Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Lost Legend = Sim Lim Square Qi Ji Popiah

so sAd.....

todAy i wAz arouNd bugiZ areA on a "secreT" missioN...and i alwAyz droP by to eAt the legendAry siM liM squAre qi Ji popiAh..........@ itz bAsement foodcourT.

to mY sAd surpriZe...i reAlized the foodcourT wAz renovAted and revAmped....everythinG'z chAnged!!! and the popiAh iz goNe... ;(

lookinG bAck, dhZ posted on it befoRe...titLed "Sim Lim Square Popiah..."...

welL, there are otheR brAnchez...mAybe i'lL scouR theM out and trY the popiAh sooN!!!

losinG my fAvourite singAporean food iz trulY sAddening...i uzed to eAt ~4 @ one go az a meAl...

tiMe inevitAbly chAngez everythinG... ''\(>.<)/''

P.S.: yAy~ todAy iz convocAtion dAy~~~ 知足常乐~~~ ^.^ ^o^ ^O^

Contraceptive E-mailing.

"Carbon-copying (CC) certain people in emails is like wearing a condom during sex... You never know when you will get 'it', so just got to protect yourself. You may get black-marked for things that you didn't do, just because you did not protect yourself." - Ah Seng

The above is quoted from zhZ'z blog...and it's really a classic.

CC is really like wearing a condom during sex...those who are scared and care alot for themselves will surely wear it = phew!

Those who heck care will not wear...and take risks = fun but too bad. Those who find it leH-cheY (troublesome) will not wear too, don't like the feeling..waste of time.....simply troublesome? Well, just like those lazy ones who forget to CC and get arrowed badly in the end.

(Found this from google image.)

I need to elaborate further on what I have learnt during my FYP days in the lab. Not about wearing condoms during sex, but metaphorically, the idea of doing BCC during e-mailing.

Yes, Blind CC (BCC), which means everyone you send to or CC will not even know you sent an e-mail to the BCC-ed person. BCC is the ultimate weapon to protect yourself, and even save yourself from the evil, in a very discreet way.

If CC is like wearing a condom, then BCC is like going for sterilisation or eating contraceptive pills without even telling your sex partner. A secret and powerful weapon that will avoid all risks. BCC is brilliant! But use BCC really discreetly...!!! ^O^

so...alwAyz CC, and BCC if necessAry!!

you knoW i cAn't smiLe withouT you...

wAtched Hellboy 2 with dhZ, conZ, and cheZ yezterdAy night...

and 2 charActerz (Abe and Hellboy) were singinG to thiZ song....drinkinG beeR and thinkinG about lovinG someoNe, and i suppoZe wonderinG whAt loVe iz..

somehoW it mAkez me smiLe. ;)

and....checkinG the lyricZ...i thought the secoNd line of the choruZ iz "i cAn't lAugh and i cAn't crY"...insteAd of "i cAn't lAugh and i cAn't sinG"...

welL, guezZ it'z my imAgination...but i couLd reAlly understAnd wheN Abe sAid thAt he can't he doezn'T hAve teAr ductz....heH, well i hAve dormAnt teAr glAndz. ;)

anywAyz, we wenT Lido, beeN very lonG siNce i'Ve wAtched something there....welL, go there for the retRo feeL, but to fullY enjoY theAtre effectz...mAybe viVo, P.S., cineL...and the cathAy will be ideAler. ^O^

i cAn't crY withouT you...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

the koalA poZe..!!!

hahAaa...wenT rollerblAding witH soMe geN beN fAmily memberZ todAy...

cuZ i hAve not tAken photoZ in blAdez before...i tooK a funnY one:

the koalA poZe..!!!! ;P

noW i'M more tAnned....solAr energY rockZ!! ^O^

blAding fuN~

Friday, July 18, 2008

wheN wilL my suN seT..?

tAken on 27 mArch 2008, on the secreT rooftoP...

mY mAp'z not wiRed...
mY fAith'z requiRed...
wheRe iz my squiRe...todAy?

my thoughtZ in fiRe...
mY mind'Z in miRe...
mY suN iz tiRed...todAy.

a tiRed suN...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

pillZ for illZ... +o(

pillZ for illZ... +o(

feelZ like a medicAtion boX whiLe poppinG so mAny pillZ @ one go juZ noW...

all rightZ, so whAt hAppened??

followinG my tectonic outbreAk...the bAttle witH acNe wAz reAlly even hAunted me all the wAy througH my tripZ to JB, pulAu ubiN, and malaccA...ahhH!!!

i woN afteR my secoNd rouNd of mediciNe...theN it returNed and i couLd not stAnd it anymoRe, so i returNed to dR. ooI for neW medicAtion. noW i'M on erloNe and anotheR antibioticZ...and a neW morninG acNe lotioN too. the nighT lotioN remAinz unchAnged....

and it'Z like mAgic cuZ the bAttle fieLd attAined peAce almoZ immediAtely...i loVe you dR. ooI..!!!!

howeveR, amongsT the pillZ...erloNe wAz giveN. and i thinK it'z a relAxer? cuZ after eAting it...i feeL thAt i am juZ so unexciTed...liKe an electroN @ grouNd stAte...

and theN...yeZterday, i wAz dowN witH feveR....felT liKe dyinG i decided to visiT dR. ooI agAin..and yeZ, i got more pillZ.....and i thinK i'M allergiC to one of theM...cuZ my lefT eyelid swellZ slightlY..

feelZ so pillY...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

finAlly....avocAdo from frontieR, nuS!!!!!! (A)

i drAnk avocAdo juice froM NUS's Science Canteen = Frontier, before....and i thinK it iz reAlly nice. thAt wAz feb 2008.

so, recentlY, i hAve been trying to drAg myseLf to visiT NUS speciAlly for the drinK.......and on 26 July 2008:

yeZ, thiZ iz wAtermelon juice insteAd.

i reAched @ 3+pm theN...and the avocAdo juice wAz alreAdy sold ouT!!! duH!!

so i decided thAt i muZ reAch eArlier next tiMe...and az dhZ sAid, if reAch about luncH tiMe should be oK bAh...?

and finAlly todAy....i arriVed @ ~1pm, and i goT it!!! see!!!!!!!

loVely greeN greeN greeN!!!!!!!

toP vieW of the tAsty greennezZ!!!!

yeZ yeZ, i one persoN drAnk 2 cupZ az luncH ok.....S$1.9o eAch onlY..hahAahahaaaaa

tAken while wAiting for 95...

guezZ i will not be @ thiZ plAce for like....eveR?

hAppy avocAdo-ing!!!!

kudoZ to jAson'z neologisM!!!

"i'M yourS", Jason Mraz, Live @ EBS Space, Korea.

i trulY love thiZ'Z on looP for me now.

the lyricZ are wonderfuL....and jAson'z juZ so tAlented!!! hoW did he thinK of the wordzzZzz....:

- i'll be givinG it my bestesT..
- nothinG'z gonnA stoP me but divine interventioN..
- opeN up youR miNd and see liKe me, opeN up youR plAnz and dAmn you'Re fRee..
- won'T you coMe..scoocH up oveR closeR i cAn nibbLe your eAr.. (somehoW thiZ liNe mAkez me...feel lovelY?)

"i won'T more no cAn-not wAit...i'M suRe!!! there'Z no need to com-pli-cate...ouR tiMe iz shorT...thiZ iz ouR fAte...i'M yourZ!!!"

kudoZ to jAson'z neologisM!!!

mAkez me puzzLed...

i reAd the mAin articLe in todAy'z newzpAper...

and i'M juZ puzZled...

whY embezzLe wheN the persoN involVed directlY actuAlly...doesn't need cAsh?

in Buddhism, renunciation = to let go of every attachment...something liKe that. so i seriouzlY oversiT the currenT situAtion.

thiZ isSue iz too dAngerouz to dizcuzZ i feeL? buT i seriouzlY look forwArd to the trutH. ;) mind doeZ not focuS on the articLe, but my miNd flAshes me to a disAppointing conversAtion (about renunciAtion) i hAd witH thiZ oNce-i-thoughT-iz-perfecT frieNd @ a hoteL. sigH....disAppointing!!!!! i am strictlY referrinG to my frieNd. >.<


Sunday, July 13, 2008

deAr BABW, whY no koalA in s'poRe??!! *-)

BABW = Build-A-Bear Workshop

BABW iz a concepT stoRe, a very adorAble and cuTe shoP!! it sellZ soft toYz...but theN you chooZe your soft toY skiN and theY filL the insidez in fronT of you! witH the additioN of a heArt...birtH cerT...etc etc...

bAzed in uniTed stATez, and theN introduced inTo singApore.

the 1sT time i enteRed the shoP, i wAz witH creAmy, viewinG someoNe fillinG a beAr witH cottoN usinG thiZ biG cottoN mAchine...and i wAz mAking oucH soundZ durinG the procezZ...thinK the littLe girL biG qnZ mArk botH of uz...hahAa...theN we quicklY browZed awAy...;P

theN...recentlY, i pAzzed by it agAin..(P.S. brAnch)...and i popPed in to asK if theY hAve the koalA skiN. buT they don't....@ leAzt the guY sAid theY uzed to hAve. hello?! uZed to hAve?

so i quicklY checKed the U.S. websiTe, and i fouNd thiZ:

see!!!! they hAve the koalA there....

koalAz are cruciAl cuZ they are endAngered globAlly...childreN should be awAre of theM!! the s'poRe brAnch of BABW shouLd do somethinG quicK....@ leAst the P.S. brAnch...

i wAz @ the sunTec brAnch with dhZ quite recentlY too, but i didn't asK theM....mAybe nexT time!!


alL the bird shiT in the worLd...!! :-O

me lAughed liKe mAd for thiZ one.....

Madtv - Birds Attack

oH gosH, cAn't theY enjoY theiR mAgical proposAl????

lovinG mAdtv...,

P.S.: emuZ do noT flY... hahAaa....

Saturday, July 12, 2008

they brighteN my dAy..^O^

the followinG youtuberZ trulY mAke me smiLe.....theiR humouR geNe iz juZ so succezzfullY exprezZed...and theY are juZ so tAlented....

k80bloG shoWz uz how to achieVe goAlz!!!

k80bloG....beinG americA, the plAce where she...dAncez and wiggLe?

tyleR'z analysiS on pooP...yeZ, shiT, fAeces...sAi4....hahAaaa

tyleR...sAying no no no No no nO no nO NO!!!!!

nigAhigA plAying the strAight fAce gAme...wilL any1 plAy witH me?

do you seNze theiR intelligeNce and ultrA positivitY? yeZ i do~~~

smilinG...and thAnking theM for beinG who theY are~

Friday, July 11, 2008

Photo Essay Contest - The Rice Project

neArly everyone hAs writteN essAyz with wordZ....

yeZ, but you cAn write an essAy with photoZ too!! one photo leAdz to anotheR...and togetheR they tell a storY...the kiNd of storY dependZ on the nAture of the photoz tAken...

cAnon et. al. sponsoRed a photo essAy contezT (The Rice Project)...and it'z about Living. yeA...portrAying whAt life iz...most importantly, thiZ contesT aimz to benefit the reAlly unfortunAte in (eAst) sri lAnka...

z.yAng (you shouLd know who he iz if you folloW my blogZ..) iz very fervenT about photogrAphy, and he pArticipated in it witH a series of photoZ he tooK from indonesiA. froM hiz dezcriptioN.....the sAddest part iz the childreN there hAd to plAy in heApz of sAd...:-(

clicK heRe to vieW and voTe for z.yAng..~

hiZ photo essAy tAlks about the inbAlance of weAlth between the ricH and pooR withiN overlApping spAces in indonesiA....and theM findinG hAppinezz in their simpLe livez...

my personAl interpretAtion: it beginZ with a younG affluenT surfeR stAnding on the beAch, lookinG fAr acrozZ the oceAn...wonderinG if she'Z actuAlly hAppy? she wAz suddenlY striked by the mindfuL imAge of a rubbisH dumP hoMe of the pooR...she pondeRed deep tiL the sunseT...and she seNsed sAtizfaction and hAppinezz from the fishermAn beneAth the settinG suN...the nAtural sunseT portrAit bringZ her miNd to recAll the sunseT pAinting she sAw @ the rurAl areAz..she cAn never forgeT the bAby smiLe of the pAinter'z boy in front of thAt portrAit...and it endZ with the pooR pAinter who findZ simpLe joY in hiZ pAintingz...

from theM...i reAlized a rubbisH dumP cAn be a hoMe...and hAppinezz can be achieved from simplY fishinG under the sunseT...or pAinting your mind on cAnvas...eveN if you hAve little weAlth...

i'M not a weAlthy boY, i'M consideRed pooR.....and i am hAppy in generAl, so hAppinezZ dependZ on your owN stAndardz....but definitelY, weAlth iz unneeded for hAppinezZ. ; )

plZ vote for hiM in the student cAtegory...and thAnkz!!! ^O^

whAt iz hAppinezZ...?

fAcebook declAration...


i hAve liKe 290 requestZ on fAcebook...and everytiMe i loG in, i'M overwhelMed bY tonnnnnnneezZZZZ of linkZ. so scAred... (O.o)"'

therefoRe, plz note the followinG:


1. Messenger nicK:

illZ w.h.Y.? reAd my fAcebook wAll if you wondeR whY i neveR rezpoNd to youR fAcebook requestZ. thAnkz...


2. fAcebook (supeR) wAll:

hi friendZ, plZ do not feeL offeNded if i do not rezpoNd to any fAcebook requesT...right now i hAve 290 requestZ!!!

thiZ iz bcuZ:
1. i find fAcebook interfAce too complicAted for me, so mAny linkZ?!
2. i do not plAy gAmez...esp. armY soldieR gAmez (yeZ dhZ don'T you knoW?!), so plZ forgiVe if i ignoRe any invitAtion..
3. i stilL find fAcebook too complicAted, and i find it unecessAry to exploRe.

in conclusioN, i wilL stilL mAintain fAcebook, but i wilL be dormAnt here. @ most loG in to accepT frieNdz.

if you so enjoY fAcebook, good for you? i do not and i wilL not....unlezZ a mirAcle hAppenz.


i'M so not an IT persoN. plZ feeL fRee to add me....i wilL add you bAck, but i wilL NOT rezpoNd to any poKe or whAtever in fAcebook. let'Z see how mAny requestZ i cAn accumulate undeR one singLe linK.........100000?????

anwAyz...i remoVed my genuiNe nAme from fAcebook, and tAllied it witH my friendsteR nAme i if anyone cArez... >.<

290 and countinG...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

pinnIe the piG iz everywheRe...!!!

everyoNe knowZ who Winnie the Pooh iz right...? he'Z thiZ cuTe beAr who loVez honeY...creAted by diZney!!

i visiTed malaccA for fuN with dhZ and zhZ....and witH every fuN triP, i get to knoW abiT moRe about my besT friendZ froM the trulY ultrAly perfectlY pAtriotic armY dAyz...

and one neW informAtion iz thAt dhZ thinkZ pooH lookZ like a piG from fAr....gosH, reAlly? oK, abit lAh...cuZ plump plumP...but the noze iz not piggisH....anywAyz, dhZ renAmed him az "pinnIe the piG"!! so wheneveR i sAw pooH durinG the triP, i will exclAim "pinnIe the piG"..! ;P it muZ hAve beeN torturouZ for theM....hahAa!!

theN...for the pAst 10 dAyz...wheneveR i saW "pinnIe the piG", i photogrAphed hiM!! here are where he wAz fouNd:

on a tisSue pAcket..!!

on a mouzepAd!!!

aZ a soft sAd, the shoP @ Balestier wAz cloZed durinG my visiT...

on a toothpAste tuBe..!!

on a toothbrusH pAckage!!

aZ a hAnd puppeT~~~

on a bowL...!!!! hahAaa!!

oh gosH....pinnIe iz found everywheRe on everythinG..!!!!! (O.o)"'

pinnIe the piGly...,

are you lizteninG to a singLe word i'Ve sAid? :S

"wordplAy" bY jAson mrAz...

"i cAn't do the lonG divisioN someone do the mAth!!" hahAaa..

are you lizteninG to a singLe word i'Ve sAid? :S

re-fAzcinated by jAson mrAz... :-O

i remembeR heAring thiZ positiVe sonG on poweR98 long tiMe bAck...and it'z thiZ kind of sonG thAt will brighteN mY dAy juZ by heAring it....jAson mrAz iz too difficulT to sinG alonG...hahAaa...

the aboVe iz the liVe versioN of "the remedY"...and jAson'z juZ so......tAlented...loVez hiz muZic totAlly!

"...wheN i fAll in loVe, i tAke my time...there'Z no need to hurrY wheN i'M mAking up my cAn turN off the suN, but i'M still gonnA shiNe...and i'lL telL you whY.....!!!"

i won'T worrY my life awAy~

Sunday, July 06, 2008

on my tippY toeZ...

stilL unasleeP...and recentlY some of my neuronZ kepT repeAting theze wordZ to me:

-so it'Z 5AM and i stilL cAn't sleeP
-i'M with someoNe neW
-on mY tippY thAt he won'T knoW
-i stilL crY...oveR you and Me
-sippinG bAiley'z creAm by the stereO
-bAby...i crY i crY
-i got to geT me soMe sleeP
-bAby heAr me wheN i sAy..dah dAh dah dah daH...

all theZe of mY hobbieZ iz to sinG songZ witH lyricZ in front of me on the screeN...and sometimeZ the lyricZ are embedded withiN my neuronZ...and soMe of theM creeP out and surfAce on my consciousnezZ once in a whiLe...

and thiZ time, i reAlized the one sonG thAt eArned it'z embeddeNce durinG my teAr fountAiny dAyz...:

mAriah'z "crybAby"...

on my tippY toeZ~

sittinG in the dArk, cryinG in my heArt... ;'(

I have not updated my blog for so loooooooooong...and I'm typing thiz one the conventional way, bcuz I'm in a solemn mood right now.

For your information, thiz blog entry title iz my current messenger nick. ;)

Ah-mei'z "Can't Cry Out.."

The above youtube clip showz my negativest emotional Kbox song, but I love singing it. Once, I repeatedly sang it for countless times alone at Kbox until the servers dare not enter to ask for orders...apart from peeking into my room. Yez, you inferred correctly, I Kbox alone sometimez, and I watch movies alone too. Don't you do that too? ;)

I feel that my tear glands have dried. I felt like crying today (for a silly emotionally good reason) but I couldn't...I think I felt the tearz in my heart...but they remained within my heart.

On the other hand, there are humanz who cry like fountainz...

I waz a tear fountain in my younger dayz (for even sillier reasonz)...and I have wondered why I was such a cry baby. Thuz, I decided not to cry anymore...yez, no more tears! Logically, thiz iz an optimistically good adoption...and it waz successfully adopted and maintained.

Well, I know my next tear drop will be for an exceptional who/what will activate my tear glandz again? Only heaven knowz...

Anywayz, so much haz happened, and I have so much to blog.....I will soon, after I organized my thoughtz. Lotz of picz and happy eventz...

With hearty tearz in the dark,

P.S.: I suddenly re-realised it iz very difficult to understand anyone, and even more difficult to understand myself.