Sunday, March 28, 2010


"loVe moVie" - pAnda & vAlen.



Friday, March 26, 2010

cArouselling witH congezTed insecuritY.

i'M tiRed.

buT i cAn't sleeP.

beeN mezmerizinG myseLf withiN the soothinG voice of my goddezZ - fAye:

the tuNe iz so lighT and smileY.....but the lyricZ are tinTed witH potenT sAdnezz.

sometimeZ i feeL liKe one of the nAive horseS on a cArousel.....esp. recentlY. feelZ liKe i fleW aloNe hAlf wAy arouNd the gloBe to a lAnd of freedoM...buT actuAlly i fleW into anotheR unhAppy cAge filled witH restrictionZ.....

life iz reAlly shorT - and i wondeR whY humAnz keeP livinG? i'M liKe more thAn hAlf wAy througH witH my life.......and there'Re so mucH to do....some of whicH i hAve no abilitieZ to fulfilL................yeT. life fruztrAtez me.


beeN drinkinG alot equAl balAnce of wiNe and beeR....considerinG i juZ boughT an automAted ozteR wiNe openeR:


the lAb wAz so congezTed todAy.....wAnted to ruN a geL buT the geL areA wAz alwAyz kepT in i tooK the shuttLe to the chineZe minimArt @ mounT vernoN to buY rAw mAterialz to mAke muAaah chiiii and red/greeN beAn chefY instinctZ hAve been tinglinG withiN me....

returNed to lAb to hArvest cellZ at nighT...feelinG insecuRe abouT livinG in chApel bcuZ dR. Li spotTed 2 blAck guyZ tryinG to breAk into our houZe wheN he returNed for luncH....YEZ - in broAd dAylight.

welcoMe to bAltimore....argH. cAn't affoRd to moVe at alL......i cAn affoRd the renT of an apArtment...buT i don'T wannA sleeP in an emptY apArtment bcuZ i cAnnot affoRd to buY furnituRe yeT.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

旋转的木马没有翅膀。。。只能原地奔跑。。。永远被锁上。 );

Thursday, March 18, 2010


woKe up todAy.....crAving for lAksa.

thuZ....i mAde lAksa and broughT it for luncH witH my lAb:

pAcked versioN.

alL miXed and reAdy to eAt~!!!!

it'Z awesoMe to enjoY lAksa in a vAst lAnd withouT lAksa....witH anG mohZ (cAucasianz) wonderinG whAt i aM eAting.......


lovinG the sprinG sunshiNe...

sprinG hAz arriVed and the weAther iz amAzing...

hoverinG arouNd 13 degree celsiuZ - bAsking in the suN iz simplY amAzing....

i plAnned restrictioN digestZ in the afternooN...and while digestinG, i strolLed to fellZ poinT.....spendinG tiMe witH illZ.

pitAngo gelAto~!!!!

found a secluded spoT wheRe i cAn lie dowN on flAt whiTe bAsk in the suN:

i loVe the hArbor wAter...

seAgullz flyinG aboVe me... (onlY one showN here)

the suN shininG on me...if onlY tiMe cAn pAuze here.

hAd pitAngo yezterdAy....and thuZ, i tried grAce'z recommendAtion of mr. yogAto:

frozeN creAmy mr. yogAto witH strAwberry and kiwI~

whiLe beinG neAr the seA...i hAve spAce to pondeR abouT myseLf - my life. i smiLe sunnilY upoN hAppy memorieZ...buT feeL extinguisHed wheN my miNd runZ througH the dArk tunnelZ thAt perforAtez my mentAl mAze.

so i stoP swimminG in my mind...wAke up, and returN to lAb to ruN my dnA geL.

my losT suN?

a hAnd througH my mAil sloT - SCAREDEDED...

my houzemAte manAged to scAre the helL out of me.........

bcuZ i forbid smokinG in my houZe (yeA, i'M the houZe manAger yoZ)...mingliAng hAz to get out of the houZe to smoKe, and of all timeZ.....thiZ time he hAd to chooZe to smoKe whiLe i showeR.

so, we juZ chAnged a new dooR locK whicH he'Z not familiAr with yeT...thuZ he wAz locKed out. he kepT yellinG but of courZe i couLdn't heAr anythinG durinG my ktV-showeR sessioN right????? duH?

he sAid he knocKed az welL...and hAz alArmed our neighborZ and eveN our neighbor'Z dog stArted he STUPIDLY (yez, to me it'Z reAlly STUPID) plAced hiz hand/fingerZ througH the mAil sloT and kepT openinG and closinG the slot'Z coveR.......mAking thiZ scAry suspiciouZ metAl-abrAsion noiZe.

afteR i showeRed....i heArd thiZ "noiZe"....and i thought mingliAng'z in the kitcheN? az i wAlked past the mAin door....i sAw fingerZ pokinG througH the mAil sloT....and i shouTed in feAr~!!!!!!!


i do not liVe in a sAfe areA......and i thoughT someone wAz tryinG to breAk in....... ))))))):

it wAz an unforgettAble scAre.

i juZ don't understAnd whAt the helL wAz mingliAng thinkinG?!

FYI - he'Z a Ph.D..........

cAn't he juZ keep knockinG?! cAn't he juZ bring alonG hiZ phone?! cAn't he juZ bring along keyZ???? it'Z all commoN senZe......

and it'Z ultimAte commoN senZe thAt a hAnd pokinG througH the mAil sloT wilL scAre the helL out of anyone........


Sunday, March 14, 2010

wowie morninG bAlcony vieW...

woKe uP todAy.....and wAnted to tAke a good morninG vieW of the hoMewood scenerY on rongronG-chAn'z bAlcony:

amAzing........the aiR iz verY fresH....and the temperAture'z perfecT @ ~ 10 degreeZ celsiuZ.......and he wAz stilL sleepinG.

buT stilL, i won'T doubLe my renT for thiZ scenerY...


bAby goldie~

the cutezT goldeN retrieveR puppY eveR:

rongronG-chAn sAid he lookZ liKe a beAr heRe...hahAaa..

bAby goldie lyinG dowN...hahAaa..


lozinG 1 whoLe houR....


gottA loze one houR due to dAylight sAvingz adjuztmentZ.........

righT @ the tiMe wheN i need moRe tiMe.............


Saturday, March 13, 2010

rongronG-chAn'z beAnie quesadillA~

tonight'Z suppeR iz amAzing~

rongronG-chAn'z beAnie quesadillA = shredded cheeZe + beAnz + jAp./koreAn currY + tortillA~

wAz wAtching in surpriZe az 蓉蓉-chAn heAted the cAnned beAnz.....melTed the shRedded cheeZe withiN...theN tozZed in the cuBed jAp./koreAn currY and miXed it altogetheR.....theN he pAn fried the pieces of tortillA whicH sAndwicHed the beAn mixtuRe~

it'Z nice to wAtch hiM fliP thAt whoLe quesadillA......

hmM, welL....i did helP to hoLd thAt pAcket of tortillA for abit...LOL~

the mAzterpiece? heRe it iz:

rongronG-chAn'z beAnie quesadillA - abiT chArred but thAt'z okAi~

reveAling the deliciouZ beAnie mixtuRe~

the 2nd one iz kindA crumpLed durinG the he aTe thAt one and gAve me the perfectlY rouNd one~ hahAaa~

compAred to the usuAl rAndom cookiez or doritoZ i eAt for suppeR.......hmM, i shAll not eveN compAre...

yumyumzzZ~ <3

cookinG witH rongronG-chAn~

OMG i hAve so mucH to mucH so thAt i hAve trAveled 20000 mileZ acrozZ the gloBe to singApore and bAck to bAltimore....and if any one, yeA - any one iz tryinG to reAd and folloW my bloG....i hoPe you'Re not too losT witH my life....but agAin, az if any one cArez.......

i'lL juZ keeP imAgining there'Z an alieN somewheRe in anotheR plAnet who'Z interesTed in the life of a singAporean asiAn currentlY permAnently damAging hiZ heAd in the greAt lAnd of americA~

buT i need to sorT out all the photoZ i hAve befoRe i begiN on thAt....but befoRe thAt i hAve to settLe some lAb thinG whicH requireZ my immediAte attentioN....

BUT (ok too mAny butZ)...i so hAve to posT thiZ for noW:

perfecT dinneR: herbAl chickeN~!! abAlone~ rice~ red wine~ and aniMe + clAssic hongkonG showZ~

zoominG in on our herbAl chickeN - yeZ a WHOLE chickeN~!!

mY solitAry dinneR here iz usuAlly leftoveR pizzA/food froM meetingZ or juZ some simpLe noodle or sAndwich i mAke withiN minutezzZ....

untiL rongronG-chAn and me plAnned to mAke thiZ herbAl chickeN togetheR @ hiZ apArtment siNce he finAlly finisHed hiZ coRe courzeS....hmM, ok, hiZ plAn.......we'Re suppoZed to eAch cooK somethinG and he plAnned herbAl chickeN, whiLe i mAde shArkzfin and abAlone (all cAnned senT froM dhZ and conZ...LOL~) and broughT the goK4 zAi2 desserT az welL~

it wAz ouR 1sT tiMe tryinG to cooK a whoLe'Z juZ funnY hoW initiAlly he'Z the onlY one meddlinG witH thAt rAw chickeN....theN i hAd to joiN in the "fuN" to help hiM whicH i reAlly didn'T wisH to.....yiiii~!!

howeveR it wAz quiTe fun to deAl witH thAt whoLe chickeN tryinG to cleAn it (oK, i mAde hiM cleAn it...) and stuff in the herbZ.....and we "seAled" the chickeN witH thiZ red strinG froM hiZ rice wAz an imprompTu solutioN to prevenT the herbZ froM burztinG ouT~ LOL~!!

thereafteR....we cleAned up and dowNed bAileyz + he dowNed soMe mArtell i broughT + eislinG ice wine froM boordy'Z + plAyed lotZ witH bAby goldie and hiZ friendZ...he'Z simplY adorAble~!!!

..yeA, crApping witH kiAn menG on gchAt togetheR @ ~1aM?! LOL~ he muZ thinK we'Re crAzy......buT whAt iz "sAm pAt"?? hmpH....

and 蓉蓉-chAn betteR not uze my toothbrusH to cleAn hiz cAze i eveR uze it agAin~!! LOL~

thiZ iz one of my besT memorAble dinnerZ eveR - heRe.

cheerZ witH rongronG-chAn~

Friday, March 05, 2010