAble metAphorical phrAze so fAr waz "settinG the worLd on fiRe"...

beeVee: "i wAnt to set the worLd on fiRe..."
illZ (in my miNd): "whoAh...i wAnt to too yoZ~!!"

"arsoN" on googLe imAge.

welL....i guezz i surpriZed him by sAying "generAlly, mY lAb aimz to sAve all the breAzt in the worLd" durinG our initiAl roundtAble introductionZ...whicH mAde all my clAzzmatez lAugh breAking the sterN atmospheRe......and beeVee pAuzed tAking noteZ for a momenT wheN i sAid thAt....LOL~!!!

enN~!!! me shAll begiN strengtheninG the crAisky fiRe in my miNd...~~~

arsoninG mY univerZe...theN hopefullY the univerZe~~~

juZ a littLe unwelL kinG chArming...

az usuAl - anotheR sAd dAy....

howeveR, wheN i returNed to uze the scoPe at nighT.....i wAz singinG az usuAl bcuZ i expecTed no one to be arouNd the lAb.....theN i reAlized a prof. wAz prActising hiZ guitAr in hiZ office... LOL~

he wAz surpriZed to see me too...bcuZ i thinK he also thoughT no one wouLd be arouNd......somehoW thiZ mAde me smiLe.... ;)


oH, and i wAz surpriZed @ hoW tAsty the cAshew-chickeN disH i cooKed turNed out to be....interestinG~!!


and....i heArd thiZ sonG on pAndora in lAb...yezterdAy? i uzed to repeAt it wheN i wAz youngeR...

anywAyz i looKed @ it'Z weiRd but nice mV feAturing a greeN teddY whicH mAde me amAzon for "greeN teddY".... (-.-"')

"unwelL" bY mAtchbox20...

the lyricZ are very..............relevAnt... 2.888889.


Thursday, May 06, 2010

"bY todAy"

*ouch ouch oucH...):

Sunday, May 02, 2010


the unsleepinG fisH...

recentlY, i'Ve beeN repeAting thiZ lovelY sonG bY sodAgreen:

"sinG witH me" bY sodAgreen.

az usuAl...the lyricZ are very intelligentlY crAfted bY qinG fenG...and hiZ voice iz juZ so soothinG...listeninG to hiM keepZ me outsAne.

i especiAlly loVe the liNe whicH dezcribeZ the unsleepinG fisH givinG hiM a ride into the imAginary seA...

i'M trAnzparent too.

muZed witH my almoZ loveR...

juZ cAn't sleeP tonighT, feelinG troubLed, feelinG sAdz, or mAybe it'Z cuZ of the coffee expressO i consuMed in the pitAngo gelAto...or the coffee in the bAileyz-buttershoT pumpkiN pie cocktAil rongronG-chAn concocTed?


todAy, i wenT to an a capellA concerT witH bAolin and yorKe.

the undergrAdz @ the JHU hoMewood cAmpuz haz severAl a capellA groupZ....and tonighT'z thAt of the sirenZ.

mozlY songZ i'Ve neveR heArd befoRe.....buT usuAlly, if i reAlly need to fiNd out the song identitY afteR theiR performAnce, theN thAt iz a successfuL serenAde. the mAin singeR who sAng one of the songZ...sAng it witH lotz of sAdnezz...the followinG lyricZ lingeRed in mY miNd thereafteR:

"goodbYe my almoZ loveR...goodbYe my hopelezZ dreAmz...i'M tryinG not to thinK abouT you.....mY bAck iz turNed on you...heArtache...almoZ loverZ alwAyz do..."

and i googLed it to be thiZ sonG:

"almoZ loveR" bY a fiNe frenzY~

and previouzlY bAolin led me to thiZ performAnce on youtuBe....whicH she atteNded and she sAid thiZ performAnce attAined a stAnding ovAtion....wisH i wAz theRe:

"uprizinG" originAlly bY muZe, heRe a capellA bY octopodeZ~

whY wAzn't my undergrAd dAyz so excitinG muzicAlly? eH wAz, bAzed on how mucH kboX i sAng... ;P