Tuesday, December 29, 2009

juZ woKe.

felL asleeP oNce i reAched hoMe juZ now @ ~7pM?

theN woKe abouT noW in the middLe of the nighT..? rememberinG vAguely....thAt i wAz bAck hoMe (the one in singApore) in a dreAm......buT i wAzn't hAppy. i wAz on the verGe of cryinG due to emotionAl seLf-reprimAnding....i stood in mY home kitcheN in fronT of the mirroR...i don'T thinK i wAz lookinG at myseLf crY.


and i juZ reAlized i skipPed dinneR......but i'M not hungrY....the sierrA i drAnk befoRe cominG hoMe wAz my dinneR.


lotzA thingZ i wannA do but i leAve undoNe...

one of theM iz to collAte the NYC-triP photoZ and shoW theM to my fAmily at leAzt...

and lotzA otheR lAb stuffZ....and thiZ tAke-home exAm whicH i keeP drAgging....

welL, here i picK my fAvorite seLf portrAit froM my NYC triP.....tAken at centrAl pArk...:

bAck to completinG the secoNd hAlf of my genomicZ exAm.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

zAet mAiii bAaet foooi. <3


Saturday, December 26, 2009

cAeng gAiii... ):

finAlly i spelT ouT thiZ cAntoneze sonG i'Ve beeN repeAting.....whiLe downinG mY Sandeman Founders Reserve Porto righT from the bottLe......thAnkz beN for givinG the schweeeeeeeeT wiNe to me~!! ^o^

holidAyz are simplY for drinkinG...and workinG too...wheN prActically no one elZe iz arouNd....

bud yeW mAi sohN cAeng biN dAeng yoO dAeng mid..
bud yeW heAm loi zeK dou yoO tAaa hAeng dAeng zoi bud sionG giiN..
ngoI hAen mou soI zonG lid...
bud scoI biN konG yid...

bud yeW mAi sohN hoN seK sAem cooT yi lAii..
bud yeW kiiM sAeng zeK dou donG dAak zAam yonG hoi ngoI moH gooAi..

(bAa) geii liN lAooo kAap hAa sAaii...
bud doI bid yAan fAat sAaii...

woR soi yii gei dAek
bud nAeng yonG ta conG wAii...
bud yeW doI ta yii lAiii….
gAm cAeng coI ta coooT mAii…
yoNg neI hei fooN yAoo dAii…

see ngoI bud yi toI gou jiii tAi…
bud yeW tAi mAeng mok juonG dAan scoonG bAii…
yAet ji geI ji yoo-ohK…
(tAam cAeng bud qi yAu gAii…)

wAii zeH wAii nAa tAam cAeng wAii liooo hionG sAooo...
wAii nei wAii ngoH wAii hoH wAii tAa…yAen sAooo....

it sAddenz me aloT cuZ "bud yeW heAm loi zeK dou yoO tAaa hAeng dAeng zoi bud sionG giiN...".

juZ wannA be zoiiI into dreAmladn...~~~

losT and thuZ fouNd - withiN fAye'z surreAl voice..

life iz sucH a stupid conrAdictiion/./....

dreAmily gAiii-inG cAeng. ):

Monday, December 21, 2009

NYC Apple Store rockZ~!!!

It waz so cold outside and we seeked wArmth withiN the trAnsparent-toP fiftH avenue Apple stoRe~

the plAce iz so nice they are perfectlY fine with us charginG iPodz and iPhones in the shop while juZ uzing the fRee interneT to check cinemA venuez on the displAyed lAptops.....


Sunday, December 20, 2009

AMAZING Apple Store in The Big Apple~

noW blogginG shortlY in the amAzing trAnzparent stoRe.....

on thiZ roundY mAcbook 13-incH...hahAaa...

the 5tH avenue streeT iz too coLd and icY to wAlk....

duH, if the mvpbuZ bAck to bAltimore iz not cAncelled....i wouLd be hAlfway home?

wAiting foR my 1sT eveR expensiVe amtraK ride @ 440aM....argH~!! buT i shAll be bAck on tiMe tomorroW morninG foR clAzz....and a scoPe meetinG witH 3 profzzZ.......

sigH - plAnz to settLe my genomicZ essAy exAm questionZ hAve to be postpoNed withouT a choice........

amAzingly in neW yorK citY~

Friday, December 18, 2009

dreAming a dreAm thAt died....):

noW me on a mvpbuS....trAvelling to the biG appLe - neW yorK citY~!!!!

there'Z wifi on the buS...so thiZ iz mY 1sT bloG whilLe on a buS~

me remembeR adAm told me he wilL brinG me to NYC and shoW me ard....but froM experieNce, whAt he sayZ rArely fulfilL.

eventuAlly, it'Z onlY me myseLf whoM I cAn trulY depeNd on...

glAd mingliAng'z witH me....too bAd dR. Li hAd to withdrAw froM thiZ triP due to worK commitmenT....

repeAting susAn boyle'Z phenomenAl "I dreAmed a dreAm".....

wAndering my miNd az the freewAy lAmpz flAsh bY...

thiZ triP wilL be intereztinG~

dreAming a dreAm thAt died.... ):

Sunday, December 13, 2009

tribuTe to stepheN. )::)

i juZ reAlized thAt one of the boyzoNe memberZ pAzzed awAy 8 dAyz afteR my bdAy thiZ yeAr.

stepheN gAtely - i actuAlly prefeR hiZ voice to ronan'Z...bcuZ it'Z gentleR.

heRe i shoW 2 of mY fAvorite boyzoNe songZ:

"everydAy i loVe you"

"no mAtter whAt"

encourAging but sAd.

thougH deAthz are sAd....perhApz i shouLd smiLe for stepheN hAz moVed on into a brighteR and lighteR non-physicAl worLd.


who aM i..?

i hAve a hAbit of foldinG food wrApperz.

liKe.....the burgeR wrApper @ fAst food reztAurantz~ afteR finishinG mY burgeR, i wilL fold the wrApper nicelY and flAtly into a smAll and neAt squAre or rectAngle.

and cAndy wrApperz....

beN alwAyz keepZ the cAndy contAiner in ouR lAb fulL~ and afteR gobblinG on verY mAny hershey'Z nuggetZ....i spelT mY nAme:

afteR i arrAnged mY nAme....i wondeR whY i did thAt.

and i bliVe it'Z bcuZ....i'M wonderinG who i aM.

i'M illZ.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

neveR giVe uP.

retAil therApied witH bellA and heR frieNd (whoM i cAll the jAmaican girL) @ whiTe mArsh mAll....

glAd thAt bellA boughT a nice rosY drezZ (heR 1sT eveR) froM mAcy'z....and she alSo boughT a purpLe toP whicH i choZe for heR @ Forever21~

welL, whAt cAn i sAy? shoppinG iz ALWAYZ fuN esp. wheN there'Z a sAle @ JCPenney....Macy's...like almoZ everywheRe for the chriztmAz seAson.

hmM....mY shoppinG fuN wAz alL @ JCPenney...me boughT thiZ pAir of uniQue jeAnz desigNed for skAterz, and i fouNd thiZ tAg on it:

verY meAningfully phrAzed......thougH abiT clicHe:
"Don't ever give up. You gotta keep trying and never give up."

beinG in a foreigN lAnd, i trY to experieNce whAtever singApore doezn'T hAve.....thingZ and food thAt i'Ve neveR heArd of....brAndz liKe Ryan Sheckler.....Mist? Rusty? Arby's....American Living.....thiZ worLd iz intereztinglY HUGE.

agReed and retAil-therApied.



thoughT i wouLd begiN mY sAturday witH a nice hAircut.


appt @ 9aM,
woKe @ 825aM,
showeRed quicklY,
returNed to lAb quicklY to grAb somethinG,
reAched sAlon @ 920aM.

tooooo lAte? mizZed my whole appT.?

yAh i agRee, buT izn'T there a 15miN grAce period? AND if you counT thAt in, technicAlly, i wAz onlY 5miN lAte. and she sAid i hAd to rescheduLe tiL 310pM?!

FORGET IT. losT mY mood to triM mY hAir.

BUT of courZe i wAz friendlilY sAying it'Z fiNe blAh........juZ thAt i kepT cursinG on the wAy hoMe cuZ i hAd to wAlk a miLe througH negAtive 3 degreeZ for NOTHING.

hoPe mY retAil therApy witH bellA lAter won'T be ruiNed bY thiZ stupid incidenT.

mAybe a messY looK suitZ my messY mood betteR.

Friday, December 11, 2009

lettinG go iz an essentiAl life skilL.

one of my fAvorite mAndarin songZ of alL tiMe...bcuZ it mAkez senZe and i agRee witH the lyricZ...everytiMe i plAy thiZ sonG, i need to repeAt it severAl timeZ:

todAy, i directlY and indirectlY recommeNded 2 friendZ to listeN to thiZ sonG - hopinG theY wilL understAnd thAt lettinG go iz an essentiAl life skilL...

recentlY, me seemZ to be shRouded bY sAdnezz and stillnezZ and negAtivity. or mAybe not onlY recentlY? LOL~ @ leAzt i cAn stilL lAugh @ myseLf~

welL - @ leAzt i finAlly attAined my plAzmid cloNe.....afteR screeninG hundredzzzzZ of colonieZ...i nAme thiZ one not onlY a HOT shiT but the HOTTEZT SHIT.

gosH, deAdline'z reAlly neAr - need to reAlly stArt workinG.

argH - i need to hAlt my onliNe retAil therApy.....it'Z fuN and therApeutic but it costZ too mucH...

and....hoPe tomorrow'Z hAircut wilL be awesoMe...shouLd i keeP my frinGe?


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

sAve me froM wAking uP tonighT.

i wAke up suddenlY foR mAny of my nightZ.

sometimeZ eArlier @ 2+am.
usuAlly 315.

i lie theRe thinkinG.
underneAth mY dArkened stArz.

sometimeZ i reAch to grAzp one of mY fAllen stArz.
a stArry sillouetTe fillinG mY lefT pAlm.
lookinG @ itZ losT gloW...
in the dArk.

a feW dAyz ago,
insteAd of lyinG...i sAt uP.

stilL thinkinG.
stilL doinG nothinG.



while i'M runninG mY dnA geL, i pAzzed bY jAred singinG thiZ sonG:

i loVe the lyricZ - bcuZ i agRee.

sAve me froM wAking uP tonighT. ):

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

won'T stoP bliviN' witH opeN armZ~!!!!

won'T stoP bliviN' witH opeN armZ~!!!!!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Joe McElderry <3

i remembeR heAring Joe'z auditioN a coupLe of monthZ bAck....

yeZ - i'M referrinG to "The X Factor" - the British versioN of "American Idol".

and somehoW....recentlY, i wondeRed how he'Z doinG in the shoW....and youtuBed hiM........and i'M thoroughlY amAzed bY hiM.

alL the wAy to the finAlz....i'M suRe he'lL be the winneR~!!

hiZ voice iz AMAZING adn ADDICTIVE.

heRe i linK to alL hiZ 9 liVe showZ so fAaar.....:

auditioN - "dAnce witH mY fAther"
liVe shoW 1 - "no regretZ"

liVe shoW 2 - "wheRe do brokeN heArtz go?"

liVe shoW 3 - "swAy"
liVe shoW 4 - "don'T stoP believiN'"
liVe shoW 5 - "circLe of life"
liVe shoW 6 - "somebodY to loVe"
liVe shoW 7 - "don'T leT the suN go dowN on me"
liVe shoW 8.I - "couLd it be mAgic"
liVe shoW 8.II - "sorrY seemZ to be the hArdezt woRd"
liVe shoW 9.I - "she'Z ouT of mY life"
liVe shoW 9.II - "opeN armZ"

and my fAvoritez so fAr are "don'T stoP believiN'" and "opeN armZ"...

liVe shoW 4 - "don'T stoP believiN'"

i won'T stoP bliviN' thAt i WILL get mY plAzmid cloNe~!!!!!!!

todAy iz a HUGE disAppointment for me, and i'M juZ so fed uP abouT mY life.



buT gottA keeP liviN' mY life...

...nice to listeN to Joe whiLe tryinG to get my e.coLi to mAke my plAzmidz....

won'T stoP bliviN'.

huffinG cloudZ....

kindA enjoyinG the coLd weAther~!!!!

i loVe the foggY cloudZ forMed wheneveR i exhAle........a googLe seArch for "foggY breAth" yieLded thiZ adorAble kitteN:

wishinG tiMe cAn be frozeN too.

huffinG cloudZ...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

drencHed in the snoW.

winteR officiAlly arriVed cuZ i wAlked in fAlling snoW-rAin mixtuRe todAy.

i cAnnot explAin my thoughtZ or actionZ to myseLf recentlY.
beeN thinkinG aloT.

aloT moRe?
or aloT lezZ?
it juZ mAkez thingZ moRe confuzinG.
and i don'T knoW whY.

not wAnting to worK,
or do whAt i need to.
or do whAt i wAnt to.
buT i need to.
and i wilL.
and heRe i aM workinG.
seeinG the bAndz i expecTed seeinG.

iZ thAt juZ an incompleTe enzyMe digeztioN?
noW i gottA triAl an overnighT reAction.
wannA do soMe genoMic extrAction.

i need and i wAnt to cleAn my rooM.
i'lL begiN witH my lAundry.

glAd for certAin thingZ.
feelZ bAd for refuzinG.
irkinG certAin thingZ.

need to stAy awAy.
foreveR fArway.

deAdline'z neAring...
need to stArt myseLf goinG.

beeN wAtching and beinG amAzed bY susAn boyLe:

lizteN to the lyricZ cArefully bcuZ they are verY sAd, but hopefuL.
"noW life hAz kilLed the dreAm i dreAmed." iz the finAl senteNce.

mY stArz juZ keeP fAlling.

whAt elZe wilL i chAnge?

cAn't affoRd to chAnge my addrezZ - yeT.

or mAybe i won'T.


losT - yeT?

i'lL pAuze typinG and stArt thinkinG.

life iz a choicelezZ gAme alL sentienT beingZ are liceNzed to plAy.

refuginG on mY inneR jettY extendinG into my seA of wondeR.

twiztinG + greeninG = nokiA 7705

i trulY adoRe rAre + smAll itemZ.....

and a few yeArz bAck, mY mobiLe phoNe wAz thiZ petiTe panAsonic gd55:

noW...me finAlly joiNed verizoN witH my adorAble squArish nokiA twizT:

fronT vieW~

reAr witH a mirroR~

mY greeN lighT rinG~!!!!!

loVe it soooo mucH me mAde a vid abouT it...buT the bAckground muZic wAz dizabLed.....wondeR whAt'z witH WMG.....fRee promotioN of songZ togetheR witH a mAtching phoNe...and theY don'T wAnt it. duH...

me ezpeciAlly loVe the contAct lighT rinG........amAzing~!!!!

oH the Simply Green skiN froM decAlgirl.com arriVed yezterdAy~!! hahAa.....

and it'Z mY 1zT nokiA...and mY 1zT phoNe witH a qwertY keyboArd...nice~!!!!!!!

loviN' mY HOT mezZ...

thAnkzgivinG + blAck fridAy

okAi.......so it'Z beeN a weeK +.....

me spenT a wonderfuL thAnkzgivinG @ ben'Z houZe on thAnkzgiving dAy itseLf = 4tH thurzdAy of novembeR.

an amAzing homelY experieNce......cuZ in the stAtez, thAnkzgiving reunioN iz equivAlent to reunioN dinneR on chineZe neW yeAr...and the turkeY wAz HUGE.....

righT afteR the pArty....me returNed to lAb to screeN colonieZ....theN it'Z blAck fridAy shoppinG froM 1+aM tiL 5+aM witH hAng-ni-mah...

mY blAck fridAy scooP:

boughT lezZ thAn lAzt yeAr...

the shoppinG finisheS witH my nokiA twizT (see nexT posT!!)

retAil therAp-ied...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

enougH of HOT shiT.

afteR PCR-screeninG a helL lot of colonieZ...........

finAlly one of theM fired a bAnd:

senT the aboVe imAge to beN oNce i got the originAl geL imAge......unsuRe if he cheeRed or boo-ed me wheN he sAw the shiT imAgez - witH a seedlinG growinG on eAch of theM OK~!!!

reAlly ALL fingerZ crozZed foR thiZ to be the one.....and onlY - mY preciouZ *LOTR styLe* (adApted froM weN-mei)...

HOT dAmn~!!!!!

chAnging into a HOT mezZ.

recentlY, i hAve unexplAinable urgez to mAke chAngez to my life....juZ wannA chAnge and chAnge and chAnge to betteR myseLf~

theN i recAlled thiz sonG:

"a chAnge wilL do you good" bY sheryL croW.

hahAaa.....yupZ - thiZ song applieZ to me noW~~~

the 1sT reAlly significAnt chAnge for me iz to ditcH my suckY t-mobiLe prepAid line and sigN a 2-yR contrAct witH the besT (thougH CDMA) wirelezZ cArrier in the stAtez - verizoN.

reAlly hAppy witH my adorAble phoNe chozeN with the helP of 蓉蓉-chAn....and of courZe my brAnd new numbeR~~~

noW i hAve buried my oLd numbeR into the grAve~

diztributinG my neW numbeR iz reAlly eAzy - juZ my lAb, clAzzmatez, currenT houzemAtez, lAndlady, and 蓉蓉-chAn. mY sociAl circLe iz reAlly commendAble....LOL~

shAll onlY shoW my cute cute phoNe here afteR my gorgeouZ decAl for it arriveZ.....for noW, it iz uzed in thiZ mV - mY neW muzicAl obssessioN on repeAt:

"hoT mezZ" bY cobrA stArship.

loviN' mY HOT mezZ yeA...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

忘掉你像忘掉我... ):

pAzzed by thiz lovelilY sAd fAye sonG on the formidAble interneT...

"忘掉你像忘掉我" - bY fAye.

a song fulL of confuzed hesitAtion, sillY grAciouznezz, perpetuAl wondeR, crAzy loVe, and unwillinG forgetfulnezZ.

heNce the apT titLe of "忘掉你像忘掉我"...

wilL forgettinG someoNe resulT in forgettinG oneseLf..?

i thinK it'z impossibLe to 100%lY forgeT anyoNe you losT....cuZ neuronZ are expertz of recognitioN.

hAir styLe,
alcohoL choice - @ leaZt one of theZe iz remembeRed for eternitY.

once and for alL, plZ.

i won'T loZe myseLf to me.