Tuesday, March 31, 2009

flowerZ befoRe leAvez...

i thinK it'Z officiAlly sprinG - mY 1sT sprinG!!!

seeinG alL the flowerZ on the tReez arouNd me...i suddenlY wondeRed whY didn'T leAvez coMe out firsT?! somehoW i alwAyz thoughT it'Z liKe thAt...

tiL i asKed 2 of mY americAn clAzzmatez - luckY and jAckie - yezterdAy afteR clAzz whiLe on wAy to lAb.......

luckY wenT 1sT: the flowerZ hAve to blooM 1sT, theN pollinAtion...theN fruitZ, theN the leAvez wilL coMe out..the leAvez need the flowerZ to go 1sT......(thinK she sAid somethinG liKe thAt)

jAckie continued: it'Z the nAtural ordeR!! flowerZ appeAr firsT, and theN leAvez.

hmM, anAlyzing whAt theY sAid...it'Z kindA a conclusioN thAt a cAtholic wouldn'T questioN mucH and wilL juZ accepT anythinG thAt iz "nAtural". in thiZ cAze, jAckie'z rAized az a cAtholic.

luckY, on the otheR hAnd, iz a hindI....buT i thinK heR instinctZ iz to 1sT trY to explAin thingZ with loGic....

not thAt i sAy cAtholicz do not hAve scieNtific thinkinG @ alL....juZ thAt theY are rAized to accepT thingZ az theY are - eveN withouT thinkinG of hoW to explAin it. righT? righT! ^o^

yeA, noW it'Z alL juZ flowerZ on treeZ:

alL pinkisH!!

alL pAle yellowisH...alonG the mAin hopkinZ hozpitAl woLfe entrAnce...

eveN reddisH oneZ arouNd chArlez villAge....tooK thiZ todAy whiLe wAiting for shuttLe...

stilL wonderinG whY flowerZ befoRe leAvez...?

alchY chefinG~

boughT soMe chickeN tenderloinZ froM h-mArt witH grAce last lAst weeK....and i sepArated the tenderloinZ into 3 contAinerz, mArinated them....and so fAr, 1 servinG becAme theZe:

juZ stir-fRied witH cArrotz, vegGie...and some otheR thingZ...

porridGe!!!! witH soMe chickeN i thinK? and mushroomZ...vegGie...tomAto.....

the 2nd servinG wAz cooKed in the koreAn currY sAuce...the 3rd servinG iz stilL frozeN, mAybe i wilL cooK it in thiZ "mA po tofu" sAuce?

sometimeZ i geT lAzy...i don'T cooK and i juZ eAt a browNie for luncH...

thiZ USD$2 browNie iz amAzing!!!! it'Z froM me lAtte...

alchY chefinG~

shAdowy me...

wenT to superfresH (a supermArket) lAst weeK to do groceryinG...

superfreshinG iz seriouzlY the onlY wAy to buY grocerieZ independAntly. and i gottA tAke the hopkinZ shuttLe....

az usuAl, i hAve to go in the eveninG cuZ i hAve lessonZ and lAb in the dAy...and the shuttLe frequencY in the eveninG iz usuAlly very loW...buT it'z fRee!!

so, i ofteN stAnd bY the peAbody buildinG and wAit in the coLd....

lookinG lonelilY dowN sAint pAul streeT...there'Z no one @ alL!!!

theN i decided to photO my shAdow:

i wAzn't aloNe....bcuZ on the bottoM lefT iz the shAdow of mY doritoZ chipZ in a grocerY bAg!!

cAN't wAit for the dAy wheN i hAve a cAr theN i cAn driVe and skiP all theZe wAiting....

buT wAiting and doinG nothinG and stAring arouNd aloNe whiLe blAsting soMe sonG on heAdphonez and singinG to iT aZ a crAzy asiAn boY witH spikY gelLed hAir in americA on an emptY streeT undeR a brighT streeT lAmp cAlmz my miNd somehoW...

wAiting in the coLd...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

piAno-ing in a toileT bowL...

gosH........xiAnning'z lAtezt vid wilL keeP me smilinG througH mY immunologY lectureZ lAter:

"trulY lovinG you" - originAlly sAng bY beyoNd, piAno-ed bY xiAnning.

he'Z piAno-ing thiZ meAningful clAssic cAntoneze poP sonG froM the 90'z....bY the rezpectAble hongkonG bAnd - beyoNd~

oH and i'M so glAd i'lL finAlly get to see mY dermAtologizt lAter!! buT it overlApz witH mY imprompTu-ly added lectuRe...duH, i'M gonnA skiP the lAtter hAlf of it cuZ i won'T wannA wAit anotheR 2 monthZ to geT an appointmenT!!! ;P

xiAnning iz so lovAbly lAughably lAme - liKe spoNgebob!!! ^O^

kudoZ to xiAnning!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

pottY tAlk...

verY recentlY...someoNe looKed @ me suspiciouzlY and asKed me:
"do you tAke poT?"

considerinG she'Z americAn, me repLied:
"poT? you meAn marijuAna??? hahAa...i knoW it referZ to marijuAna cuZ i leArnt thAt froM mZ. swAn....."

theN she questioNed:
"mZ. swAn???"

i wisHed i couLd shoW heR thiZ youtuBe cliP abouT mZ. swAn......i thinK she thoughT thAt i reAlly kneW someoNe cAlled mZ. swAn.....so i enlighteNed heR:
"oH she'Z a chAracter froM mAdtv...hmM, i leArnt thAt froM heR on youtuBe...hmM, i don'T eveN knoW wheRe to geT poT around heRe...."

theN i contiNued...:
"welL...for the reAl poT, i hAve 2 - one for mAking scrAmbled eggZ, and one for cookinG noodleZ."

thAt iz the moZ hilAriouz conversAtion siNce so mAny dAyzzz....

"yAh yAh ok...the bLue liNe iz behiNd..." ^O^

woodchuckY mifenY sprinG~

whoAh! the whoLe weeK wAz flooded witH pAperz to reAd....noW the onlY alchyAble weekdAy eveningZ are mondAyz and fridAyz!!

2 pAperz to dizcuzZ eAch on moN, wedz, and fri...theN 1 pAper to dizcuzZ on thurZ - gottA speNd my nightZ plowinG througH the literAture....and alcohoL certAinly driftZ me awAy...so me sensibLe enougH to focuZ on reAding theM!

so i onlY drAnk the "2 poT heAd" on mondAy.....

theN yezterdAy (fridAy), besideZ the sierrA nevadA, i drAnk thiZ cuTe and sweeT drinK:

woodchucK iz so cuTe...

hahAaa...welL i wAnted to stoP afteR 1 beeR buT the woodchucK iz simplY so cuTe thAt i hAd to picK it uP....and it'Z quiTe nice! ;P

froM my bloG postZ, i thinK everyoNe thinkZ i drinK a helL lot?! welL of courZe compAred to mY kindA non-drinkinG pAzt, recentlY i did drinK aloT *compAratively*.....buT it'Z all for fuN and controlLed toO. so, whY worrY?? no quAlmz! i'M stilL sensibLe and thAnkz for all concernZ...

meAnwhile, i contiNue to enjoY my owN cookinG:

mifeN...witH fishbAllz (kindA hArd loh! i mizZ the singAporean dodO fishbAllz!)...and mAny other thingZ...

usuAlly mifeN iz eAten on bdAyz....buT i cooK it wheneveR i wAnt to~

and i wondeR if sprinG iz alreAdy here? buT it'Z stilL chillY...like beloW 10 degZ moZ of the tiMe...and i sAw thiZ on my wAy bAck from lAb juZ noW:

flowerZ on a nAked tRee - a sigN of sprinG?? i beT the emptY bird'Z nezT on it wilL be occupied sooN!!

argH.......verY recentlY, someoNe foRced me to do thingZ i do noT need to do...to meeT peopLe i do noT need to meeT...but of courZe i appreciAte her kiNd intentioN.....she actuAlly turNed to uze superioR powerZ to supprezZ the tinY littLe me...i hoPe no furtheR negAtivity wilL resulT froM thiZ evenT.....and i gottA be submissiVe bcuZ i hAve no choice - or do i...? yeZ i do bcuZ i alwAyz mAke my owN choiceZ!!

...juZ liKe hoW i continue to chooZe not to joiN in sociAl activitieZ mY clAzzmatez orgAnized...dezpiTe one of theM beinG wAtching my styLe of movie in 3D! sooN i wilL receiVe no invitAtionz! and hAng-ni-mah toLd me yezterdAy if i contiNue like thiZ, sooN everyoNe wilL disAppear from me - so??? i juZ wannA be aloNe and awAy froM the mAjority for noW....and meAnwhile sAve more cAsh!

mY underlyinG principLe iz - if i'M not gonnA enjoY it, theN whY joiN in? no mood lAh~ oK, i shAll sAy no in a nice wAy, az hAng-ni-mah adviZed.

hAng-ni-mah alSo sAid...no one wilL returN afteR disAppearing...welL....i cAn't controL anyone and i wilL not eveN trY to controL anyone... >.<

meAnwhile...i'M so glAd i wenT witH grAce for groceryinG @ h-mArt yezterdAy! yAy...i boughT tofu and more food sAuces to trY! kudoZ to grAce~! ^o^

life goeZ on...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fuN moneY...

welL....yezterdAy wAz the 1sT dAy of neW clAsses...there'Z so mucH moRe pAperz and lectureZ to reAd and studY thiZ semezteR... *gosH*

and one of my clAzzmatez (luckY) wAz cAmpaigning for the relAy for life...soMe cAncer evenT bY the americAn cAncer societY:

yeA, there'Z thiZ biG evenT on 17tH apriL....some overnighT thinGie.

guezZ my professionAl no-nezZ acTed uP and i juZ rejecTed joininG thAt overnighT evenT....wilL be trApped witH myseLf.

buT i felT guiltY thAt i did noT contribuTe anythinG afteR enrollinG in the evenT....checkinG bAck i reAlized by beinG witH myseLf, i speNt alot lezZ. so i simplY donAted a hundRed buckZ to the evenT.

i hAve alwAyz beeN pooR, thuZ i don'T vAlue cAsh mucH. it'Z so eAzy for me to pArt witH my moneY.

considerinG the donAtion, i shAll adjuzT and forbid spendinG anythinG on fuN outingZ to reztAurantz and etc...i toLd hAng-ni-mah not to inviTe me for anythinG for a lonG tiMe.

hAng-ni-mah agReed to focuZ on studieZ and no fuN too. ;)

there goeZ my fuN moneY - for the rAce for cAncer cuRe.

it'Z juZ moneY...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

negAtivity amongzT pozitivitY.

mY appLe honeY chickeN currY....

did quiTe aloT todAy:
- lAundry
- webchAt witH creAmy
- webchAt witH fAmily
- mAde simpLe sAndwich luncH
- lAbbed the whoLe afternooN
- cooKed nice dinneR buT losT mY appetiTe
- adAm cAlled and we chAtted quiTe lonG...
- fulL proActiv treAtment

creAmy --> i'M glAd to reAlize actuAlly creAmy wAnted to chAt witH me for soMe time...cuZ she'Z worried abouT me...issueZ liKe me turninG into an alcohoLic? coMe oN - i'lL be fiNe~ and heyZ creAmy! you actuAlly reAd my bloG...perK uP on youR joB and enjoY drivinG!!! driVe me arouNd wheN i visiT hoMe ok!! so wilL you reAlly visiT new yorK for fuN? gosH i mizZ kboxinG witH you!! shouLd i posT myseLf singinG on youtuBe? hihI to jollymAh! oK noW creAmy'z gonnA biG queztioN mArk me...;P

losT of appetiTe --> i wAz fAmished whiLe lAbbing...and afteR i finAlly cooKed my dinneR, i juZ couldn'T eAt mucH. afteR a feW biteZ i juZ fridGed it.

and i turNed dowN everY fuN thinGie througH sprinG breAk:
- adAm'z aiR tickeT to floridA...
- soMe roAdtrip to atlAntic citY?
- soMe ski-inG thinGie
- soMe dinneR @ dinG hoW
- soMe moVie nighT
- an imprompTu nighT desserT outinG
- grocerY shoppinG (whicH i hAve thingZ to buY buT i hAve no mood to shoP so i lAbbed insteAd)
- everythinG!!!

todAy'z the lAzt dAy of sprinG breAk, and i spenT the whoLe weeK witH myseLf, cuZ i simplY wannA be witH myseLf in my worLd.....totAlly immersinG myseLf in the enjoyAble lAbwork...and i trulY hoPe to get genuiNe pozitiVe cloneZ...... *prAy*

and of courZe i drowNed myseLf in alcohoL too - simplY lAb and theN drinK and theN sleeP~ alcohoL poizoninG? welL i guezZ i'M fAr froM thAt~

noW i gottA focuZ on my upcominG courZez - whicH iz agAin soMe horrific scheduLe.......buT it'Z gonnA be homelY pAthological coreZ. ^o^

pozitivelY negAtively venomiZed...

nO, oNe cAn't liVe witH so mucH venoM...

"nO" bY shAkira...

i hAven't heArd sucH powerfuL lyricZ...untiL yezterdAy.

and i thinK...onlY shAkira can sinG it witH sucH melAncholy in spAnish.

she wAz teAring in the originAl muZic vid - whicH i cAnnot eMbed here. ;(


Friday, March 13, 2009

iz it mY fAult thAt i wouLd alwAyz want to be witH you?

cAme acrozZ "littLe thingZ"...and Sarah Elke'z reAlly tAlented...welL she goT me kindA into thiZ sonG she creAted... ;)

mY fAvorite lineZ:
"iz it mY fAult thAt i wouLd alwAyz wAnt to be witH you?"
"iz it so bAd that we wouLd be foreveR heRe togetheR?"

thiZ chirpY sonG mAkez me smiLe~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

gottA tAke it sloW...

i drAnk more "2 poT heAd" thAn i hAd on mondAy yezterday nighT...skipPed tueZ. cuz the bAd houzemAte waz drinkinG it too (duH!)...i aM ultrA selectiVe on who i drinK witH~

oh, and i fouNd the tricK to drinkinG moRe higH contenT alcohoL - gottA drinK slowlY seeP bY seeP......theN i won'T geT so higH all of a suddeN. ;P

BUT of courZe gottA tAke occAsional gulpZ to feeL thAt almoZ instAnt burninG sensAtion......aaaahH!

welL, i stilL woKe at 4+aM....feelinG weiRd oveR thiZ weiRd dreAm i hAd - whicH i forgoT....i onlY remembeR wAking to telL myseLf it'Z weiRd....theN i slepT agAin to 8+aM...

and the strAnge thinG iz....i feeL itchY on mY bAck and armZ...now mY lefT eAr?! hmM....iz it froM the "2 poT heAd"??!!

aiyAaa....but anywAyz, i juZ hAd a greAt lAb luncH treAt @........John Steven Ltd cuZ of the leAving of a wonderfuL japaneze posTdoc in mY currenT lAb.....the fRied oyzterZ are simplY amAzing!!!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wayAng pArty~

hmM....actuAlly, lAzt weeK kahsuaN pAzted a linK to me on gchAt abouT soMe NTU suicide cAze....

theN e-weN lefT on mY tAgboard for me to seArch for "NTU" and "STAB"....and i fouNd thiZ reAlly cAsual buT informAtive newZ siTe abouT singApore:

mY commentZ abouT the suicide cAze(s):
actuAlly 2 cAses!!!! gosH....sAdz, cuZ one iz abouT to grAd...and the otheR juZ grAduated.....wondeR whY suicide? shAll wAit for more reportZ of reAsonz...it tAkez reAlly ultimAte sAdnezz to turN to deAth.

welL...me kindA luckY cuZ thiZ hAppened afteR i lefT NTU.....cuZ if i'M stilL there, mY pArentz wouldn'T alloW me to stAy @ the hozteL...cAnnot stAy lAte in schooL....blAh..........so mY messAge to my friendZ who are stilL trApped in NTU - tAke good cAre and don'T "bAn2 daN1" too mucH.... ;)

througH wayAng cluB....i leArnt thAt the singAporean sovereigN weAlth fundZ suffeRed huGe losseS...sigH.........no wondeR the USD:SGD rAtio kindA dropPed~

hmM......me in stAtez now, so don'T reAlly feeL the impAct...juZ heArd froM pArentz thAt the economY in singApore iz reAlly affecTed.......liKe buzinezZ everywheRe iz bAd......

gosH, blogginG abouT newZ iz simplY borrifyinG my bloG...

Monday, March 09, 2009

jApaneze chickeN currY~!! ^o^

deboNed and defAttened chickeN thigH meAt....mArinated in a mirAculouz jumbLe of spiceZ and sAucez.........and finAlly cooKed in a jApaneze currY pAzte witH tinkleZ of bAby cArrotz and cherrY tomAtoez - simplY deliciouZ!!

and theN the currY chickeN completelY coverZ the frAgrant whiTe rice spreAded oveR chunkZ of fresH and crisP letTuce.........


i'M sucH a littLe alchY cHef~! ;P


gosH....i'M sitting here in mY lAbcoat wAiting for my geL to solidifY and mY heAd juz hurtZ.....

guezZ i manAged to pulL myseLf uP froM bed thiZ morninG @ 915 am...

and yezterdAy wAz totAlly weiRd - i thoughT alcohoL would knocK me ouT and giVe me a goodnighT sleeP....i felL asleeP at 10+pM...quiTe eAzily......theN i suddenlY woKe at 230aM - duH. felT kindA confuZed....so i slepT agAin.

theN i woKe again @ 430aM - duh-eR!! felT confuZer...buT can't sleeP and juZ logGed on to youtuBe and listeNed to moRe "requieM foR a dreAm" on piAno.......

up tiL 6+aM...theN i decided to really sleeP!!

flipPed on the bed foR an houR or so...theN i slepT froM 7am to abouT 9aM?

alreAdy losT an houR due to dAylight sAvingz adjuztmentZ....

i'M tiRed, i'M fed-uP, i have heAdache (whicH i usuAlly don'T!), i wannA sleeP, buT i can't fAll alseeP.....


"2 poT heAd'z" simplY too stronG for me. eitheR i:

(1) stoP drinkinG it.
(2) trAin myseLf slowlY to increAze my alcohoL tolerAnce.


Sunday, March 08, 2009

"2 poT heAd"...

oH mY Gosh.......................

i'M so tipsY noW buT abit sobeR enougH to bloG thiZ...and alSo emAil my lAndlord to drinK thiZ witH uz....LOL

it'Z the fAmouz 56% alcohoL drinK of beijinG!!! boughT froM the chinAtown of neW yorK.........OMG it feelZ sooooO fuckinGH good!!!!!! the soothinG wArm feeinG....thiZ iz whAt i cAll liquoR.........................i meAn - thiZ iz liquoR!!!!

and of courZe it'Z broughT hoMe bY dR. Li.......hahAa...guezZ he wAz thinkinG of stockinG thiZ oveR hiZ weekeNd visiT hoMe....


i'M so higH....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

illZ'z crAp cycLe - illuztrAtive videO~!!

LOL.....i wAz lAughing yezterdAy befoRe sleepinG...and i hAd thiZ ideA to converT mY crAp cycLe into an illuztrAtive videO~!! enjoY~!! ;P


illZ'z crAp cycLe~!!!

oK thiZ iz mAking me lAugh myseLf to sleeP...~!! ;P


hAppy houR - K80Blog

ろHappy Hourうい

OMG.....K80Blog iz simplY brilliAnt! i juZ fAvorited heR lAtezt youtuBe vid and she'Z amAzing!

thiZ pArody of some typicAl jApaneze (or koreAn? shouLd be jApaneze lAh) muZic videO iz simplY hilAriouz!!

wAtch ouT foR 1:15, 1:38, and 1:52!!!! so funnY.....!!!

and heR doggY iz juZ so cuTe!

kudoZ to K80Blog!

cellulAr pAthwayz~

the "crAp" cycLe~!!!!

finAlly settLed the pAthwayz & regulAtion (meAnz gottA knoW alL the crAp cycLe and everY metAbolizm pathwAy!!!!!!!) and celL structuRe & dynAmicz exAm~!!!!!! ^O^

woO......2 exAmz on consecutiVe dAyz....withouT a mood to studY...and tonneZ of thingZ to studY....duH......lAying on mY bed and juZ refuzinG to studY wAz a mizerAble feelinG.....adAm cAlled to asK me to studY and i manAged to tAme myseLf and got througH it juZ on tiMe!! ^o^

crAzy me didn'T speNd mucH reAl tiMe studyinG, buT luckilY i knoW enougH to hAndle alL the exAm questionZ juZ befoRe enterinG the exAm hAll....hahAaa.........and i actuAlly focuZed on the righT thingZ bAzed on intuitioN! ;P

interestinglY, i actuAlly enjoYed the 2 exAmz....to the extenT i eveN wenT up to the courZe co-ordinAtor and toLd the prof. thAt the exAm wAz a good one cuZ it mAde me thinK! it'Z not juZ deAd memorizAtion...it'Z moRe thAn thAt! the prof. wAz so hAppy....hahAaa...ain'T i funnilY crAzy?!

and seriouzlY, i thinK i gAined alot moRe understAnding on metAbolizm compAred a similAr suckY courZe i tooK in colleGe (nTu).....noW i appreciAte it'Z alL abouT regulAtion!! yAy!

winteR lAger and irisH Red~

righT afteR the celL exAm todAy, i rusHed bAck to lAb...diZcuzzed exptZ witH grAce...checKed my cellZ...hAd mY weeklY educAtional chAt witH beN, theN it'Z hAppy houR!! hahAaa....gobbLed 2 beerZ abiT too quicklY thAt i felT reAlly tipsY whiLe chAnging mediA for my cellZ thereafteR...hahAaa....buT i simplY love thiZ "higH" feelinG! ;P

glAd thAt beN recommeNded the irisH Red wheN he sAw me drinkinG the bitteR winteR lAger....irisH Red totAlly rockZ! it'Z so eAzy to drinK i feeL liKe i cAn drinK non-stoP....hahAaa...but of courZe i cAn't cuZ it'Z unsAfe and i gottA do cultuRe worK... ;P

and mY rezponZe to e-wen'Z "STOP DRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!" commAnd iz - drinkinG iz fuN and hAppy!!!! hahAaa.....it reAlly relAxes me and mAkez me smiLe...ofteN timeZ eveN wheN i don'T feeL liKe it. it'Z thAt crAzy higH feelinG thAt iz fuN, and no worrieZ cuZ i onlY drinK abiT to mAke myseLf smiLe and thAt'z it.

i wilL not riZe all the wAy to heAven! hahAaa..."go intO heAven" = totAlly knocKed ouT by alcohoL!

...and thiZ tiMe iz the onlY tiMe thAt afteR exAmz, we (me, kahsuaN and hAng-ni-mah) didn'T hAve any outinG. welL we did thinK of a plAn, buT it got mezZed uP. frAnkly, i don'T hAve mood to go anywheRe reAlly - i juZ wannA be witH me....so i pAmpered myseLf witH mY proActiv mAsk~ ;)

cellulAr pAthwayly...,

hAppy bdAy sisterZ~!!

froM zAny imAgez~

thiZ entrY iz to wisH mY weN-妹 and huA-妹 hAppy bdAyz~!!!!!!!

mAy you 2 be welL and hAppy and do enjoY life in sunnY singApore!!

sorrY....beeN toooooO buzY trApped in schooL worK to mAke any surpriZe..........


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

mAking it througH the rAin witH mY crippLed heArt...

"bleedinG loVe" - leonA lewiZ

addicTed to thiZ sonG abouT hAlf a yeAr bAck.....and i suddenlY remembeRed the liNe "mY heArt'z crippLed bY the veiN i keeP on clozinG".....sucH a sAd buT brilliAnt phrAze.

and bAzed on hoW chAllenging mY mentAl and acAdemic loAd iz....mAriah relieveZ me witH heR muzicAl compoZing tAlent:

"througH the rAin" - mAriah...

tiMe to shoP for a "chArm" bracelet? hahAaa....aiyAa, i alreAdy hAve a beAded brAcelet froM mY makmAk...whicH i alwAyz weAr cuZ it contAinz wArm wisheS of sAfety, joY and loVe froM mY makmAk~ ^o^

mAking it througH the rAin witH mY crippLed heArt...

Monday, March 02, 2009

stArry cheZ - mY youngezT frieNd...

cheZ iz my youngezT frieNd - he'Z 8 yeArz youngeR thAn me and he uzed to be mY tuitee (i tRied to teAch hiM mAth and scieNce~) a feW yeArz bAck.

yezterdAy, i wAz chAtting on messengeR witH hiM...and he seeMed surpriZed. hahAaa...actuAlly i msGed hiM cuZ i wannA asK hiM if he wAz the one who phoNed me on mY singAporean line and asKed "where'Z mAng-ga-li?" - duH, thAt wAz a prAnkster.

i'M glAd thAt hiZ plAyful mind mAtured witH stAble thoughtZ abt focusinG on hiZ studieZ for noW - alL the besT to hiM. mAybe my messAge of the importAnce of educAtion only got to hiM on a delAyed note, but it'Z neveR too lAte.

and cheZ (if you reAd thiZ), if you remembeR...i dreW thiZ "lollipoP" pictuRe for you to see befoRe? i dreW 2 lineZ....one iz a strAight direcT liNe froM the stArt point to the eNd poinT; the otheR liNe windZ rouNd and rouNd on the pAper and theN reAches the eNd poinT too!

mY poinT iz: it'Z ok if you tAke a longeR rouTe thAn otherZ....juZ striVe on and do youR besT, cuZ eventuAlly you wilL eNd uP @ the sAme succezzfuL deztinAtion az the otherZ who tAke the shortcutZ. ;)

but anywAyz, he toLd me somethinG nice.......whicH iz wheN he'Z not feelinG good, he'lL thinK abT me bcuZ i aM hiZ onlY oLd frieNd - thAnkz loH....noW me reAlly oLd liAo lAh. i thinK it'Z bcuZ i preAch and encourAge aloT too....

cheZ iz so funnY he alwAyz makeZ me smiLe.....and i mizZ performinG the "3 stepZ 1 boW" Buddhism rituAl witH hiM.....i cAn't for theZe few yeArz................

and thAnkz to cheZ - i adopted hiZ styLe of stArrifying my rooM ceilinG witH luminouZ stArz~!!!!!

yAy for mY littLe brotheR...the stArry cheZ~

"it cutZ so deeP...it hurtZ dowN to mY souL..."

"i stAy in loVe"...bY mariAh.

thiZ iz mY sonG on repeAt now - and i sinG it durinG my proactiV wAiting tiMe...and huM it durinG mY celL culturinG tiMe...hahAaa...

i ezpeciAlly loVe the lyricZ too...and i prActize englisH pronunciAtion bY singinG her songZ. ;P

kudoZ to mY vocAl goddezZ - mariAh!


Sunday, March 01, 2009

mY kitcheN wArriorz~!!!

suddenlY hAd the urGe to cooK fRied rice....and mY felloW kitcheN wArriorz mAde it an enjoyAble evenT:

mY wonderfuL kitcheN wArriorz~!!!

usuAlly the rice i cooK iz too sofT....buT todAy seemZ perfecT~!! so hAppy~!!!!

mY wonderfuL fRied rice~!!!!!

ah.....mY wonderfuL honeY-cinnAmon coAted fRied rice...witH nice meAtbAllz + cherrY tomAtoez + eggZ + mushroomZ + fresH letTuce + bAby cArrotz....heAlthily bleNded in sesAme oiL and oliVe oiL......... ^O^

mY horribLe peruviaN houzemAte (he'Z ruininG mY impressioN of Peru - seriouzlY!) cAme to preteNd to obserVe me cooK...liKe hintinG me to giVe hiM soMe?! fAt hoPe!!! not wheN i'M in sucH horribLe mood...i wilL NEVER cooK for hiM...he betteR not mezZ witH my wArriorz...or dirtY the plAce...if noT i wilL scoLd hiM agAin!! LOL...

...wAz actuAlly smilinG and singinG wheN cookinG......so on toP of retAil therApy, noW i fouNd cookinG therApy~!! ;P

kudoZ to mY kitcheN wArriorz~!!