Wednesday, November 25, 2009

yeArz fleeT bY...

wAtched thiZ mV thiZ morninG.....and fAye didn'T eveN sinG in the vid....she wAz juZ beinG herseLf - or someoNe elZe. <3

"fleetinG yeArz" bY fAye.

"felL in loVe with the imperfectionZ of an angeL...
expressinG myseLf witH the lAnguage of the deviL...
god simplY blinKed oNce up amongzT the cloudZ...
eventuAlly she nodded oNce witH a frowN...


in the yeArz i'M aliVe...
it'Z inevitAble to meet you withiN nArrow wAlkwayz...
tAngly lineZ suddenlY scrAtched upoN my pAlm..."

fleetinG in my miNd.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ePic isolAtion.

mY mobiLe phoNe hAz beeN dizmAntled for 2 weekZ....and countinG.

somehoW juZ refuzinG to assembLe it.

i thinK it hAz not affecTed my "americAn" life mucH siNce prActically no one callZ me or textZ me...?

so i juZ lived withouT a phoNe....

trApping myseLf in my solitAry illZ bubbLe.


tAlked about thiZ witH kS wheN i accompAnied her to AT&T lAst last week....and her point of vieW iz...there are peopLe who mighT wAnt to contAct me....buT it'Z bcuZ stAying on cheApo suckY prepAid deterZ anyone from cAlling me.

pluZ....the w910i i lefT in my wAshing mAchine crAnkz up ALL the switcheZ itseLf off afteR i sAid "hellO" becomeZ low bAtt instAntly...

ok, i agRee.

hAng-ni-mah occAsionally cAllz me suddenlY. kS too....who knowZ who elZe? tizzY mighT texT me too...

adAm cAlled qiN (lAndlady) to see if i wAz i ok cuZ he juZ couldn'T reAch me on the phoNe. "no moRe" and "peRiod.".

am i beinG irrezponsibLy evAsive?

i eveN outrightlY toLd 蓉蓉-chAn to onlY gchAt me.

i uzed to thinK thAt hAving a mobiLe phone reAdy witH me iz a necessitY of moderN livinG....almoZ liKe a rezponsibilitY to anyone i mighT knoW and who mighT wannA contAct me.

buT, ain'T emAil, skyPe, and gchAt enougH?!

yeZ - mY vieW remAinz.


thuZ, i spenT the whoLe afternooN lookinG @ phoneZ and plAnz of mobiLe cArrierz..........i don'T miNd chAnging numberZ cuZ there aren'T alot of peopLe for me to updAte my numbeR.

now i'M witH t-mobiLe and the receptioN suckZ....seriouzlY.

verizoN wilL be the one to joiN.....buT verizoN useS some CDMA technologY....SIM cArd-lezz....

here in the stAtez, every cArrier offerZ strictlY differenT modelZ...and i'M so uzed to sonY ericssoN....but the modelZ here sucK.

i don'T need the interneT 3G thingie...too eX.....

i don'T liKe motorolA.....neveR sAmsung. lG??? mAybe......argH.

and the plAnz are so eX........the hopkinZ dizcount helpZ abiT....



the followinG are a feW thAt cAught my eyeZ:

(USA) verizoN - buT need a $30 datA plAn...?!

(USA) verizoN - sleeK....buT bAd reviewZ...

(USA) t-mobiLe - nice...buT suckY receptioN.

(Singapore) m1 - mighT reAlly get thiZ wheN i returN hoMe to resigN my contrAct...whY sonY ericssoN onlY hAz nice designZ in asiA?!


and if i stAy witH t-mobiLe....whY doeZ it cosT so mucH to activAte a line and buY anotheR SIM cArd?! bAd receptioN buT the besT pAckage.

i mighT az welL go verizoN....whicH hAz the besT receptioN and the besT websiTe desigN.....buT lAme un-nice phoneZ....

suddenlY hAve the urGe to juZ simplY chAnge a neW numbeR and joiN anotheR mobiLe cArrier.

juZ wannA chAnge evrythinG.


mAybe blAck fridAy or christmAz wilL hAve more deAlz?!

i'lL juZ remAin isolAted.

don'T wisH to tAlk and don'T wisH to anything and everythinG.

epiclY isolAted.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

zvezdA *

sometimeZ, it'Z more meAningful to lizteN to a lAnguage i do not understAnd:

"the stAr" by vitAz.

i reAlly like hiZ suiT - esP. hiZ collAr. and he kepT blinkinG....i beT the aiR wAz too drY cuZ it wAz cAm-ed in icY winteR...

thiZ sonG iz very meAningful to me.

i kepT repeAting it durinG the dAyz juz befoRe i grAduated from sbS......

thiZ sonG depictZ the uncertAinty of the futuRe...and simplY survivinG witH persistinG hoPe.

tonighT, i keep repeAting it...

mY representAtive zvezdAz kepT fAlling.....juZ let theM plummeT - i wilL alwAyz rekindLe theiR twinklelitY.

whY do the angelZ keeP swoopinG mY zevezdAz??

theY eveN broKe my suN into 3 pieceZ dezpiTe the pAid insurAnce....buT somehoW theY lefT my mooN and mY trAil of bLue stArz intAct....

i hAte theM~!!!!!!! but i need to thAnk theM for eternitY.


i don'T understAnd.

or do i?


mY zvezdA...plZ don'T burN out - bAaazzz toiii~!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

tAttered corneR )::)

tAttered corneR of a shoeboX.

stilL wonderwAlling.

illZ )::)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

sAlvaging pizzA?


wAtch thiZ.

kudoZ to colleGe humoR~!!!!!!

determiNed to NOT be associAted with ANY sucH bliNd peopLe - eveN withouT the crAppy illogicAl nonsensicAl preAching.

me terM thiZ az heRd condemnAtion.

where'Z mY giN?!

hAd pizzA the whoLe of todAy - seriouzlY.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

supersoNic = 超悦感

"supersoNic" bY oAsis.

the 1sT hAlf of thiZ sonG mAkez more seNze to me.....thuZ i onlY trAnzlate the 1sT hAlf:





thiZ sonG mAkez me wannA buY and drinK giN & toNic...

me keeP sensinG and agreeinG witH the melAncholy and fruztrAtion and reluctAnce in liAm'Z voice in alL the oAsis songZ........iz it juZ me or whAt?!

cAn't wAit for mY nexT visiT to the liqoR stoRe witH hAng-ni-mah~

hendrick'Z giN~!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.S.: oAsis = 绿洲

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~perfecT breAkfazt~

alwAyz beeN pourinG milK onto mY honeY combZ az breAkfazt all thiZ whiLe.....or sometimeZ juZ skippinG it wheN i'm in a rusH.


me reAlized it'Z amAzing to speNd thAt extrA efforT to spreAd deliciouZ yAkun kayA on juZ one piece of breAd...theN abiT moRe efforT to melT cheeZe onto the spreAd:

thAnkz zikziK foR sendinG me the nice nice kayA~!!!!!!! hAven't tAsted kayA siNce..................aeonzzzzZz....<3

17 noV 2009 - todAy shAll be a betteR dAy~

Monday, November 16, 2009

a nighT of wonderwAll = 幻美的靠墙

lAst nighT wAz weiRd.

juZ couldn'T sleeP....

surprizinglY emPtied my originAl bAileyz...and stilL couldn'T sleeP....logGed on to chAt witH 蓉蓉-chAn...but felT bAd cuZ wAz dizturbinG hiM doinG hiZ geneticZ probleM seT.....eventuAlly slepT for a coupLe of hourZ.

hAd a long dAy but stilL not tiRed - woW.

trAveled to the liqoR stoRe to grAb bAileyz witH a hinT of minT chocolAte durinG mY 3-hr lonG'Z AMAZING - liQuid cAndy on the rockZ~~~


afteR i returNed to the wAz alreAdy dArk...somehoW me cAme acrozZ thiZ sonG whiLe doinG mY restrictioN digezT.....:

"wonderwAll" bY oAsis.


倒率 - 听说你心中的火已明显狂烧了。。








mY perisHed bu幻美的靠墙...

p.S.: goT a neW noTe froM the postwomAn.......losT the heArt or tiMe to retrieVe thiZ pArcel.... (::( ?

a tAilor-mAde equAtion for illZ.

∫(x)={*illZ√term^∞(∑-OH)+*hydroxylate(∆essential molecules)^≠illZ}

too complicAted mAth.....reAd the followinG fB conversAtion to decipheR the aboVe equAtion....:

me trulY appreciAte the creAtion of thiZ equAtion.....

kudoZ to weN-mei and huA-mei~!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

goT mY sexY bAck = *trunc(-OH)

so....chriZ asKed me to visiT GYSB:

thAnkz chriZ~!!!!

me looKed througH alL the GYSB ambassadorZ and the oldezT iz 25.


GYSB iz liKe for singAporean youthZ....beinG 26 - me dizquAlified. so no need to get mY sexY bAck liAo.....cuZ no more sexY!! hahAaaa....

if i cAn manAge GYSB, i wilL refocuZ GYSB to mAinly adviZe singAporean youthZ but exteNd it to EVERYONE.

erM....wAit wait, duH, me not sexY in the 1sT where'Z the sexY to get bAck - LOL~!!!!!


i googLed "moderAte drinkinG" and fouNd thiZ 10-yR-oLd articLe:

What is Moderate Drinking?

it'Z abouT the non-stAndardized ambiguouZ definitioN of "a drinK".

it mAkez seNze.....siNce everY differenT brAnd/kiNd of alcohoLic drink hAz vArying alcohoL thiZ fAct blurrifieZ the meAning of hAving "onlY a drinK or twO"....

adopTed froM the mentioNed NIH articLe.

finAlly, yeZ - i do geT the moderAte drinkinG messAge. ;)

noT a singLe droP of -OH for 1 dAy in i-don'T-knoW-hoW-mAny dAyz.

p.S.: drinkinG moderAtely...utilizinG the truncAting functioN - *trunc(-OH)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

GTCA - Bio-Rad.

sAw thiZ linK on fAcebook:

gosH....kudoz to Bio-Rad~!!!!!!!!

gonnA showeR and theN bAck to screeN colonieZ witH pcR yoZ~!!!!!!!

lAughing my sAturday morninG off...

sAturday the 13.4tH = resurrectioN.

mY miNd died controllAbly in the dArk.

mY miNd wAz reborN consciouzlY beside mY fAllen stArz.




releveLed uP.




noW strongeR thAn eveR~!!!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

the eNd of fridAy the 13tH = the eNd. )::(

an unforgettAble hiZtoric fridAy the 13tH.


i perisHed.

i'M intelligenT enougH to understAnd buT sillY enougH to neveR understAnd.


mAde thiZ siNce no one mAde it - surprizinglY......whAt a mirAculouz melAncholic sonG......repeAted it whiLe wAlking hoMe...:

seAshell rAyz - extinguisHed tiL the rAyz attAin pArallelization....

knowinglY stoppinG afteR an 1800 joZe cuerVo mAgarita and my loveliezT henessY..........

mY poizoN.


my sillouetTe.


Post Script: Period.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

finAlly a bAd romAnze~!!!!!!!!!!!!







iz thAt all you cAn think of wheN you thinK of:

lAdy gagA????

HELL NO~!!!!

theY shouLd be:













whY??? bcuZ she trulY crAtez her owN muZic yoZ~!!!!!

her muZic lieZ in heR verY owN neuronZ...........



finAlly lAdy gagA'z lAtest "bAd romAnce" iz ouT:


at leAzt thiZ mV brighteNed my gloomY worLd abiT.

freAk bitcH i wAnt youR fAshion bAby verticAl sticK.
illZ. <3

p.S.: stoppinG @ 1 mAgarita in mY lovelY bAlloon glAzz~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



to commemorAte thiZ noveL dAy i shAll do somethinG noveL.....whicH iz to trAnzlate an englisH sonG to mAndarin~!!!

kepT trAnzlating froM chineZe to englisH but whY not the otheR wAy rouNd???

beeN lonG siNce i tyPed so mucH chineZe....glAd me stilL quiTe proficienT...enN.

did thiZ whiLe wAiting for the heat blocK to tuNe itseLf to 60 degreeZ celsiuZ...whY wouLdn't it juZ stAbilize @ 60?!

whY iz it mimickinG my miNd???!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~'Z coLd tonighT in the solitAry Park.

"onlY wheN i sleeP" bY the corrZ...










My Greatest Courage for My Greatest Shame

It'z the moz difficult to admit my miztakez or stupidity at anytime.

It's the moz difficult to admit to my own shame.

It'z the moz difficult to even admit that I'm stupid - yez I am.

It'z the moz difficult to admit to people I can trust that I'm wrong.

It'z the moz difficult to admit that I do not know who to trust.

It'z the moz difficult to face my current family and say I'm stupid.


It'z the moz stupid to not admit that I'm stupid when I clearly am.

Thankz Ben and The Park Lab.
"Am I Right or Am I" Wong?

p.S.: I'm stupidly wrong.

p.p.S.: At least 10% of my sadnezz has been slightly unsaddened.

p.p.p.S.: Yez - I should stop drinking so much.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

liQuid cAndy - bitteR.

eveN mY liQuid cAndy tAstez bitteR....

it shouLd be sweeT.




similAritiez? botH hAve "t" and "e"...

differeNces?? alL otherZ.

yAh, it'Z sweeeT.

no, it'Z sweeT.

sippinG bitteR liQuid cAndy witH mY sillouetTe in my nightstAnd.

loVe letteR for myseLf.

singinG a loVe letteR writteN for myseLf...

listeNed to thiZ sonG the whoLe nighT...

repeAting thiZ sonG on mY jAybird throughouT the lAb afternooN and trAnzlated thiZ durinG pcR and restrictioN digestionZ...:

"plZ don'T leT youR heArt be grAy...
theRe wilL be otherZ who aRe jeAlouz of who you aRe.
if you aiM too wilL onlY belittLe yourseLf.
don'T geT losT too eArly...there'Z plentY of foreigN lAnd to exploRe.
you muZ remembeR youR lookZ...for theY aRe celebrAtionz of tiMe.

consolinG myseLf - i gottA focuZ on rememberinG alL my hAppinezz..

lovinG myseLf - a life principLe i picKed uP froM the emptY flooR...

writing thiZ clAssy loVe letteR...
witH mY seLf-murmurz...
blivinG itZ mY booK froM heAven.

noT lovinG myseLf...diAblez me to loVe anyoNe elZe...
hoW do i eveN give any loVe to my loveR?

thiZ loVe letteR weighZ thousAndz of tonneZ...
writteN in the gloomY dArknezz...
like a tRee in fronT of mY dooR...
withouT hiM/heR to relY on...
mY houZe doeZn't feAr the attAcking rAin anymoRe.

plZ don'T feeL sAd...
i'lL regArd you az mY idoL...
if you wAnt to be gottA 1sT instAll a 1sT Aid kiT of loVe.
whAtever you do...don'T do it to be prAized..
you have to be stronG alwAyz...
theN you cAn spreAd youR thoughtZ to anotheR..

lalalAaala lalalAaala lalalalalAaalala
lalalAaala lalalAaala lalalalalAaalala

willinglY trAshing the toY in mY hAndz..
learninG hoW to asceNd into dreAmland properlY...
crAwling througH the deeP vAlley...
rummAging the muddY fieldZ...
to fiNd a goldeN trutH whicH i unwillinglY bliVe..

possessinG mY heAvy loVe letteR..
i'M givinG myseLf..
writinG myseLf thiZ clAssy loVe letteR..."


p.S.: kudoZ to the amAzing one who creAted thiZ sonG.

p.p.S.: gonnA be listeninG to thiZ sonG for a loooooonG tiMe. )::(

Monday, November 09, 2009


mY fAvorite liNe:


trAshing the toY in mY hAndz to enteR dreAmland.

A... )::(

mizZed journAl cLub due to the exteNded genomicZ clAzz - glAd i got my UCSC querY clArified by jonAthan thereafteR....he'Z awesoMe!!!

no luncH and reAlly deprezZed so cAme hoMe to finish uP mY lovelY pAtron. whole bottL e gone.


i d u w ?!

i h m l!!!

i h C!!!!!


i j wanna C.....

w d h p m A?



hpm KA

i l A.....trulY coN amoRe...... <3

in bed i lie no need to drY mY sleepinG crY....

i'lL neveR die.

p.S.: bAck to worK. ordeR oligO

Saturday, November 07, 2009

unembellisHed dreAm... )::(

me repeAting thiZ melAncholic cAntoneze clAssic whiLe cloninG in the lonelY pArk.........The Park Lab~

did thiZ trAnzlation whiLe restrictioN digeztinG...hahAaa~

"unembellisHed dreAm of you" by 蔡国权

"willinglY hurtinG mY heArt...
leAving mY dreAm of you unembellisHed.
plZ stoP repeAtedly foolinG mY heArt...
me wouLd rAther depArt witH mY melAncholy...
liKe the wiNd thAt juZ stopPed whizperinG.

plZ stoP hurtinG mY heArt...
mY heArt iz alreAdy wouNded deeplY...
liKe a piece of shAttered ice...
mY heArt seemZ too emptY.
pAssion and innoceNce hAz lonG beeN losT...
witH mY gloomY everydAy...

who wilL wisH foR an eternAl emptY heArt?
who wilL simplY onlY embellisH mY dreAm of you?
me wouLd rAther feeL mY heArt hurtinG chronicAlly...
thAn allowinG you to touchilY fooL mY heArt.

i shAll leT mY everY suzpirAtion...
disAppear witH mY everY dreAm of you..
i shAll let mY everY biT of lAughter...
echO in mY everY dreAm of you...
everY biT of mY true loVe i'Ve giveN to you...
iz floAtily losT and wAndering in the aiR..."

a bleAkly unembellisHed dreAm... )::(

the red lightZ fAde az i wAke froM my drunknezZ... )::(

"the endlezZ fruztrAting dAnce stepZ...
the unfinishAble and mezmerizinG alcohoL..
who shAll retAin thiZ wonderfuL nighT...for me?
gentLe whizperZ swirL into my eArz..

the perpetuAl uncAring pAsserz-bY...
forminG a boundAry-lezz unrestinG seA of humAnz..
who shAll enumerAte alL my memorieZ?
me simplY stAring blAnkly at the mAgnificent cryztAl lightZ..

i hAve submerGed myseLf in the perfecT reciprocAl loVe befoRe...
a feelinG of trAnzfigured dAncing butterflieZ...

mY heArt broKe upoN a sAd sepAration befoRe...
cryinG onto teArz merginG witH the cryztAl dewZ...

the red lightZ fAde az i wAke froM my drunknezZ...
thiZ iz the righT momenT to bid mY loVe fArewell...

sepAration hAppenz wheN mY sonG endZ...
and i looK bAck intuitivelY...

enN...thiZ iz the finAl nighT."


Friday, November 06, 2009









fAllen in loVe witH leonArdo... <3

Leonardo Da Vinci - a genuiNe geniuZ~!!!!!

me juZ atteNded a lectuRe bY Leonardo Da Vinco experT - Prof. Jonathan Pevsner = mY currenT teAcher~!!! ^o^

it wAz @ the Maryland Science Center....whicH hAz an amAzing Leonardo Da Vinci exhibitioN righT noW~!!!!

me posTed a whoLe albuM on mY fuN visiT.....heRe.

i loVe thiZ seLf-portrAit of me besT...:

alL of me in a singLe photO...withiN the mirrorZ rooM~

enjoY the wonderfuL designZ of Leonardo and be amAzed too.

fAllen in loVe witH an amAzing artisT + scieNtist~!!!! <3


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

~beAutiful drY ice~

some reAgentz arriVed @ lAb todAy....and drY ice froM the FedeX pAckage seemZ so allurinG in ouR blAck rubberY ice buckeT....:

whiLe runninG my dnA geL...i pouRed wAter onto the ice and bleW it for a smokY effecT:

ahhhH... <3

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

beAutiful boY.

it wAz the nighT of the actuAl hAlloween.

spiritZ tAvern wAz noizY - az alL bArz are......

anY conversAtion hAz to be shouTed into the eArz...and befoRe shoutinG, you nAturally leAn neArer to the otheR persoN.

whiLe i drunklY leAned towArdz the bAd guY, he clutcHed and grAbbed my reAr heAd and pulLed me verY cloZe to hiM...and kepT tellinG me...:

bAd guY: "you'Re a beAutiful boY"

bAd guY: "youR friendZ are not tAking cAre of you"

(me onlY remembeR theZe 2 lineZ...wondeR how mAny timeZ he sAid theM?!)

bAd guY: "you'Re a beAutiful boY"

bAd guY: "youR friendZ are not tAking cAre of you"

me: "no.."

bAd guY: "you'Re a beAutiful boY"

bAd guY: "youR friendZ are not tAking cAre of you"

me: "no they'Re juZ theRe plAying pooL...."

bAd guY: "youR friendZ are not tAking cAre of you"

me: "no....theY are plAying pooL...theY wilL tAke me hoMe..."

theN dR. Li toLd me the nexT dAy thAt bAd guY wAz tryinG to drAg me ouT of the bAr (i don'T eveN knoW thAt??!!) he and mingliAng abAndoned theiR pooL gAme and i did remembeR feelinG theM grAbbing me awAy froM thAt bAd guY and theY drAgged me alL the wAaaaaaaay bAck to my rooM.

stilL sAfe - yeZ.

thAnk God i wAz witH dR. Li and mingliAng - my wonderfuL houZematez~~~

googLe imAge "beAutiful boY" - 2nd hiT.

adAm asKed if i'M stilL drinkinG nowadAyz yezterdAy.....wheN i toLd hiM abouT thiZ....he demAnded me to stoP drinkinG...

toLd grAce and she alSo wArned me to not drinK so mucH...and stoP listeninG to sAd songZ...hahAaa...

hAng-ni-mAh alSo tellZ me not to overdrinK wheneveR we visiT the liquoR stoRe...

eventuAlly, the deAl i gAve myseLf solemnlY iz i'lL stilL drinK but ultrA controlLed drinkinG especiAlly wheN i'M ouT.

the sAfezt plAce to drinK iz mY owN rooM.

and who wAz thAt bad guY? alL i knoW iz thAt bAd guy'Z a cAucasian.....and i'M usuAlly oK witH rAndom conversAtionz witH strAngerz @ a bAr...juZ thAt i didn'T expecT thiZ one to be rudelY tryinG to attAck someoNe who drifTed awAy froM friendZ...

anywAyz, bArz hAve botH good and bAd peopLe. befoRe we hopPed to spiritZ tAvern....we weRe @ mAx'z and there weRe 2 nice friendlY lAdiez who helPed me ordeR my drinkZ siNCe theY weRe seAted righT in fronT of the bArtenderz...while wAiting we chAtted abouT hoW ridiculouZ soMe hAlloween coztumeZ weRe - yAy~!!

me gonnA be good and behAve and stAy sAfe.

p.S.: "be good." iz whAt i geT texTed quiTe ofteN recentlY.

p.p.S.: it suckZ to wAke @ 5+ to vomiT....buT nice to replY a hAppy hAlloween texT in mY bluR reveRie.

hAlloween 2009~!!!!!!!!

i wAnt lotzA humAn bLood~!!!!!! wAz my 1sT time dressinG uP for hAlloween...and it wAz reAlly fuN~!!!!!!!

decided to be a vAmpire and begAn online shoppinG foR the sequiNed cApe.....cuztomiZed fAngz...lotioN glitteR....fAce pAint......eye shAdow...eyelineR....thAnkz bellA for my mAkeup~!!!!

cloZeup shoT~!!!!!!

actuAlly, me wAnted to be the plAin vAmpire edwArd from twilighT buT it alL blooMed into buyinG fAngz and the cApe.....LOL~!!

luckY agReed to be my bellA and ouR theMe wAz "edwArd and bellA goinG to theiR proM"~!!!

eventuAlly, we reAlized we weRe edwArd and bellA from Twilight 6 - wheRe weiRd mutAtionz occuRed.....whicH turNed edwArd asiAn witH fAngz and a cApe...and bellA into an indiAn:

bellA vz. edwArd - vAmpire fighT~!!!!!!!!

kihyucK wAz supermAn~!!!!!

the AU RNA bazepAiring iz scientificAlly adorAble~!!!!!

who/whAt shAll i be nexT yeAr? hmM...


hArperz ferrY.....

it'Z autumN noW.....and me trAvelled to Harpers Ferry to enjoY the beAutiful colorZ of fAll~~~

juZ posted a fAcebook beginZ witH thiZ photO.:

oNce upoN a tiMe...a tRee felL acrozZ the riveR...

clicK heRe to vieW the entiRe albuM~!!

the hiKe wAz sweAtlezz bcuZ it'Z liKe hAving air-conditioninG everywheRe in fAll~!!!!!!!!!!

and.....whoAh - motheR nAture iz amAzingly mAny timeZ durinG the hiKe i felT liKe i wAlked into the settinG of a fAirytale.....


oH!!! quoTe of the dAy waz me sAying "走得健康点~!!"...whicH meAnz wAlking heAlthily.....cuZ there weRe eAglez flyinG aboVe uz and mY theorY iz thAt if you looK tiRed and you wAlk in a tiRed wAy....eAglez mAy zooM dowN on you!!!! ;P

lovinG autumN... <3