Friday, February 26, 2010


wcwbt?! wtf?!!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

izn'T it enougH to be youNg and fRee noW?

so, disneykid1 (Joseph Birdsong) actuAlly composes hiz own songZ~!!!!!!

noW me reAlly like thiZ sonG:

"coMe on, sugAr~!!" bY josepH birdsonG.

fAvorite lyric: "izn'T it enougH to be youNg and fRee noW?"

sigH - i'M not thAt younG, and i'M not thAt fRee...........i'M pricelezZ OK~!!!!!!

yeA - he'z one of the thinnezT guyZ i'Ve eveR seeN....


hoW do i courieR muAh chiiii..???

tu tu kueY (toP) and muAh chiiii (bottoM)~!!!!!!!

OMG, the aboVe trAditional asiAn snAckz are non-existenT in bAltimore.

i wAz @ the tempLe witH pakpAk and makmAk yezterdAy....and usuAlly snAck stAllz arouNd templeZ wilL definitelY selL muAh chiii and tu tu kueY - 2 of my fAve snAckz...

蓉蓉-chAn jokinglY asKed me to brinG bAck muAh chiiii (welL, hiZ fAve too~!!!) foR hiM.....buT it'Z an impossibLe tAsk - unlezZ i fiNd out itz recipe befoRe i returN theN i'lL mAke it foR hiM....siNce he cookZ for me in betweeN exAmz... ;P

hmM......anotheR impossibilitY?

aH - me gonnA courieR bAck mAny more trAditional ingredientZ for cooK for me. LOL~!!! <3


the adorAble shuffleR.

usuAlly, i thinK kidZ and toddlerZ are abominAble. therefoRe, wheN i annouNce thAt some pArticular kid iz adorAble - i trulY meAn it.

noW, izn'T thiZ kid simplY adorAble???

"welcoMe to the cleAn flooR of singApore." wAz whAt i sAid to hiZ pArentz....and we alL lAughed.

bAck theN, we juZ touchdowNed and weRe queueinG to get ouR pAzzportz checKed @ terminAl 3 of chAngi airporT.......

yeA - the queue wAz looooonG, and everyone'Z tiRed and wAiting.

howeveR, thiZ kid wAz sleepinG on the flooR beside hiZ pArentz, and he wilL wAke periodicAlly to shuffLe alonG witH hiZ pArentz az the queue progresseS...

awwW~!!! <3

4aM.'Z reAlly tirinG to experieNce cnY witH my fAmily.....the visitZ (botH to our houZe and otheR relAtives' houseS)...

the gAtheringz... (not everY thAt i enjoY)

plAnz to settLe adminiztrAtive stuffz witH the bAnk and CPF boArd..


and, i'M not someoNe thAt experieNces jeT lAg to any degRee...bcuZ i aM totAlly consciouZ of whicH tiMe zoNe i'M in....

BUT, stilL, i woKe @ 4aM.

i uZed to wAke arouNd 3aM for nothinG bAck in bAltimore....and stilL it continueZ wheN me in singApore....

unliKe beN who doeZ ellipticAl and worK wheN he wAkez @ 3aM.....

i'lL juZ bloG theN trY to sleeP.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

早点回家。。。 (coMe hoMe quicklY)...

finAlly.....reAched hoMe sweeT hoMe in singApore froM bAlitmore~!!!!!

the flightZ were loooooooonG and stAble and steAdy~

liKe 21 hourz on aiR???

kepT loopinG thiZ sonG....whicH Qingfeng creAted wheN he reAlly wAnted to go hoMe to celebrAte neW yeAr witH hiz fAmily...

yeA - a song thAt mAde me teAred abit bcuZ i thoughT of my owN grAndma who pAzzed awAy wheN i 1sT heArd thiZ sonG...


Friday, February 12, 2010

finAlly... pheW.


finAlly, i'M alL pAcked and reAdy to fly...flY bAck froM a lAnd of snoW to a lAnd of ALL sunshiNe~

it'Z abt 4aM wAiting for hAng-ni-mah to pick me~ ;)

he asKed me to sleeP for a while....whicH i didn'T, chAtted with 蓉蓉-chAn insteAd....hahAaa....were exchAnging songZ and asKed him to listeN to thiZ sAd one...:

忽然觉得好想你 - 张智霖

it'Z by now listeninG to it.

thiZ sonG meltZ hAng-ni-mah meltZ the snoW thAt trApped hiz hondA accoRd witH hot boilinG wAter...hahAaa~

alL rightZ, shAll resT a whiLe.

hmM, SIGH. buT whY did my pcR screeN not worK?! i spenT my whoLe of todAy doing it..........hmpH the pcR~!!! ):

flyinG sooN...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010






yeZ....the snoW storM @ bAltimore iz reAlly horrific and threAtening...

buT fuN, entertAining, and....unforgettAble.

alL americAnz and chineZe i knoW hAve neveR seeN thiZ mucH snoW - surprizinglY amAzing.

epiclY legendAry...


i mAde a triP whiLe snoW wAz deluginG......alL the wAy to and fro mY lAb and besT buY @ inneR hArbor yezterdAy lAte afternooN~

i soooooO needed to geT thiZ SD cArd for the cAmera i boughT for my pArentz......

thiZ iz a clAssic exAmple of the cAveatz of onliNe shoppinG. the shippeR of the SD cArd iz so duH to leAve out pArt of my addrezZ......thAt it didn'T arriVe at alL?!

me wAz forced to wAlk on uneveN snoW almoZ alL the wAy.....buT nothinG wilL stop me froM completinG my presenT for my pakpAk and makmAk~!!!!


the fAlling snoW iz beAutiful...but horribLe @ the sAme time.

photoZ telL a millioN wordZ:

finAlly a welL shoveLed pAth~!!!!

eveN the hArbor'z frozeN...

yeA - alL coveRed in snoW...LOL~!!!!

shAked awAy alL the snoW....pheW~!!!

toLd bellA (luckY) abouT my trip....and she sAid i wAz "stupid".....but welL....yeA, but stupidlY dAngerouzly fuN and no regretZ~!!! LOL~!!!

SD cArd - missioN accomplisHed~!!!

LS = lAu4 snoW....

the bAltimore skY iz LS-inG~!!!

diArrhoea iz "lAu4 sAi4" in hokkieN....ofteN abbreviAted az "LS".

buT....siNce it iz snowinG non-stop now...LS shAll be lAu4 snoW~!!

LOL~ i gottA ciTe thiZ terM froM grAce'z gchAt stAtuz... ;)

strugglinG witH the nAtural LS.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

frAmeshifted itinerAry~!!!!

all expecTed, my flighT tomorroW hAz been officiAlly cAnceled due to the snoW storM~!!!


my itinerAry iz frAmeshifted by 2 dAyz into the shAll be bAck in singApore only on 13tH feB 11:45pm~!! juZ on tiMe to step into the 1sT lunAr dAy~

hmM.....but mighT need to worK around missinG the officiAlly plAnned reunioN dinnerzzZ.... ):

alL for sAfety~

sigH - extended trAvel wAiver.


az i expected....the trAvel wAiver issued by United Airlines have been 11 Feb~!!!!

me suppozed to flY on 10 Feb....and i thinK now i will get to flY only on 12 Feb....which directly meAnz i'll mizz my officiAl reunioN dinneR - whicH i'm suppozed to treAt.... ): i reAd the tAblez for the trAvel wAiver....i wondeR whAt'z the differeNce betweeN "Winter Storm" and "Snowstorm"?

argH - juZ wheN i thinK thingZ are feelinG betteR az i mAde illZie...divinG into the pileZ of snoW.......theN now my mood kindA spirAlz downwArdz agAin.

whY iz life liKe thAt? yeA, thiZ iz life.

fAce suckZ, so, logicAlly, i stronglY bliVe all humAnz shouLd stoP procreAting...LOL~


p.S.: it'lL be a mirAcle if my flighT followZ the originAl 10 Feb scheduLe.

Monday, February 08, 2010

trAvel wAiver... ):


i juZ spoKe to the uniTed airlineZ persoN - a trAvel wAiver doezn't equAte to the cAncellation of a flighT.

my flighT iz stilL on....BUT, it could be possible thAt it cAn be cAncelled due to the 2nd wAve of the currenT snoW storM.........

i need to checK agAin tomorroW.

gosH, thiZ iz a new experieNce.

eveN if my plAne tAkez off to chicAgo...will i be sAfe?

i prAy thAt i'lL be fine....all i wAnt iz to hAve a nice reunioN dinneR witH my fAmily i hAven't eveN met in persoN for 1.5 yeArz........

thougH thiZ possibilitY dAmpenz my mood...but i guezZ i cAn worK more on my experimentZ eveN if my flightZ are cAnceled.

alL for good... )::)

twisTed into uncertAinty.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

illZ - signAture on snoW

illZ - sigNed on snoW...

the aboVe "arcH" wAz cArved bY me spreAding my 2 armZ on thiZ mini sloPe of snoW outside mY'Z a signAture of an illzY arM-lengtH mAgnitude~


illZie - my 1sT eveR snowmAn~!!!

~3 yrz mAde frostY the mini snowboY in lAb uzinG the icinG froM the minuZ 80 fridGe......

todAy, i mAde illZie - mY 1sT eveR genuiNe snowmAn~!!!!!!!!!!!

mAterialz needed:
1. nAtural snoW
2. illZ (me~!!!)
3. 2 blue decorAtive pebbleZ (froM vaze fouNd in houZe) az eyeZ
4. bAby cArrot az noZe
5. hAndtowel az asymMetric scArf
6. hAir geL coveR az hAt bAze
7. liQuid fAbric softener'z bottLe coveR az hAt toP
8. colorfuL squigglY springY toY az hAt riM
9. 3 dried roZe petAlz az buttonZ~

illZie - righT @ mY doorsteP....guArding mY houZe~

seLf portrAit witH illZie~

me & illZie~

plAying witH snoW iz sooooo fuN...buT quiTe exhAuzting too...

thAnkfully, i hAve my snowboArding oAkley downjAcket and a pAir of ski pAntz~

yeA - snoW iz quiTe a good hAirstylizt~


fuN witH a hiztoricAl snoW storM...


thiZ snoW blizzArd arouNd mAryland iz hiztoricAl accordinG to thiZ.

seriouzlY, thiZ one'Z mucH heAvier thAn the one i experieNced durinG my NYC triP 2 monthZ ago.....

i reAd about hoW HUGE the snow storM wouLd be on The Sun (newzpAper) yezterdAy morninG - wheN everywheRe wAz stilL cleAn froM snoW.

noW, afteR one nighT, snoW iz everywheRe~!!!!

thAnkz dR. Li for shovelinG a wAy ouT of chApel~!!

pozinG witH our shoveL~ notice hoW deeP the snoW iz?

buried~ LOL~

i simplY loVe snoW~!!!!!

snoW iz good for wAz crAzily thicK....

pointinG towArdz the hozpitAl....notice alL the cArz are immobiliZed...

i liVe alonG thiZ streeT~

tRee - nicelY iced.

a houZe seAled bY snoW - glAd we broKe out froM the snoW thAt blocKed ouR houZe dooR...

in the middLe of the whitelY isolAted no-cAr-at-alL streeT...

heyZ, where'Z the hopkinZ securitY guArd?


me wAz plAying witH the snoW outside my houZe....helpinG some of my neighborZ shoveL...and surpriZed to cAtch one of my neighborZ tAking a photo of me rollinG arouNd in snoW froM her kitcheN~!! LOL~!! she theN asKed for my emAil to send it to me....

freezinglY gorgeouZ.

Friday, February 05, 2010



rooftoP nighT vieW of peAbody courT hoteL...

it'Z the annuAl recruitmenT dinneR for mY grAduate progrAm....and thiZ yeAr, our dinner'Z @ the rooftoP of peAbody courT hoteL~

fouNd thiZ awesoMe nighT vieW froM the coAt-hAnging-rooM:

hmM...wenT 1 above the 3-drinK ruLe thAt beN set foR me.....buT i manAged to tAke the shuttLe hoMe sAfely~ ;P

hmM, i reAlly shouldn'T drinK since i'M not feelinG welL...drinkinG mAkez me lAugh...and somehoW amplifieZ my sAdnezz too. buT i won'T stoP drinkinG. ):

anyhowZ, wheneveR i drinK....i wAke up dAmn eArly. i woKe @ ~1:30aM...replied 蓉蓉-chAn'z texT (cuZ he woKe too~!!)...theN woKe agAin @ ~3aM due to a verY weird and scAry dreAm...and couLdn't sleeP siNce. hmpH.

so, i mighT az welL begiN my dAy reAlly eArly...todAy'z a long dAy and i need coffee...bAzed on hoW littLe i slepT...and thiZ iz me witH kindA puffY eyeZ:

"i juZ wannA sleeP..."

i hoPe the snoW won'T stop the shuttleZ froM goinG.....bcuZ i reAlly need to go througH some experimentZ witH henrY (thiZ undergrAd i'M guidinG in lAb) in the afternooN - afteR i guide one of the pAthobio recruitZ around cAmpuz.

weiRded ouT.

breAd, milK, and toileT pAper.

i remembeR beN sAid before....thAt in bAltimore, wheneveR a snoW storM iz expecTed......breAd, milK, and toileT pAper wilL be ouT of stocK.

seriouzlY, seriouzlY....

2010 - unexpecTedly....bAltimore'z receivinG wAy lot more snoW thAn befoRe...and thiZ cominG weekend'z gonnA be eveN scArier....witH a predicTed 2 feet of snoW?!

hmM....thiZ wAz lAst sAturday...juZ outside mY lAb:

tomorrow'Z flightZ were alreAdy cAnceled.....i'M juZ glAd my flighT (afteR thiZ snoW storM) nexT wednezdAy shouLd be okAi....~

snoW....freezingly gorgeouZ to me.


Thursday, February 04, 2010

mmmmm hoiiii sAaaam... ):