Saturday, January 31, 2009

seAgulling on ice...

i wAlked aloooooooT todAy.

i seT off @ ~1030aM to the post office...thAt'z about a miLe awAy. afteR postAge, i wAlked towArdz the inneR hArbour...cuZ dR. Li toLd me thAt there'z soMe huGe grocerY stoRe neArby the posToffice...

welL, i sAw noNe...and theN i kepT wAlking...and i reAched inneR hArbour! gosH....i wondeR hoW mAny mileZ thAt wAz...

alonG the wAy.....the hArbor wAterz were alreAdy frozeN, and seAgullz weRe wAlking on the ice sheetZ:

welL....adAm cAlled juZ now...and i toLd hiM abouT hoW tiRed i wAz thAt i hAd to tAke a nAp wheN i returNed...hahAa...and he wArned me not to wAlk around so mucH agAin cuZ it'Z dAngerouz - yeA i knoW...oK, no moRe fooT-explorAtion.

and......yeA, i puncHed in mY crediT cArd and ordeRed mY 5-piece deluXe syzteM froM proactiV~!!! i gAve in...and i prAy it wilL arriVe sooN enougH to sAve me!!!!!!

i herebY dedicAte the followinG mizerAble sonG to proactiV:

"mizerY" bY the moffAttz~

sAve me proactiV~!!!!!!!!!

the loverZ...the dreAmerz...and me.

the aboVe iz jAson mrAz'z versioN of "rAinbow connectioN" - a cuTe sonG i cAme by a few yeArz bAck....but theN i heArd hiM sinG it agAin todAy. he'Z amAzing~!!

me.....welL i loVe rAinbowz cuZ theY are rAre...and if i see one i wilL tAke a photO of it...

bAck to the sonG...welL i loVe the simplicitY of the lyricZ. it'Z a cheerfuL sonG....i shouLd lizteN to more cheerfuL songZ cuZ i feeL absolutelY mizerAble theZe dAyz. ;)

rAinbowz....plZ shRoud mY mizerY witH youR colorZ...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

a coLd mooN...

"skY" bY fAye wonG.

thiZ sonG dezcribeZ a lonelY coLd mooN hAnging in an incompleTe greY skY...filLed witH floAting teArz.....

it'Z overwhelMed witH..........lonelinezZ...and the feelinG of missinG someoNe. ;)

witH a coLd mooN..,

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

slipperY ice sheetZ... >.<

juZ seArch for "slipperY ice" on googLe imAge! ;P

awwwW......todAy, wheN i stepPed out of mY houZe...i slipPed withiN liKe 5 stepZ!!!

the nice nice snoW whicH alloWed footprintZ yezterdAy melTed, merGed, and becAme sheetZ of ice on the streetZ and roAdz......gosH!

luckilY my fAll wAz all righT....hoPe mY bAck iz oK thougH....feelZ abiT weiRd.

adAm wArned me viA a voice messAge thAt snoW iz no doubT beAutiful, but i hAve to wAlk cArefully cuZ i mAy fAll eAzily...welL....he biNgoed on thiZ!! i shouLd hAve beeN more cAreful.... >.<

coincidentAlly, mY appointmenT witH the doctoR wAz todAy....and noW i scheduLed more appointmentZ for botH cT scAn and mrI scAnz for mY lumbAr to evAluate my spondylolysiS.... *prAy*

and i wenT on to scheduLe an appointmenT witH the dermAtologizt cuZ my acNe iz killinG me recentlY...depressinG me unlimitedlY! argH.....i shouldn'T hAve stopPed tAking clAritin...but i don'T wannA develoP antihiztAmine resistAnce..... *sobZ* ;(

adAm actuAlly suggeZted proActiv too...liKe mY singAporean lAbberz....buT mY clAzzmatez suggeZted the dermAtologizt insteAd....hmM, siNce my hopkinZ insurAnce coverZ dermAlogical cAre, whY not consulT the expertZ yeA? buT the appointment'Z in mArch...duH?! whY so loooooonG....@ leAzt i got antibioticZ and some retiN A creAm froM the physiciAn i consulTed todAy~ *sobZ*

mAy all be welL and hAppy... _/\_

the whitificAtion of bAltimore~!!!

thiZ morninG......wheN i seT off to the lAb...and i opeNed mY dooR, i sAw thiZ:

it wAz all whiTe outside~!!!!!! snoW~!!!!!!!

a looK to mY righT.......

theN to my lefT.....

oH gosH....snoW iz everywheRe~!!!!!! it'Z beAutiful and amAzing~!!!!!!

it snoWed occAsionally...buT it hAz neveR mAde everywheRe whiTe liKe todAy......woW...........

i cAn't resisT mAking a footprinT photo..... ;P

eveN the hopkinZ doMe iz whitified....


Monday, January 26, 2009

rice plAtter dinneR~!!

see~!!!! the aboVe iz mY dinneR juZ noW~!!! it consistZ of goodieZ froM:

- the reunioN dinneR i hAd with singAporeanz yeZterday....the veggieZ...the rice, the appLe honeY currY chickeN i cooKed...

- greAt food froM liYe'z wife!! the porK riB...the porK steW witH "gAaaao lak" (cheztnuT?)...the nice porK dumplingZ~!!!!

hahAa....i juZ euphemiZed the woRd - leftoverZ..... ;P

buT eAting homecooKed food froM liYe trulY mAkez me smiLe~!! he sAid he wouLd brinG me bAck to hiZ hoMe in neW jerseY durinG weekendZ in futuRe! yAy!!!! thAt wilL be fuN~! ;P

so fulL...

we aRe sillY humAnz...

sometimeZ.....i reAlly wondeR whY humAnz chooZe to willinglY bliVe in illogicAl nonsenZe.

puRe fAith truly blindZ humAnz...

the humAn mind iz so gullibLe and impressionAble @ an unblivAble extenT.....

to an irritAtingly incorrigibLe leveL..........

argH!!! >.< epiphAny - fAlling in loVe mAkez a persoN sillY.........

perhApz weiRd unexplAnable psychlogicAl obssessionZ wilL simplY mAke us humAnz becoMe sillY....


Sunday, January 25, 2009

新牛年快乐~!! hAppy oxY neW yeAr~!!

thiZ iz trulY a noveL chineZe lunAr new yeAr (clnY) - mY 25tH clnY...

usuAlly, for the pAzt yeArz....i wouLd hAve reunioN dinneR witH my nucleAr fAmily tonighT (clnY eVe), and theN.......the nexT dAy oNce i wAke uP...whicH iz the firsT dAy of the nexT lunAr cAlendar yeAr, the firsT thinG i wouLd do iz to greeT mY pArentz and wisH theM hAppy clnY and alSo wisH theM heAlth and hAppinezz......

buT thiZ yeAr, i'M aloNe heRe in the stAtez, and i aM unabLe to be arouNd any of my fAmily memberZ...i wAz apologizinG yezterdAy on webcAm especiAlly to mY pArentz for mY physicAl abseNce...and i stilL wisHed theM heAlth and hAppinezz...and hoPe theY wilL hAve a sAfe and enjoyAble mAcau holidAy!!!

througH the conversAtion, i felT teArz wellinG in mY eyeZ buT stilL i heLd bAck the teArz............i'M so sillY to crY, buT i cAn't helP it thougH...mY pArentz and brotheR lAughed wheN i toLd theM i felT liKe cryinG....

adAm cAlled juZ to checK on me (yeA, me stilL sAfe and aliVe in the perilouZ bAltimore~) yezterdAy nighT....and i toLd hiM abouT mY kindA teAry webcAm sessioN....hahAaa...yeA he empAthized...don'T thinK americAnz knoW abouT the clnY....cuZ it'Z not a holidAy heRe...

anywAyz, it'Z rAre and impossibLe for me to crY cuZ mY teAr glAndz dried wheN i wAz abouT if i eveR crY oveR somethinG, it'Z trulY somethinG cruciAl....and (fAMily) loVe lureZ my teArz out of mY teAry vAult succezzfullY...


okAi, enougH dosAge of mY sentimentAl teArz...i mAintained the trAdition of plAnning to weAr a whoLe new seT of clotheZ for the 1sT dAy of clnY~!!!!

theZe are whAt i sAfekept froM my fuN shoppinG spreezzZ:

cAlvin kleiN pAntz witH belT...buffAlo dAvid bittoN buttoN shirT...niKe fit drY t-shirT...poLo boxerZ...fruiT of the looM t-shirT...clubmAn underweAr (froM my lAbberz!)...i hAve new sockZ and neW bedrooM slipperZ (froM muM) too~


aH...anotheR clnY trAdition i'M gonnA mizZ ouT iz mY annuAl steAmboat witH my aztrogAng = geN beN fAmily!!!!! i mizZ theM so mucH.....i'Ve receiVed msgeS on tAgboard and fAcebook thAt i'M beinG mizzed too! hahAa....mY supeR lAme crAppinezz....thAnkz!!!!

do enjoY yourselveZ to the fullezT - botH psychologicAlly and stomAchly~!!! ^O^


oH....anotheR trAdition iz to visiT mdM teow'Z (equivAlent to conZ and cheZ) houZe! wilL mizZ thAt out too.....and the fAbulouz food nice gloriA cookZ.......thiZ iz liKe a reunioN witH dhZ and zhZ and sometimeZ nanA and wO tAy too - mY nS buddieZ!!


lAstly....i'M glAd i'M gonnA joiN in thiZ singAporean steAmboat clnY reunioN dinneR lAter! thAnk God i don'T hAve to eAt mY reunioN dinneR aloNe.......i shAll trY to cooK an appLe honeY chickeN currY disH and brinG alonG~

meAnwhile...i cleAned my bAthroom *clApzzZ* and wilL cleAn my bedrooM too!! lAundrying my bedsheeT and comforteR noW...and i shAll decorAte my ceilinG witH luminouZ stArz too~!!!!

hAppy oxY neW yeAr~!!

hAppy clnY...witH smileZ... ^.^ ^o^ ^O^
and mAy all be welL and hAppy...and sAfe... _/\_
illZ w.h.Y?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

who do i trusT?!

thiZ morninG....i wAz chAtting on messengeR witH 2 friendZ, one iz liKe a youngeR sisteR, the otheR iz liKe an eldeR brotheR.

througH the conversAtion, eAch of theM weRe givinG contrAdicting fActz to me.

i hAd to chooZe who to bliVe.

initiAlly i totAlly bliVed the sisteR-liKe frieNd....but theN i tilTed towArdz bliving mY eldeR-brotheR-liKe frieNd...

so, i resorTed to checK witH my sisteR-liKe friend'Z genuiNe brotheR - who iz liKe my youngeR brotheR...and he toLd me thAt actuAlly she wAz lyinG.

the ironY iz....pArt of our conversAtion chAtz abt trusT. whAt the "shebiLe"....

mAybe they weRe jokinG, but moz of the tiMe i thinK too seriouzlY.

sigH, bAck to squAre one. i thinK, in thiZ worLd, it'Z neArly impossibLe to fiNd someoNe elZe you cAn simplY...............trusT. so.......if you eveR come acrozZ thAt one persoN, treAsure him/heR.....whoeveR.

iz honeztY the hArdest achievemenT? appArently.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Demise of My Papermate Eracer...

Dear Papermate Eracer,

I am truly sorry that I caused your demise on 22 Jan 2009, at about 11am.

It was unexpected of you to slip off my lanyard on my way to school...and when I arrived at my lab bench, I realised you were missing. I immediately traced for you all the way back through the streets, up the steps, through the hospital, all the way back to Chapel - I searched every place possible - seriously...

When I decided to return to the lab with disappointment...I found you lying on Jefferson Street - wrecked.....and dead:

All the days you've been with me......the tough times in university...all the exams and has been about 2+ years, since September 2006.

You even flew in with me from Singapore to the novel environment of Baltimore, and you continued to fight examy wars with me here at Hopkins....I truly appreciate your remarkable companionship.........

My guilt and apologies surged when I recall how I sillily lost your paralog in February 2006 - my baddest.....

Similarly, I have no choice but turn to your ortholog from Pentel, since Papermate is unfound here in Baltimore..:

Missing you dearly.....and sorry... >.<

With sincere apologies,
illZ w.h.Y?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

resurrectioN of w910i~

mY lovelY w910i~!! see the koreAn luckY chArm froM hAng-ni-mAh~


me so hAppy....mY wAshing-mAchine-soAked w910i resurrecTed afteR 1 whoLe dAy of airinG and dryinG~!!!!! ^O^ *clApzzZ*

noW i wilL treAsure it moRe gettinG it neAr the wAshing mAchine...!!

meAnwhile, i wAz uzinG mY oldeR w610i the whoLe dAy todAy....and i goT to lizteN to mY oLd plAylist...whicH iz thiZ sonG on repeAt:

"cleAning (the houZe)" bY 2 girlZ - an ancienT chineZe poP sonG!!

i reAlly liKe the lAzt 3 lineZ (witH trAnzlation):

(wheN helplezznezZ shroudZ oveR you repeAtedly...)
(and obviouzlY you knoW it'Z torturouZ,)
(buT you stilL don'T wannA leT go!!!)


20 jAn 2009

20 jAn 2009 wAz a memorAble dAy......i shouLd hAve blogGed yezterdAy buT anywAyz, 20 jAn 2009 iz phenomenAl bcuZ of:

0. beinG politicAlly actuAlly wAtched the liVe msNbc webcasT of Barack Obama's Inauguration. mY cooL lAb actuAlly ordeRed pizzA, and hooKed uP the computeR to the projectoR in the confereNce rooM and wAtched the Inauguration ceremonY togetheR.........we choZe "hoPe over feAr"....welL, i'M reAlly surpriZed...cuZ the pAtriotism and excitemenT i felT wAz soooooO stronG!!!! *imprezZed* i'M amAzed cuZ....the situAtion bAck hoMe in singApore iz.....welL, hmM, mAybe i wAzn't pAying attentioN durinG the singAporean electionZ/votingZ....

1. i attAined my 1sT A foR mY geneticZ exAm in hopkinZ~!! unblivAble~!! woO~!!!

2. adAm goT hiZ peArl g37 inifinitI~ woO~ he choZe infinitI oveR hondA accoRd couPe - whicH i toLd hiM iz for "uncleZ"...the interioR of hondA accoRd couPe iz incliNed towArdz beinG conservAtive (meAning unclisH)....inifinitI'z perfecT foR hiM~ ^O^

3. i did the silliezT thinG of leAving mY sonY ericssoN w910i in the wAshing mAchine....wheN i retrieVed it, it wAz coldlY'Z stilL dryinG ouT, i hoPe it resurrectZ givinG it a holidAy.......thiZ iz a fArewell gifT froM yiyI (mY brotheR-in-lAw)... *prAy*

4. i digGed into mY olympuZ albuM...and fouNd the followinG 2 photoZ tAken @ weN-妹'z roM....i wAz the eMcee theN...and theze photoZ weRe me pretendinG to plAy the piAno reAlly welL...:

totAlly engrozZed...

i wAz abouT to lAugh actuAlly...

i wilL knoW hoW to plAy the piAno - one dAy!!

p.S.: thinK abouT it....chriztiAnz/cAtholicz all chooZe lotzA hoPe togetheR witH lotzA feAr......hoPe to enteR heAven, and feAr of enterinG helL = logicAl!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

snowY morninG~

it snoWed thiZ mY reverie, i sAw the snoW flAkez floAting outside mY bedrooM windoW...and theN i felL asleeP agAin...

righT now...i stilL see tinY flAkez floAting arouNd....and i tooK a photO froM mY bedrooM windoW:

mY bedrooM windoW vieW.... ;)


isotoNic souNd...

i borroWed the aboVe cd froM hAng-ni-mah..., and it iz a verY speciAl tyPe of muZic - isotoNic souNd...

it'Z liKe clAssical muZic in a nAtural environmenT...thiZ one setZ the muZic in a amongsT the piAno keyz..there wilL be birdz chirpinG....all bleNded into a soothinG piece of souNd.

there aRe 5 songZ in thiZ one...and i loVe theM....i puT theM on repeAt yezterdAy and slepT witH theM on...heH..........

it cAlmz my miNd...and droneZ awAy the noizY tV soundZ my bAd houzemAte iz creAting....


xianninG productionZ~

terminAtor pArody - bY xianninG...

oh gosH....he'Z so funnY he mAkez me lAugh and smile so mucH....

xianninG iz not an ordinAry piAnist....wheN you thinK abouT a piAnist, you thinK about a seriouZ persoN weAring nice westerN suitZ/gownZ sitting in fronT of a grAnd piAno and plAying the keyZ seriouzlY.....

buT, xianninG iz a fuN-lovinG younG piAnist who plAyz verY welL, and pretendZ to be the chAracter involVed in the sonG he'Z muZ be fuN to be hiM! ^O^

kudoZ to xianninG~!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

requieM foR mY piAno dreAm...

xiAnning iz a youtubeR i cAme acrozZ verY recentlY and i'm imprezZed by hiM!

he'Z a very humorouZ boY, and he plAyz the piAno verY welL....:

"requieM foR a dreAm"...

the otheR nighT, i mAde the greAtezt youtuBe dizcoverY - lypuR. hiZ actuAl nAme iz andreW, and he'Z a piAno teAcher in professioN, and he teAchez piAno on youtuBe toO! he'Z a dreAm come tRue..., bcuZ siNce i wAz very verY youNg (liKe lezZ thAn 5?), i alwAyz dreAmt of leArning and plAying the piAno....buT i cAnnot affoRd it, not eveN now.......heNce, andrew'Z sucH a youtuBe wondeR! and reAd hiZ storY abouT hiZ pericArditiz experieNce - i'M so glAd he surviVed, and i'lL prAy for hiZ heAlth...

bcuZ of andreW, i so wAnted to purchAze the yamahA yPd s30 (a digitAl piAno whicH seemZ cooL!) righT awAy and stArt leArning througH all hiZ lessonZ....

i wisH i hAve thiZ!! buT now'Z not the tiMe....

i do hAve the cAsh righT noW....buT theN hurdlinG thoughtZ of mY overwhelminG courZework, lAbwork, and mY nTu bankloAn supprezZed my piAno dreAm..........

i anAlyzed witH hAng-ni-mah (biG brotheR in koreAn, and thiZ referZ to kihyucK), and we concluded thAt i shouLd not buY anythinG noW, i shouLd focuZ on cleAring alL courZework, and sAving to returN mY bankloAn.......and theN finAlly i cAn focuZ on my reseArch az welL az fulfiL mY piAno dreAm - thiZ iz the moZ sensibLe situAtion.

perhApz i shouLd begiN witH andrew'Z lessonZ to leArn the bAsicz of piAno....liKe the numberinG of the fingerZ.....the key nAmez......and reAding the scoRe.......and i knoW there'Z a grAnd piAno in the hopkinZ hozpitAl whicH adAm uzed to prActise witH................

mY piAno dreAm iz blurrY....buT it wilL eventuAlly mAterialize, cuZ i wilL persisT on. ^o^

wheN wilL the piAno becoMe my frieNd..?

Friday, January 16, 2009

mY ssN~!!!!

finAlly...afteR 3 monthZ of, kihyucK and kahsuaN finAlly drAgged ourselveZ to the rotundA to applY ouR sociAl securitY numberZ~!!!!!!!

the rotundA~!!!!!

and todAy, i juZ receiVed my ssN cArd~!!! *clApzzzZ*

yAy! hahAa...of courZe i cAn't tAke a photO of mY actuAl cArd... ;P

i muZ prAize the sociAl securitY adminiztrAtion...cuZ theY onlY tooK ~4 dAyz to compleTe the applicAtion procezZ, includinG mAiling~! kudoZ to theM~! ^o^

yAy!! noW i feeL moRe legAl and belonginG heRe in the stAtez... ;P


dessertZ az dinneR~

todAy wAz freAking coLd in'Z onlY 10 degRee fArenheitz noW...and thAt'z -12 degRee celsiuZ!!!!

juZ noW me, kihyucK, and kahsuaN wenT to littLe itAly for dessertZ...and it wAz so wonderfullY fillinG~!!!!!

thiZ wAz beside wheRe we pArked... ;P

yupZ, we weRe @ pAsticceria vAccaro's~

da-duH~!! the lemoN itAlian ice...the tirAmisu...and the ice-creAm wAffle~!!!!!!

so nice...and soooO coLd~!!!!

the seAshell sunseT...

the aboVe iz the beAutiful seAshell nightlighT i receiVed froM adAm...

it'Z liKe a sun settinG behiNd a beAutiful trAnzlucent seAshell...

i nAme it the seAshell sunseT - a wonderfuL wAy to eNd my dAy...and drifT inTo dreAmland~

mY suN iz settinG behiNd the seAshell...

pArcel froM adAm~!!!!

thiZ entrY shouLd be retrospecTed to 8tH jAn 2009...heH~!!

on 5tH jAn...i receiVed a collectioN sliP froM uspS agAin...and it'Z a pArcel to be collecTed...due to mY exAm on 6tH jAn...and the lAck of my owN cAr, i couLdn't collect it...untiL dR. Li droVe me to the posT office to grAb it on 8tH jAn~!!! yAy!!

so....a videO iz wortH moRe thAn a millioN wordZ...:

all the presentZ mAde me smiLe for sooooO lonG~

fulL of thAnkz and hAppinezz~~~ ^.^ ^o^ ^O^

a rAy of lighT...

vicVic'z posT on the verY oLd sonG bY evelyN kindA twicKed my memorY on thiZ otheR encourAging sonG bY anotheR singAporean celebritY - shAron Au.

she'Z verY prettY in mY opinioN, and verY smArt and tAlented.

i loVe thiZ sonG sAng bY her, nAmed "曙光"...whicH meAnz "a rAy of lighT"...the lighT referZ to hoPe, and singZ hopinG foR a rAy of lighT to brighteN uP thiZ dArk worLd...

Shu Guang - Sharon Au

a verZe of it actuAlly stAtez the eNd, you hAve to be rezponsibLe foR whAtever comeZ in youR wAy... ;)

listeN to the mAkez alot of senZe. ^o^

there'Z a rAy of lighT for everyoNe - juZ keeP believinG and hopinG...

woW, noW i souNd liKe a chriztiAn....duH......

where'Z the rAy of lighT?

deleTinG me...

i loVe to reAd my friendZ' blogZ....welL, the moZ frequenT updAter iz vicVic.

i thinK blogginG iz a wAy of destressinG (foR me..) and alSo a good wAy to keeP in "toucH" witH friendZ. it'Z undeniAble thAt friendZ do not meeT uP all the tiMe, and onlY by reAding blogZ....wilL i be updAted on hiz/heR life.

thiZ applieZ especiAlly for me...cuZ i'M so fAr awAy froM mY singAporean friendzzZ......and i alreAdy do not hAve mAny friendZ. ;P

anywAyz, vicVic iz the "escApe" keY, whiLe i'M "deleTe":

You Are "delete"

Some people might try to say you're standoffish and aloof.

You prefer to think of yourself as a person of few words.

You like to live simply, speak simply, and act simply. It's all about editing.

No wonder you're the first person your friends call when they need a mess cleaned up!

if you knoW me, do you agRee? i thinK....i'M a persoN of feW wordZ onlY if i do noT knoW you welL,'lL be droNed in mY crAppilogY.. ;P

deletinG me...,

Thursday, January 15, 2009

appLe fritteR~

~2 dAyz ago, i mAde my wAy to the inneR hArbour to buY the nice nice showeR geL (it hAz elAztin and collAgen contenT to mAke my skiN heAlthy!!) froM the cvS phArmacy...and on mY wAy bAck, i pAzzed bY the dunkiN donutZ...and i dropPed by and boughT an appLe fritteR~

photo-inG befoRe eAting... ;P

welL, thiZ remindZ me of adAm cuZ on mY bdAy, he droVe out and returNed to surpriZe me witH an appLe fritteR az mY suppeR snAck~

so....i kindA recAlled thAt and hAppily aTe the appLe fritteR durinG mY lonG and coLd wAlk bAck to the shuttLe stoP~

appLe fritterilY...

temporAry bAzement tenAnt~

mY bAzement~!!!

i hAve a prettY decenT bAzement - a corneR of it hAz a'Z liKe a bedrooM, and we renT it ouT for temporAry tenAntz who need to live neAr the hozpitAl....

so, we receiVed thiZ outstAnding chineZe doctoR az ouR temporAry tenAnt foR ~5 dAyz.....hiZ nAme iz dR. Du.

too bAd we didn'T hAve the chAnce to chAt mucH, cuZ he hAd to flY bAck to chinA immediAtely due to an urgenT cAze....buT @ leAzt i kneW thAt afteR cArving achievementZ in the stAtez, he'z gonnA returN to chinA to settLe dowN~

woW, the funnY thinG wAz befoRe he lefT, he suggesTed foR me and hiM and dR. Li to tAke a grouP photO...and theN he hAppily sAid i'M a good lookinG younG mAn....LOL.....thAt mAde me lAugh....theN i jokinglY repLied..."no lAh, i'M not good lookinG buT cuTe lookinG!"....theN everyoNe lAughed...

mY mAndarin iz reAlly beinG trAined welL cuZ i speAk sooooO mucH mAndarin recentlY......

so funnY~

rice foR dinneR~!!!!

i hAven't cooKed rice az mY dinneR for sooooooO looooonG....cuZ one of my suckY houzemAtez kepT uzinG mY ricecookeR and doezn'T cleAn it, he totAlly c.m.I.~!!!

theN....dR. Li moVed in witH hiz ricecookeR and he inviTed me to uze it anytiMe i wAnt~ ^O^

so....the otheR nighT, i suddenlY cooKed rice...and i eveN fRied it togetheR witH cAbbage, cherrY tomAtoez, scrAmbled egG, and bAby cArrotz..!!!

theN the side disH iz porK meAtballz topPed witH melTed finelY shRedded itAlian cheeZe...

finisHed off witH a bleNd of mAngo, orAnge, and peAch juice~!!

and of courZe i wAshed dR. Li'z ricecookeR righT afteR my meAl~ i'M a greAt houzemAte..and a greAt houZe manAger~ ^O^

i shouLd cooK more~!!

brAin nighT~

oK, thiZ tAcky brAin grAphic wAz actuAlly tAgged in the emAil informinG uz abouT the "brAin nighT"...

i atteNded the "brAin nighT" witH kihyucK yezterdAy'Z an evenT bY the neurologY depArtment...i skipPed the previouZ one...buT thiZ tiMe the theMe wAz "AIDS and the Nervous System"...whicH cAught my attentioN and i wenT for iT~! ;)

anywAyz...the presenteR wAz a wonderfuL neuromusculArologizt? heH....he iz the professoR of neurologY, pAthology & epidemiologY - Prof. Justin.

he'Z a nice presenteR...and froM hiM, i tooK awAy the followinG lessonZ:

1. the 4 moZ importAnt fActorz a reseArcher needZ aRe - opportunitY, mentorshiP, collAboration, and explorAtion.

2. knowinG iz not enougH, we muZ applY. willinG iz not enougH, we muZ do.



boughT thiZ wonderfuL digitAl scAle froM costcO~

it'Z kindA wonderfuL....cuZ it tellZ me the followinG in severAl secondZ:

bodY weighT: 58.8kG
bodY fAt %: 12.5%
bmI: 22.1
boNe mAzz: 2.6kG
hydrAtion leveL: 63.9%

LOL....everything'Z good!! noW i gottA mAintain myseLf~ ;P

i'M stilL wonderinG whAt the boNe mAzz iz abouT.....beeN googlinG buT stilL no conclusiVe ideAz...


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

chineZe chiVe boxeS~

afteR adAm hAppily moved bAck to floridA....i shifTed into the mAzterbed rooM, and my originAl rooM wAz emptY for a fortnighT....untiL dR. Li moved in~!!

dR. Li iz sucH a wonderfuL persoN to hAve arouNd - quieT, polite, neAt, cleAn, rezponsibLe, knowledgeAble, simpLe....woW.

and he'Z the sAme age az mY dAd~!! so i feeL liKe hAving a dAddy around....heH....welL of courZe it'Z differenT...he'z noT my alArm clocK...and he doezn'T cooK for me..... ;P

anywAyz, he doezn'T cooK...buT hiZ wife doeZ! hiZ fAmily iz actuAlly in new hiZ wife wouLd cooK a week'Z supplY of food for dR. Li to stocK in the fridGe......

and the firsT night he arriVed, he gAve me theze chiVe boxeS whicH hiZ wife mAde...he sAid hiZ appetiTe wAzn't good so he gAve me all 6 chineZe chiVe boxeS......

the chineZe chive boxeS~!!!

so lonG hAve i not eAten hoMe-cooKed food....i meAn, cooKed bY soMe pArentz.....thougH not my muM, buT i felT the differeNce betweeN theM and the coLd sAndwiches i so ofteN mAke everydAy for myseLf................... >.<

i thAnk dR. Li...i'M glAd to hAve him arouNd now! witH a quAlified nice doctoR in the houZe...i feeL sAfer! hahAaa...

i hoPe hiZ appetiTe growZ betteR...i cAught hiM cookinG a smAll pAcket of instAnt noodleZ 2 consecutiVe nightZ and i toLd hiM thAt'z bAd...and juZ eAt the nice food hiZ wife stocKed for hiM...he juZ lAughed...

dR. Li iz froM beijinG and hiZ mAndarin iz fAzt~!! i guezZ my mAndarin wilL surelY improVe witH tiMe.....hahAa...thAt'z the conclusioN qiN (mY lAndlord) and me hAd....

smilinG...and missinG mY pArentz' cookinG...

geneticAlly relieVed~


i'M glAd i slogGed througH all the geneticZ lectureZ befoRe i stepPed into the exAm hAll eArlier todAy.......all thAnkz to kihyucK who pusHed me to stArt eArly one weeK aGo...16 lectureZ...and the firsT 8 abouT yeAzt, drosophilA and c.elegAnz geneticZ are the confuzinG onez....especiAlly yeAzt.

buT i reAlized thAt if i reAd slowlY....i cAn understAnd the experimentZ doNe in the pAzt...and i'M amAzed @ hoW brilliAnt theY are....seriouzlY!! kudoZ to geneticistZ~!!

anywAyz the geneticZ exAm wAz fiNe....i juZ wondered if the weiRd % cAlculationz were righT...and i shouLd reAlly prY more on mendeliAn and compleX trAitz thingieZ...oh welL.... *prAy*

noW gottA moVe on to bioinformAticz exAm nexT mondAy~!!! duH....~!!

buT so hAppy...cuZ me, kihyucK, jiN, and kahsuaN wenT to ouR frequenT chineZe reztAurant hAngout - dinG hoW - for a fulfillinG dinneR to celebrAte our geneticZ relieVe~!! we hAd pekinG ducK...kunG pAo chickeN....and thiZ "lAmb in the forbiddeN citY"....hahAaaa...and we finAlly sAw thiZ long-heArd-abouT cuTe wAiter whicH kahsuaN kepT bugginG us to visiT to hAve some eye cAndy...LOL...

geneticAlly relieVed~

Saturday, January 03, 2009

the bLue pigleT...

mY exAm periodZ are usuAlly filLed witH the weirdezT dreAmz...

i tooK a nAp juZ now...and wheN i woKe i felT so weiRd, thiZ iz a dreAm whicH i remembeRed...cuZ the bLue pigleT wAz so viVid since i wAz holdinG it...

fouNd thiZ froM googLe imAge...theN i swApped the colorZ froM rgB to brG...

somehoW, dreAmz are mAde up of incompleTe pieceZ of scenArioz jigsAwed strAngely welL togetheR thAt flowZ smoothlY......eveN if theY don'T mAke senZe?

welL i remembeR the followinG 5 dreAmy propertieZ:

1. settinG: i wAz aztroprojecTed to my junioR highschooL dAyz in singApore...buT i do feeL liKe 25 cuZ i do knoW i'M a grAduate studenT in my dreAm.. (see the contrAdicting fActz?)

2. fArmhouze: i wAz helpinG out in a fArmhouze owNed bY thiZ oLd mAn (thinK iz cAucasian)...welL i cAnnot remembeR hiZ fAce now... buT i moved crAtez arouNd the bArnyard...come oN, i wilL neveR hAve sucH strengtH in reAlity...

3. coloRed pigletZ: az a rewArd he gAve me 3 pigletZ - 2 red and 1 bLue...theY are trulY cuTe!! and reAl...i meAn, theY looK liKe toyZ buT theY weRe genuiNe...i remembeR the fArm owneR sAid i'M luckY siNce the bLue one iz reAlly rAre!! theY are so cuTe theY skiP arouNd...!!

4. buS #225: i wAz tAking theM hoMe and thiZ girL (a chineZe and i'Ve neveR meT her befoRe buT she hAz a sweet smiLe!) wAz witH me.....we weRe on the buS #225 (whicH i need to tAke to go hoMe bAck in singApore)....

5. gigAntic eggZ: i stoRed the pigletZ in gigAntic eggZ durinG trAnzportation...and i eveN lefT a sliT for theM to breAthe?! i remembeR seeinG the bLue piglet'Z skiN througH the sliT...

befoRe i slepT...i mAde nice noodleZ for myseLf...and befoRe thAt i wenT to the lAb...and befoRe thAt adAm cAlled me to chAt - yeZ, he'Z @ the beAch agAin....i mizZ the beAch - anY nice beAch~!!!! all otheR timeZ - studY geneticZ!!

duH...sucH a normAl dAy witH an abnormAl dreAm~~~

bLue pigletilY~

Friday, January 02, 2009

emptY lefT wrizT...

if you'Ve seeN me in persoN foR the pAzt feW yeArz...and if you've noticed, i woRe thiZ inconspicuouZ thiN yelloW strinG on mY lefT wrizT........did you notice?

it'Z a chArmstring thAt my dAd tied on me to beztoW protectioN...a superstitioN thAt evolVed in theiR buddhisM-tAoizm religioN...and here'Z the psychologicAl explanAtion:

1. the chArmstring protectZ me!
2. if it breAkz...theN it hAz serVed it'z protectioN....and thAt meAnz it hAz juZ protecTed me froM some perilouZ evenT...
3. if i cAn fiNd the brokeN chArmstring, theN i shouLd burN it...
4. get my dAd to tie me a neW strinG? buT he'Z in singApore...

the chArmstring iz similAr to a janAi (a sAcred threAd) hinduizM.

i alwAyz weAr one siNce i wAz a toddleR...and i'Ve chAnged a coupLe througH the yeArz......i remembeR one broKe whiLe i wAz swimminG...and anotheR broKe whiLe i wAz @ my nTu hozteL........i'Ve worN the "currenT" one foR about 3 yeArz?

hahAaa...i suddenlY remembeRed adAm jokinglY wAnted to breAk it on mY wrizT oNce.....^O^

anywAyz, mY chArmstring broKe yezterdAy on 1 jAn broKe whiLe i wAz tryinG to remoVe littLe cottoN stringZ wouNd on it froM mY sweAterz...

i guezZ it did protecT me? siNce i choZe not to ruN out onto the coLd and dAngerouz streetZ to vieW the fireworkZ froM fAr......

buT mY scieNtific logic sAyz it broKe bcuZ of unavoidAble weAr and teAr - tensioN and frictioN.

thuZ, i kepT it somewheRe sAfe...insteAd of burninG it.. ;)

thAnking my chArmstring~

thinkinG...of you.

i wAz thinkinG....if it iz possibLe to thinK of someoNe wheN thAt someoNe iz thinkinG of you too? buT hoW wouLd you knoW if thAt someoNe iz thinkinG of you wheN you aRe buzY thinkinG simultAneouzly??

while wonderinG.....i wroTe thiZ:

me thinK of you so deeplY,
me thinK of you so deArly,
me thinK of you so constAntly...

mY thoughtZ rusH towArdz you incessAntly...

you thinK of me wheN i aM thinkinG of you...
and theN i smiLe whiLe i keeP thinkinG of you...
and you smile too whiLe you keeP thinkinG of me...

to alL missinG someoNe...thinK abouT the frequencY of mAtching missinG thoughtZ...~!! i thinK the probAbility iz trulY loW.....if it eveR mAtchez theN you shouLd smiLe reAlly hAppily...

cAn't stoP thinkinG... ^.^ ^o^ ^O^

p.S.: "i wouLd liKe to thinK a thoughT thAt iz so difficulT to thinK thAt i cAnnot thinK..." = excerpT froM "the solitAire myzterY"...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

merrY neW 2009~

...iN the blinK of an iZ noW 2009.

2008 iz absolutelY amAzing - i grAduated witH a 1sT clAzz bAchelor'z degRee...i got accepTed bY johnZ hopkinZ and i shifTed aloNe froM singApore to bAltimore to begiN my grAduate studieZ...amAzing milestoneZ theN appeAred in mY shorT roAd of life...

oH, i alSo witnezZed the 1sT snoW of mY life...!!

if i'M stilL in singApore...i shouLd be hAving fuN witH mY geN beN fAmily @ theiR neW yeAr chAlet!!! welL...buT i'M hAppy thAt they'Re enjoyinG themselVez~!!

buT siNce i'M aloNe here...trApped witH an upcominG exAm nexT tueZ......i mAde a wiZe decisioN to pusH awAy invitAtionz of a singAporean countdowN pArty and alSo a fireworkZ shoW @ the inneR hArbor...

insteAd, i onlY hAd a nice dinneR witH kihyucK and jiN @ pApermoon~ so nice of kihyucK to treAt me....oK i shAll treAt hiM on the nexT rouNd of feAzting~!!

and theN no countdowN pArtiez for me....wheN the clocK ticKed to 00:00, i wAz studyinG abouT syNthetic lethAlity screenZ in yeAzt insteAd - i'Ve growN more sensibLe~!!!! ^O^

oH, and i goT a nice neW yeAr mobiLe messAge froM adAm too....strAngely, sendinG mobiLe messAgez iz noT the styLe of i onlY receiVed one mobiLe messAge wishinG froM adAm~

all rightZ....meAnwhile, a nice sonG bY a beAutiful girL....buT liP-syNced by mY fAvourite youtubeR - tyleR~!!

"loVe storY"... shouLd i do liP-syNcing vidZ az welL? hahAaa...mAybe wheN i'M boRed...;P

mAy alL be welleR and hAppier and heAlthier in 2009... _/\_